Thursday, December 31, 2020

The 12 Days of Christmas Quest: Day Seven

Hello and happy New Year's Eve everyone! Just one more sleep until a brand new year! And boy, most of the world is certainly looking forward to saying goodbye to 2020!

It is the seventh day of Christmas and it is time to continue the quest. If you missed day one click HERE to start from the beginning and read all the details. 
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As a quick refresher, each day during the 12 Days of Christmas (Dec. 25th to Jan. 5th), you're going to be given a task to follow. I'll be asking you questions to find out how the pandemic has impacted your life over the last year--how it has affected you, what things you've had to do differently, how you've had to adjust your life--that kind of idea. You will be able to leave your daily answer in a comment on the post for each respective day. If you follow the instructions for each day, you'll earn a free digital paper.

Since this is a busy time of year for most people, you will have plenty of time to complete the quest. It is completely up to you as to when you submit your answers (daily, all at once at the end, or otherwise). AS LONG AS ALL your TASKS are submitted, no later than January 12th, 2021, then you will qualify to receive the paper(s) for whichever day(s) you participate.

Here is the paper up for grabs today... 
This paper is 3600 x 3600 pixels, in jpg format and published at 300 dpi. Credits include: Paw Studio (via Creative Fabrica), Janet Scott and Sheila Reid (both via Pixel Scrapper). In the zip folder that will be emailed should you successfully complete the quest, you will find a copy of the paper, its preview sheet, the credit information and my terms of use which are standard to all my folders.
Play along each of the 12 days and you'll earn yourself the full set! So, how about we get started with today's task?!!

On the seventh day of Christmas,
it is time to earn paper number seven.
Keep up the good work and before you know it,
you'll soon work your way up to number eleven!!!

Between shutdowns and reductions in some supply chains, people had a harder time getting in certain items. Have you had any difficulties getting craft supplies during the pandemic? Have you had to rely on more online shopping or have you been able to pick them up at your usual brick and mortar stores?

For myself, I haven't purchased a single physical item this past year. It isn't because I haven't been able to get anything, it is just that with not being able to do any actual crafting, I haven't needed to purchase anything. For my design work that I do for the freebies I offer up, the kits I offer for sale and the papers I make for my Christmas Card blog (The 12 Months of Christmas), I rely on purchasing digital items; so, there hasn't been any problem getting what I need to work with due to the pandemic on that front at least.

When you come up with a response for today's task, simply leave your response in a comment on THIS POST. Now for many of you, especially those who have played in previous years, the odds are that I should have your e-mail address in order to send out the free paper you earn. If you are new to the quest or are not sure whether I might have your email address, please be sure to also leave your email address in your comment. If you would prefer to keep your address private, then check out the bottom paragraph from Day 1 for how to send it to me.

Hope this New Year's Eve is a festive one! See you all tomorrow for day number eight!!!



Suze said...

I haven't been able to travel to my usual craft store due to the pandemic and a few other issues since we came out of lockdown. I did go to a different craft store at a different town recently and noticed that their stock levels were hit and miss. The shop assistant did say that they were having trouble getting some items in. They did however have at least some of each range available so that was better than nothing. I'm hoping to get to my usual craft store sometime in the next month or so (it is a couple of hours drive away).

Mandy said...

I have bought only from Crafter's Companion this year. They have had some fabulous goody bags where you got around £100 worth of dies and stamps for around £25. I had a tax rebate so used a small amount to buy some goodies. Rest went on a new bed and carpet. Birthday pennies and sold some Christmas cards to a friend in Slovakia. Not spent much this year but made my money stretch.

I asked for an electronic die cutter from my hubby for my birthday, 1st time in many years when I knew what I wanted :)

Twórcze pasje Danki said...

There was no problem with us, I got great craftsmanship accessories for Christmas. We have all stationary shops open, except for galleries.
Happy New Year.

ScrappyHorses said...

I actually have only purchased a few necessities like adhesives and marker refills; it's all been online. Now, I have been tempted by a few digis, but again I purchased on line. I've been able to get what I need, so I craft on! ;)

Lori m said...

Oh...this is my favorite paper so far, Happy New Year!

This year, here, I didn't purchase many things, tape, glue mostly or material scraps. I was able to go to the brick and mortar stores which offered curb side pickup. Actually it worked out better, order online and then pickup at the stores without getting out of the vehicle.

Hugs, Lori m

Marilyn said...

I have not really needed to shop for any craft supplies. I have so much stuff here, I really don't need to go buy anything at this time
have a great day!
mimicaro9650 at yahoo dot com

Tiggerscraps said...

I'm thankfully I have a Joann's store about 10 minutes from my house, so when I needed something I could usually run up grab what I needed and be home quickly. I did order more online, I'm impatient and do not like waiting on shipping but it is fun to get mail!

Edwina said...

Craft supplies I bought online. The stores were closed here for 3 months. Then It is hard to shop with the mask and glasses so online it is until I can go mask-less. Edwina Brown

Four11Lady said...

For quite a few years I have not been able to go out to craft stores like I used to, but when I did I would always pick up sale/clearance items that I figured I would use at some time or another, so those things kept me going for quite awhile. Since the pandemic, any supplies that I was running low on, I ordered online when there were coupons or free to save money when you are on a limited Social Security budget! Sometimes delivery has been slower than normal because either the sites were out of the items OR the Post office was slower than normal. But, so far I have had what I needed and got I few extras, just because I wanted to.......LOL
By the way, I never received an Email about this days post.

Julie Odil said...

I have no brick & mortar stores anywhere within 50 miles of me, so everything I buy, I have delivered. So, no, the pandemic hasn't changed anything for me.

Christine Harrop said...

Living in a rural area I tend to rely on attending craft shows and online stores to purchase my crafts. No shows obviously so online was the way. But I do love to see and feel "in the flesh" as it were.

Cara said...

I haven't really needed anything crazy, just some adhesive for my ATG gun and I ordered that on line without issue.

Aimeslee Winans said...

Well, I just left a big old comment on day 6 and can't see it, yikes, will have to do another shorter one. Okay onto Day 7: Have you had any difficulties getting craft supplies during the pandemic? Have you had to rely on more online shopping or have you been able to pick them up at your usual brick and mortar stores?

This one's easy: no, because I've been doing 99.999% of my shopping online for years. And Honey goes out for things we need to get the old-fashioned way. Only problem we had was toilet paper and alcohol, I had to break out my 90% alcohol from my craft supplies to use ha! XOX

Donna said...

I think I missed this question. Most of the time I used what I had here to make my cards this year. That was actually a goal of mine this year to use up things I already had. But I did run out of double sided tape and discovered that Dollar Tree sells it. Later in the year I did buy a few things from some of the online companies when they had sales.

dorsetdawndesigns said...

Haven't been in many craft shops but have done well with online shopping

Vivian Foo said...

I am an International Crafter and Germany store ceased shipping to many countries until today. My challenge is the delay in shipping as there are no daily flights and packages taking more than two weeks to reach me. Very hard for us who do not live in USA or Europe to get our craft supplies.