Thursday, December 28, 2017

The 12 Days of Christmas Quest: Day Four

It is the fourth day of Christmas and it is time to continue the quest. If you missed day one click HERE to start from the beginning and read all the details. Then for day two, click HERE and for day three click HERE.

As a quick refresher, each day during the 12 Days of Christmas (Dec. 25th to Jan. 5th), you're going to be given a task to follow. I'll be sending you on a quest to visit the stores or blogs of designers that I love in order to create specific Wish Lists that I want you to share with me. You will be able to leave your daily Wish List in a comment on the post for each respective day. If you follow the instructions for each day, you'll earn a free digital paper.

To make it fair for everyone, I will have comment moderation on and won't be publishing any comments for The 12 Days of Christmas until the quest is over.

Since this is a busy time of year for most people, you will have plenty of time to complete the quest. It is completely up to you as to when you submit your answers (daily, all at once at the end, or otherwise). AS LONG AS ALL your Wish Lists are submitted, no later than January 12th, 2018, then you will qualify to receive the paper(s) for whichever day(s) you participate.

Here is the paper up for grabs today...

This paper is 3600 x 3600 pixels, in jpg format and published at 300 dpi. Credits include: Sheila Reid (Pixel Scrapper) and Poppymoon Design (purchased through The Hungry JPEG). In the zip folder that will be emailed should you successfully complete the quest, you will find a copy of the paper, its preview sheet, the credit information and my terms of use which are standard to all my folders.

Play along each of the 12 days and you'll earn yourself the full set! So, how about we get started with today's clue!!!

On the fourth day of Christmas,
it is time to earn paper number four.
Continue to follow the quest each day,
and you'll get to earn several more!!!

Head on over to the Christmas section in the A Day For Daisies store and list the names of THREE images that have WOODLAND ANIMALS (i.e. deer, skunk, rabbits, etc.) as part of the image. Hint: You'll have eight pages to scroll through to find your answer. There are nine images on each 'page' (you'll be able to manoeuvre through the pages by clicking the numbers toward the bottom. Look for the following toward the bottom of the page: 1  2  3  4  5 ...  [Next >>] ).

Click HERE to head the Christmas section now!

When you come up with a response for today's task, simply leave your Wish List in a comment on THIS POST. Now for many of you, especially those who have played in previous years, the odds are that I should have your e-mail address in order to send out the free paper you earn. If you are new to the quest or are not sure whether I might have your email address, please be sure to also leave your email address in your comment. Now if you are afraid of being spammed, you can write your address by adding {at} and {dot} in their respective spots (see sample below) so that robot spammers won't grab it from the comments when they are published. If you would prefer that no one else see your email address, then you can send it to me in an email to decossesdynamitedoodles {at} yahoo {dot} ca (be sure to replace 'at' and 'dot' with the appropriate symbols) or by clicking HERE to bring up my address in your email program, with the subject heading, "12 DoC 2017: Email Addy for DP Mail Out".

Hope this last Thurssday of the year finds you in a glorious mood! See you all tomorrow for day number five!!!



Tiggerscraps said...

Hello, I love the papers so far!
Christmas Bulbs
Christmas Wish
Christmas Ribbons
are my picks for the woodland animals

Donna said...

Hi Lisa. Here's my woodland animal wishlist:
Christmas Tree Time
Christmas Ribbons (I hope a reindeer counts as a woodland animal)
Christmas Wish

My favorite from here is Gentle Baby. What a special image!
Happy weekend!

Julie Odil said...

Day 4, here we go...

This one is fantastic!

I love this one:

this is cute:

Suze said...

The three images I found were:
Christmas Tree Time
Christmas Bulbs
Christmas Ribbons

Edwina said...

4th day- Day For Daisies 3 woodland critter images are- Christmas Kiss, Christmas Bulbs, Christmas Tree Time, Christmas Wish. Edwina Brown