Saturday, September 14, 2013

Saturday Showcase: September 14, 2013

It is coming out a bit late today, but after you see how much is packed into this weekend's showcase you'll understand why I needed the extra time to put it together.  Thankfully, it is still Saturday in my corner of the world.

If you are new to my blog, it is time for the Saturday Showcase where I highlight other artists' work (whether it be stamps, cards or otherwise), a blog post offering a great technique, or I might even just pick a whole blog to showcase. The criteria I use is that it has to move me in some way (it makes me laugh or cry; awes, inspires or astounds me; etc). I believe that it is extremely important to support other artists within our creative community and this is one of the ways I am able to.  If you are new and would like to find out more on why I created the showcase, you can go HERE.

Now, as I mentioned last week, the month of September is going to focus on one blog in particular simply because it offers so many different features and it is impossible to cover it all in just one post.  Last week I covered the Vintage Digital Images featured on this incredible blog.  Today, I am pleased to continue to spotlight the blog stylings of...

Create With TLC

My focus for this week points to some... 
Card Creations
The wonderful projects displayed below are all from DT members over on Create With TLC owned by 
 Her store can be found HERE.

One of the great features of Paulette's blog is that she showcases the awesome work of her Design Team on an almost daily basis.  She also shows off the work of other individuals who create using her images.  As I mentioned last week, Create With TLC was one of the first blogs I became familiar with and as a result I saw all the different types of creations that could be made:  cards, tags, games, wrappers, and more!  

Today I am going to show you some of favourites from the last year.  This list could have gone on and on but I had to cut it somewhere or I'd still be putting this post together sometime in March of 2014.  Yes, her team is that talented and she is adding to it having recently declared a DT call that ends tonight.  I don't envy Paulette the decision of having to choose from what I am sure is a multitude of applications.

Each of the cards I have chosen to showcase will feature one of Paulette's creations.  It might be an image or a sentiment or possibly even a paper as Paulette creates those too.  Also, please note that each card is linked up to the post where it originally came from.


Isn't this Christmas card just beautiful?  I love how Karen split the card down the middle and has two different foci (well three if you include the sentiment).  However, if you look closely you will see the theme of the snowflake running through both sides to serve as a bridge.  Her colouring is superb too!  Finally, the sentiment is the perfect accompaniment to the overall theme making this a truly special Christmas card.


This card is simply purr-fect.  Hetty has kept the layout simple and let the elements speak for themselves.  I love the funky background and contrast of colours.  Of course that cat is pretty cool itself.  The design and colours are beautiful and I love how she added the little gemstones to it.  Did you also notice the paw prints on the pennant?  Too cute!  Of course Paulette's sentiment is the purr-fect match to this card.  I don't know how she manages it, but Paulette always has the exact sentiment that you need and they are so creative in nature.  I truly don't know what I'd do without so many of Paulette's sentiments to choose from!  

There have been a couple 'Learned from the Cat..." ones lately that are just priceless.  You can find the one Hetty used in the Cats and Potato Chips Vintage Set.


I love the playful nature of this card from Candy.  She starts off with some great paper, adds some cool chevrons and then offsets her image giving the card a really neat look.  She uses a really cute image that she coloured wonderfully and then pairs it with a simple but straight to the point sentiment.  This card would be perfect to get reacquainted with someone you've lost touch with or to be the starting point in a difficult conversation that must be had.  

This sentiment is from the Anyone There Set. I love how Paulette made the sentiments in this set into conversation bubbles.  Very creative and effective.


There is just something about this card that really moves me.  I love the combination of the very pretty and feminine papers that Jill has chosen to use and really like the intricacies of the many different layers.  However, I am probably most taken with the precious image she chose to use paired with that wonderful sentiment.  While I can no longer physically dance like this due to my disability, I certainly have happy feet that long to.  Additionally, I just love the spirit that is captured in this card. There is such a sense of strength of character.  This woman cares nothing about what any thinks or how she is perceived.  She simply exists to be herself without any fear.  I think more of us wish that we could live with such fearlessness and not worry about how others think of us.  To have the ability to have 'happy feet' all the time would be splendid indeed.


This is such a special card.  Once again the papers, layout and embellishments set up a beautiful backdrop but it is the image and sentiment that tell the true story.  There is such a precious love story going on here.  With over half of the married population ending in divorce, it truly is nice to see a couple that has lasted through the testament of time and all the challenges it brings.  The couple in this image is just darling and it is sweet to see that even after all their years together he still tries to woo her with flowers.  The sentiment is the crowning piece that pulls it all together and shines hope on the idea that love is eternal.  Deep sigh....


Talk about positive!  Cynthia has created a wonderfully uplifting card that would be sure to bring a smile to any recipient lucky enough to receive it.  Bright and cheery designer paper and ric rac ribbon are coupled together with an inspiring image and sentiment.  How can you not walk away from this card without a smile on your face.  I dare you!

You can find this sweet sentiment in the One Moment Can Set.


Jennifer has created a gorgeous card filled with optimism.  While some of the words are hidden they include such positive phrases as: forgiveness, faithfulness, service, hope, grace, praise, peace and so many more.  Jennifer has fabricated a exquisite composite to truly reflect the promise of hope in all its forms.  Without hope to hold on to life has no promise for the future.  Adlin Sinclair says it best with these words:
“Without faith, hope and trust, there is no promise for the future, and without a promising future, life has no direction, no meaning and no justification.”

Looking at Jennifer's beautiful creation, one can't help but be inspired to keep hope alive in their heart.  

