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I am flattered when you create a card or another type of project using one of my designs. 

I would love to showcase a gallery of your work right here on this blog.  If you create something using one of my designs and are interested in being featured in this gallery, contact me.  Email me or leave a comment either here or in the original post where you got the image from.  Don't worry, even if the post is from awhile back, I'll still see your comment.  If you have a blog, be sure to include the link to the post where you have showcased your design using one of my images.  This way I can go to your site, copy it and then bring it over here.  I'll also include a link back to your site under the image of your project.  If you don't have a blog, just send me a copy of the card in an email.   
I look forward to seeing what you create!

Please note that clicking on the image will take you straight to the blog post where each project is presented.

Holidays & Special Occasions



Craftysuze used two of the first digis I ever offered to create these great cards. two Suze created with Hallowe'en digital papers from 2013.

In celebration of Samhain, which is the festival that Hallowe'en originates from, Ike created an amazing card using a paper I created for a prize package. a bit frightful, this one.  Raw meat cubes and blood?  I think I'll pass on the Frightnite Cocktail but I'll keep the lovely design created by Ike using two of my papers, one of my sentiments and my boo buttons.
Suze has created another Hallowe'en card.  She has once again used one of my bat papers that was offered as a freebie.  She also used one of my sentiments.  Another spooktacular card.

Talk Like a Pirate Day

Avast me hearties!  This fine bounty be created by me buccaneer Ike! She be usin' two pirate paper treasures that I be sharin' on me blog fer Talk Like a Pirate Day.  What glorious bounty she be creatin' wit' these treasures. 

Valentine's Day

Not your typical Valentine's card, I grant you that but then Ike from Ike's World is not your typical artist and designer.  Although she is great at it, cutesy and mushy tends to give her a bit of a rash.  Where Ike really excels, is in the creepy and in the 'out there' sector.  This is an Artist Trading Card (ATC) that she created using part of an image she designed called Mirror, Mirror; along with a sentiment that I created for her when her quote was chosen to be highlighted in one of the Sunday Spotlights.  Of course the wording came from her fantastical mind, I just put it together for her.

Desire's first card appears below in the inspiration section.  Well, it is time to add another.  This time she has honoured me by using one of my sentiments in an Easter card she created.  I had originally created the saying for Thanksgiving but Desire has opened my eyes to the possibilities of using it for multiple reasons.   I always love to get a shift in my perspective.  It keeps reminding me that ideas are endless and the wonder of what we do with those ideas are bountiful. 
Here is a fabulous card from Monica Taylor using one of my Easter PUO images from back in 2013. I really like the colours/paper choices.  They match the colours on the image so well.


When I was visiting Suze, I hadn't even realized she had used one of Christmas sentiments.  I've made so many freebies now, I miss seeing what is mine half the time! She did a beautiful job with this Joy fold card.  Perfect fold for a Christmas card, isn't it?
Here is another Christmas card Suze has created using three of my papers!
This wonderful card is using one of the papers earned by those participating in the 12 Months of Christmas Link up.  This was the earned paper from March.  Elenor has done a wonderful job with her card.  I like how she kept everything clean and simple.
Using that exact same paper (and stamp for that matter), here is a lovely Christmas card from Borqna.
Here is a another card from Edwina using one of my papers.  She earned it in the 12 Months of Christmas link up which you can join any time to earn free papers.  Just check out the page at the top with the same name. is a wonderful card from Kitty.  She used a paper I made especially for her, as a prize for being our very first follower over at the new The 12 Months of Christmas blog.  I just love how the texture in the background really shows up in the printing.  Great iris folding on Kitty's behalf as well. 
Another wonderful card from Edwina.  This time she has used a freebie I offered up from a kit that I used to sponsor an Outlawz challenge.  The paper is the one she used in the background with the music notes on it.  It is from my Familiar Refrain set. neat card card was created by Ursula to enter into the 12 Months of Christmas Link Up.  She used one of the papers that I gave away during a quest I had on my blog over the 12 Days of Christmas.
This fab card was created by Helene.  She used the freebie I created for New Year's Day, 2015.  At first I wasn't sure many people would like this paper because it is a bit busier than I normally make them but the more I see it, the more it is becoming one of my favourites.







 Patriotic Holidays

Jearise from Lorby's World, was out doing a search for 4th of July related papers and happened upon my blog.  While she didn't find anything like that, she did like the graduation stuff I had created and picked them up.  She left such a sweet comment that I took some time and created some star based paper for her.  I had been thinking about putting some out a few days later along with some Canada Day paper to celebrate our countries' patriotic holidays so this just became the impetus for cranking them out a few days earlier.  No biggee.  She has managed to create two separate cards already, celebrating Independence Day in the USA.

Thanksgiving Monica enters the gallery with the first official Thanksgiving card.  Well, cards technically, since she created two different fronts but used the same sentiment on the inside of each--one of the first sentiments I created and offered as a freebie.  (card entered into gallery: Nov. 20/14)




Craftysuze back with another great card only using my autumn leaves and sentiment this time around.

And one using a leaf paper from the fall of 2013.





Patsy from Smookiedo Crafts created this card using a 'winter wonderland ticket; that I made for her in recognition of one of her comments that I highlighted in a Sunday Spotlight posts.  This sentiment will not be released to the public until the next winter season.





Another wonderful card from Suze over at Craftysuze, this time using my winter wonderland sentiment.  I can't believe how well she was able to combine the colour of the sentiment with the rest of the project.  It turned out so great!

Suze is now up to ten cards created utilizing the same snowflake paper from the collection for the January Kit offered up during an edition of Wonderful Wednesdays.  In the one on the left she also included a bit of my plaid paper that I designed.  All these cards are perfect for any winter occasionFunny since Suze lives in New Zealand where they don't get any snow.  Things that make you say hmmmm...


This card from Suze, my own personal advertising agency, utilizes another item that goes in the January kit.  You can find it under Wonderful Wednesday:  Winsome Words.for January.  Another great design!






  General Sentiments


This card was created by Snowbird who doesn't have her own blog yet but wanted to share what she made using my sentiments.  Two of them are freebies and the other, "Dankbar", was a special one I created in recognition of one of her comments in a Sunday Spotlight post.

This time Suze (Craftysuze) used a paper from the very first paper pack I created.  I can always count on Suze to flatter my work with her great cards.  She recently created another card with one of the papers from that pack. Another thank you card from Suze, this time using my newest leaf paper.









Isn't this card absolutely adorable?  Nana Connie created this beautiful card using my 'meow' sentiment.  I still can't believe how many people love that simple, silly sentiment.  It makes my heart just purr...





Ike (Ike's World) prooves she is just as good at oohy and mushy as she is at dark and quirky with this card.  She created it using my 'No one is purrfect' sentiment.  Purrchance this will give you incentive to make one of your own?



It is wonderful to have Crafting Vicky in my gallery.  The pic on the left is the front of the card made with one of Naomi Edwards' images, the one on the right is made with a sentiment and design I created using my own sentiment and a heart from Far, Far, Hill.  Vicky received this in recognition of one of her comments that I highlighted in a Sunday Spotlight posts.  I'm so proud of Vicky as this is her first card finished on the inside.

 This beautiful card is from Edwina Brown.  I just love how she made my 'love is like a butterfly' sentiment the star of the card.  Those beautiful butterflies are the perfect accompaniment to this sentiment.  Green is also the perfect colour to frame this great card.

Another entry from Vicky.  This card really does bring joy to the heart.  Vicky intends it for a Mother's Day card and it will be just perfect for that or any type of occassion where you want to tell someone you love them.  Bold brightful colours.  She has used my 'with a joyful heart' sentiment on this card.


It is time to welcome Desire Fourie from Doing Life into the gallery with her absolutely stunning creation using my 'defeat is temporary' sentiment.  

Another great card from Edwina Brown.  Here she used my 'celebrate today' sentiment.  The card is so bright and isn't that flower beautiful?  If you click on the picture, not only will you get to see the card better, but you'll also get to read through a wonderfully detailed tutorial on how to make tissue paper flowers using a punch.

Edwina has a way with inspirational cards and favours me with another beautiful design.  Simple in nature but its beauty shines through.  This time she used my 'Look for something positive everyday..." quote.

Another beautiful card from Desire using my Life is a Journey quote.  Beautiful colours and cool buttons really bring this card to life.

Another delightfully inspiring piece from Desire using my positive life quote.  I just love the effect that she achieved by adding some dry chalks to the sentiment.

This wonderful double fold card was created by Edwina. She used my Smile... quote on the inside.  The card is a reflection of the simpler things in life.

Shirley who is new to using my sentiments, created this wonderfully inspirational card for her brother-in-law who is currently receiving chemotherapy treatment in his battle with cancer.  She has used two of my quotes, a positive attitude one on the front and one of my gratitude ones on the inside of this stepper card.  Maybe I can take some inspiration from her and Desíre and finally learn how to make one of these kinds of cards myself.

Desíre has created another inspirational card.  This time it is all about caring and as such has use my 'Anyone can say they care...' quote.  As usual she has done an amazing job on all fronts. 

Another stunning card from Edwina.  Here she has used one of the quotes I put out over on the Path of Positivity blog.  The one I had didn't work for her spacing so she asked and I obliged to rework it.  As it turns out, this one looks better and definitely works perfectly for Edwina's spacing needs.

Once again, Edwina offers up a gorgeous inspirational piece, this time on optimism.  In this card she has once again used a quote that I offered up over on the Path of Positivity blog.  However, she has also used one of my digital papers.  One of the ten she collected during a treasure hunt I hosted. 

I think Edwina is starting to rival Suze for most cards created using my products! ;O)   Here she has once again used the smile quote from the Path of Positivity blog, only a different variation of it.  Bright and beautiful and paired with lovely smiling flowers from Spyder.  How could this card not make you smile?!
Gloria has created this beautiful card using one of the quotes I offered up over on The Path of Positivity.  She has framed the quote so nicely using a wonderful die cut.  Those butterflies are something else too! is a great creation from Margaret of Granmargaret's Cards & Stuff using a paper from one of the sets I have for sale called Chasing Rainbows Patterned Papers which is available at Scribbles Designs.  She used it for the background of her card.


This beautiful card is also by Edwina Brown and was showcased during the same post as the inspirational card from above.  I love how she has literally framed this sympathy sentiment that I created.  The beautiful big blue flowers (which you can learn how to make by clicking the picture and heading to Edwina's blog) are just the perfect compliment to the card.


I was trying to help Edwina come up with a sentiment she needed to fit a specific space and through that process she created her own verse which I then put into a sentiment for her.  As a result, she came up with this great friendship card.

Cool layouts and fabulous embellishments help highlight the concept of happiness in these wonderful cards by Desire of Doing Life who has used my 'Principles of Happiness' quote in the one on the left and the PUO version of my 'Oh Happy Day' sentiment for the card on the right.

Here is another great card from Edwina using the same quote that Desíre used in the card on the above left.

Thinking of You

I have a few cards from Vicky to show you.  As part of a win she had for having her comment chosen in a Sunday Spotlight, I created a number of simple French expressions for her.  'Bonjour' is one of those.  She has done a marvelous job on all these cards and has really made my sentiment look great don't you think?  If any of you would like one or two of these Bonjours for yourself, just drop me a line and I'd be happy to oblige. 

Isn't this card just so sweet?  Well the write up that goes along with it is just as incredible as Edwina talks about the role that dogs play in our lives and the tale about one special pup in particular.  Please go and read her post if you get the chance.  It is really quite special.  

Edwina used one of my sentiments and also one of my frames for this creation.

This delightful card is from KT Fit Kitty.  As her name suggests, she definitely has a thing for cats--my kinda gal.  Check out these adorable kitties rolling around playing and having a ball.  Kitty used my 'remember' tag (the brown one) given out as a freebie in 2013 for the November kit.

Okay, so I admit, I had a hard time figuring out the best category for this adorable card but I suppose 'congrats' is the best one considering it is for a new home.  This awesome creation uses several papers that I created for a set I did for Scribble Doodle Designs, a collaboration between myself and Sandy Sommerfeld.  These papers come from the Puppy Power set and is our second set under this label.


General Occasions


This fabo triple fold birthday card was designed by Ike from Ike's World.  She used my snowflake paper and the snowflake edging I offered up on different Wonderful Wednesdays for the January Kit.

Now this is cool because this is the first time I've seen my papers being paper pieced for an image.  How neat is that?  Suze from Craftysuze has taken two of my papers, used one as a background and for the 'thong' part and the other paper for the base of the flip flops.  Pretty impressive!

Wow, Heather Dennis' image (Fresh Brewed Designs), my sentiment and Edwina's creation.  I'd say that is a triple play!  I love how she coloured the letters to match up with the wonderful rainbow striped paper she used.  A very sweet birthday card indeed.

KT Fit Kitty is one of my newest members (July '13) and she has created a gorgeous birthday day card using a bee paper that I created as a prize for a sneak peek I did over on Creative Bug Digitals.  She has paired it beautifully with Bumble Bug.  I just love all those gorgeous flowers she has used and the really neat shape of the image background.  Welcome to the gallery Fit Kitty! wonderful layout was created by Kris, the designer and owner behind Imagine That! Digis by Kris.  She created a special page in honour of her mother's 70th birthday party which was celebrated July 4th, 2015.  She used a balloon paper that I created as a freebie in honour of Independence Day.
This adorable card was created by Ike. She used a paper that I had offered up for Patacake's Birthday Bash to some lucky participants. These penguins are adorable and look great paired with my paper. sweet digital card was created by Lori M. She used two different papers from my 12 Days of Christmas 2019 set. Love that cow by Kristy of Imagine That Digistamp. He looks great nestled in amongst all those presents.

 Graduation fabulous step card was created by Desíre using my 'Think, Believe, Achieve' sentiment.  I never thought about it for a graduation card but it is perfect for the occasion.


Another great ATC from Ike using a second quote that I created for her.  I'd love to spend an hour or two trolling through that woman's brain.

Suze from Craftysuze has created this really neat fancy fold card and has used a paper I created especially for her for choosing one of her comments in the Sunday Spotlight.  Simple, yet beautiful!

This is just so freakin' cool.  Ike has created an ATC using one of my papers that she won, paper piecing it with an image from Spyder's Corner.  I too have that sweet image and what a great idea for the future.  I always get great ideas from Ike and so many of you guys as well!

 Another great card from Suze.  This time she has used a paper that I created for a Treasure Hunt I had on my blog at the end of July/beginning of Aug. (2013).  It is from a series of papers I created called 'Living on the Edge'.  Love the gears she added.  To learn how she created them, click on the card.

Happy Movember!  This wonderful creation was made by Ike using one of my frames from the October Kit of the month.
This wonderful thought provoking creation was also created by Ike.  She used one of my free papers from 2013s July Kit of the Month, I believe.

I'm in the midst of updating the gallery and I've uploaded the following images to Blogger but I don't have time right now to finish so I'm going to stick them in but I still need to add links.  

 Edwina from Edwina's Creations...

Suze from Craftysuze...

Jennifer from Krafty Keepsakes...



Sue - aka Olive Reedfilter (fairy name) said...

Hi Lisa,

I just came to your blog for the first time and I want you to know I really like it.

Your designs are so cute and if it's alright I would like to combine your word art with some of my own to create a thank you to you and your generosity.

Just let me know.

Hugs, Sue

Decosse's Dynamite Doodles said...

That would be awesome. We'll call it a collaborative effort. I'd love to show a copy of what you create here in the readers gallery.

Lisa D.

Shea said...

Hi Lisa! Can't believe I'm only just now getting to your blog, but I LOVE it! Love all the different features. Regarding your question of putting the images where you want them (instead of just two on a single line), I believe it has something to do with using free Blogger. I think I read somewhere that if you upgrade (for a price, of course), you can place the images where you want them. I, too, use free Blogger and just go with the two images per line, but maybe one of these days I'll upgrade. At any rate, I'm quite enjoying tooling around your blog. Hard to believe you just started in October. VERY well done!! Please feel free to come over to mine and say "hi!" And I'm so glad you've joined us at Tuesday Alchemy!

Desire Fourie said...

Hi Lisa. I am so honoured to feature in your wonderful gallery. It was great popping in here to see all the wonderful creations all the talented ladies have created with your inspirational designs.

Edwina said...

You know, I always wondered where you put the cards. Thank you for the Treasure Hunt to help me know. Edwina Brown

KT Fit Kitty said...

Hi, Lisa, I used your paper today - I love it! I knew as soon as you posted it that I would be using it - thank you! So I wanted to share the card with you. I'm off to post it in a bunch of challenges but stopped by here first: