Sunday, November 03, 2013

The Generosity of Others

I have a story I want to share with you this evening.

I am a very luck lady.  When I espoused on my first year in blogging (you can click HERE to see that post if you missed it), I mentioned how lucky I was to have made so many friends during this past twelve months.  I also alluded to how incredibly generous some of these people have been to me.  Well, I'm here today to share a little bit more about that.

From time to time during the past 9 months, I have been lucky enough to become the recipient of a variety of gifts.  Some were for my birthday and others have been just because.  I have received a care package filled with crafting goodies, some of which were homemade.  I have also received bags of charms, packages of flowers, a pretty scarf and other goodies along the way.  I have also been lucky enough to receive numerous digital gifts. Additionally, I received a gorgeous unique handmade paper creation that truly is stunning.  Each of these gifts has meant so very much to me.

Well today, I am also going to talk about another incredibly generous gift that I received from one of these new found friends.  If you have been following me for awhile now, you will know how much I have been wanting a die cutting and embossing machine.  You will also know that our financial means don't allow me to go out and get everything I'd like to have--mind you, whose does with the length of some of our wish lists.  I have been saving my pennies but was torn between getting a Bamboo Create Tablet for doing some digital drawing and of course the die cutting and embossing machine.  The initial price for both is about $200.00.  Of course with the die cutting and embossing system. that is simply a starting point.  

One day, one of these new friends read in a post that I didn't have a die cutting or embossing system; so, I received an email telling me that if anyone deserved to be working with this kind of equipment, it was me.  She herself had a Cuttlebug , a Cricut and a Big Shot and decided that she was going to send me her Big Shot.  That I would get more use out of it than she did.  Of course I protested, telling her that it was much too generous a gift but there was no dissuading her from her choice.  She was determined one way or another that I was going to become the owner of her Big Shot.

So within an extremely short period of time from that initial conversation,  I can now say that I am the proud owner of a very gently used Big Shot die cutting and embossing system.  Now not only did she send me the machine itself and the multipurpose platform required to use it, but she also threw in a silicone pad and went out and bought brand new cutting pads because she didn't want me to start off using all scratched up ones.  To top it all off, she threw in a gorgeous stamp set and a '100% Canadian Made' stamp as well.  Then, less than two weeks later, 3 Cuttlebug embossing folders arrived in the mail too.  Check it out...
I still can't quite believe that someone would so generously gift me something of this nature.  It just goes to show you that in a world where it seems to be all about take, take, take, there is still some give.  Throughout this all, my benefactor has asked that I don't reveal her name.  She is simply happy knowing how much enjoyment I will receive from her gift.  The fact that she wants to remain anonymous is just another indication of how modest and truly generous of spirit she really is.  Now you also have to understand that this is a woman on a very limited budget herself, which just makes all of this even more incredible.

Now of course, I had to go out and get a few extra items to start using the machine.  So armed with about eight 40% of coupons and a hubs who was willing to keep lining up to use them, I purchased a few other accessories.
I purchased two double pack folders and one quadruple pack (all in back row).  Thankfully the Cuttlebug was on sale because of course you can't use coupons with Cricut products.  The dotted embossing folders in the front row were from a purchase awhile back.  Some of you may remember my hilarious attempt to have my hubs down on his hands and knees with the rolling pin trying to emboss some paper for me.  It obviously didn't work like You Tube predicted.  Thankfully I have a hubs who is a really good sport!
Of course, I also needed some die cutting shapes so purchased these two.  I would have loved to have also picked up an oblong and a circular set but I had to stop somewhere.  Even at 40% off, these puppies are still expensive.

So there you have it.  You have now met all my new toys.  While I haven't done much playing around yet as I now have to find the time to sit and watch some more videos to learn how to use these items properly, I did manage to get in a couple videos about using the diecuts and tomorrow morning bright and early during my first post of the day, you will see the fruits of my first die cutting labours.

I am a very lucky lady, indeed.

Thank you so much to my private benefactor.  You literally have no idea how much your generous gift means to me.  I can promise you that I will love and cherish these items and put them to very good use.  I hope that the generosity that you have shown to me, comes back to you a hundred fold. 

Until next time,


Margy (DS4J) said...

Just as God's Word says ... "It is more blessed to give than receive" (Acts 20:35), so this fabulous benefactor has blessed you - and herself (Luke 6:38)! Enjoy the machine and the blessings that came with it!

Jennifer said...

What an extremely lucky lady you have been with all the gifts that you have received Lisa. The lady who gave you her Big Shot is indeed a very generous person and a friend that you should cherish,not just because she gave you a wonderful gift, but because she showed true friendship which is very hard to come by. You should go onto Christina Griffith's website, (which I am sure that you have heard of), card-making-magic, it gives you numerous ideas and plenty of tutorials to keep you going for quite a while. This site will definately help you when using your Big Shot, I am never off her site. Congrats on being such a good friend and finding such a treasure. Hugs, Jen xx
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Claudia said...

Dear Lisa,
I'm so happy for you to have received such a generous gift. You will have so much fun with your treasures. Your gift to all of your followers is your gift of sharing and I for one appreciate it.

ike said...

How absolutely FANTASTIC and mega hugz to your un-named benefactor !!! That is just one gobsmackingly wonderful thing to do and I agree that you really do deserve one :-)
I hope you enjoy playing with your new toy :-D
I love mine to bits so I know you're going to :-D

Mega Hugz
IKE xxx

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KT Fit Kitty said...

Oh, Lisa, I am so happy for you! I only recently became hooked on dies myself. I love what you bought with your coupons. I only buy at Michaels with coupons - sounds like my finances are like yours LOL. Your hubby sounds like a keeper! I think it's wonderful that someone gave you this gift - your benefactor sounds like a beautiful person inside and out. I know you will enjoy it - I have a Cuttlebug and I love it - happy crafting! I love reading stories like this - makes me smile :-)

Edwina said...

Wow! what a great friend! I am so happy for you. I hated it that you did not have a die cutting machine. I am delighted that you do now. Edwina Brown

SAMARA said...

Wow Lisa: This post brought me to tears. You have written the most beautiful gratitude letter. I am going to copy it and keep it forever. You are a true friend to the end. As was said above in so many ways, you give so much to other people, it was just the right time it sounds like for you to receive something that you had hoped for. Ask and you shall receive! I think you mean more to people than you will ever know. Yes, mega hugs (as was said above) to you and your benefactor!!!! Best Regards. xox

Crafting Vicky said...

ohhhh that's a fabulous gift. I'm so happy that you will be able to enjoy that part of crafting as well now, if there's one person that deserves this it's you!.... but it won't be as funny as imagining your hubby on hands and knees trying to manually emboss... hee hee hee.

Charlene Mitchell said...

Thanks for sharing your story. Your gratitude is a gift that gives to everyone who reads this post! hugs xx