The word art that Jennifer used is Paulette's motivational  BELIEVE Subway Art Bit

Rhonda Sue

Rhonda Sue is always making the neatest things using Paulette's various elements.  She creates, can labels, chocolate bar wrappers, tic tac toe games, note sets and so many other creations and often makes them available as freebies.  One of my favourite creations from Rhonda Sue is her Elf Pillows and Reindeer Noses, treat packs.  This is such a creative idea and perfect for stocking stuffers or little treat packs to hand out at Christmas to the kids' teachers or friends, or for anyone else for that matter.
The Elf Pillows label is from Paulette's Last Minute Christmas Gift Digis Set.

The Christmas magic label is from the I Believe in Digi Rounds kit.

The elves saying is from the Be Like the Elves Christmas Digi Set.  

Lisa Lynn

It is a good thing that one of the first blogs I become acquainted with was Create with TLC or there may have just been two double L blogs out there. Only in my case it would have been Lisa Lyn with only the one 'n'. I had toyed with the idea of Lisa Lyn with the addition of a couple extra L words or Decosse's Dynamite Doodles. However, given that I found out there was already a Lisa Lynn out there I figured it might be confusing and so went with my DDD. However, if I ever get to the point where I have to create a second blog because I've run out of space, now that I've established myself I might just make use of my other name choice one day but enough about me.

This card is one that really appeals to that spiritual part of me. Lisa Lynn has done a beautiful job laying out a lovely foundation from which the concept of prayer can spring forth through her choice in image and sentiment. Often people get stuck in not knowing what to say in their prayers. They sometimes feel that their words aren't sufficient or need to be very formal. However, candidly put, prayers can just be a conversation between you and the higher power you believe in and they can begin with one straightforward word and flow from there. Some prayers can simply be one heart felt word alone like please or help. Just speak from your heart and your prayer will take off in the direction it is meant to go.

This sentiment is also from the One Moment Can Set; watermark shown above under Cynthia's card.


That brings us to the final member of Paulette's team and my dear, dear friend Vicky.  While I'm taken with many of Vicky's cards, it is one of her more recent ones that I believe is my new favourite.  Vicky just recently celebrated her 400 follower milestone (Congrats Vicky!).  To help celebrate this special occasion, Paulette generously allowed Vicky to share with her followers one of the Create With TLC images.  So of course, Vicky created a card to showcase this special digi.  So as it turns out, not only is it one of my favourite TLC images, it also happens to adorn one of my favourite cards from Vicky.  I just love everything about the card, the paper choices, the monochromatic colour scheme, that gorgeous ribbon and bow, and of course the cute punny sentiment. The feathers and that sweet little charm add the finishing touches to make this card fabulous.  Right now you can grab that image for yourself by going to Vicky's post HERE but don't forget to leave both her and Paulette a little love in return. 

I am so grateful that Paulette has agreed to let me showcase her blog and store over the next few weeks.  I hope that you have enjoyed your trip down inspiration lane and will join me again next week as we explore another facet of the world that is Create with TLC.  The artists that I showcase work very hard to provide the inspiration that I bring to you.  Please go and check out some more of the fabulous creations by Paulette's awesome Design Team and while you are there, leave them all a little bloggy love if you can.

Until next time,

Note:   *Thanks to Nikki from Limited Runs Stamps for creating my Saturday Showcase badge.


Crafting Vicky said...

That is such a beautiful showcase of the team!!! Thank you so much. They really are a talented bunch! I'm very lucky be amongst them. Thank you my friend for all your awesome support! And that post must have taken forever to make!!!

Desire Fourie said...

Awesome showcase Lsa.
Hugs Desíre {Doing Life}

ike said...

Oooh !! The cards are lovely aren't they and I really am a fan of TLC :-) You know, I have loads of TLC stuff but I haven't gotten around to using them much yet !! A problem with accumulating too much stuff I guess :-( So many images and so little time LoL
The card by Vicky is one of my faves too - really lovely and I love that senti on the cat card :-D

Great Post Lisa :-D xxxxxxxxxxxxxx

KT Fit Kitty said...

This is great! I really enjoyed reading this and looking at all the pics. You've also added an item to my next order from Create with TLC so thanks for that!

Lisa, thanks for the sweet comment on my blog. You asked about the little charms from Dollarama. Well, unfortunately, I cannot find them there any longer. I've had these charms for a number of years. I wish I had bought more! You know Dollarama - things come in, and once they're gone, they're gone. I hate that!

Donna Ellis said...

Love all your favorites, Lisa! TFS

Jennie - The Crafty Wife said...

A fabulous showcase for all on the TLC design team. I love Paulette's sentiments and designs and they often inspire me to create a card around them. I love your blog and have just joined Your Peeps. That's me in the bath tub!

Bonnie Elliott said...

Wonderful cards to showecase Lisa - TLC is one of my favourite blogs - Paulette is a super, terrific lady. Also, thank you so much for all you do!

Lisa Lynn said...

Lisa, thanks for the sweet comments about our team. The funny part of mentioning my middle name of Lynn is because when I have done special hand-made things for my parents, I would always sign it Lisa Lynn. And then the sad truth came, my husband's first wife was also named Lisa so to clarify I would go by Lisa Lynn even though she now has a different last name. It truly is a confusing situation - in our family that we have switched partners.

Craftymumz Creations said...

THANK YOU so much Lisa!!! I appreciate your compliments and sharing all of this on your blog! It makes me want to craft again! And thanks to PAULETTE all the time for her fabulous generosity too!

Diana said...

Thank U and TLC. U both do great work.

Hetty said...

Thankyou somuch for featuring my card on your blog.i love to use Paulettes digitalimages. Dotake alook at my blog: