Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Digital Design with Nicecrane Designs: Your Chance to Earn a Free Bathing Beauties Paper

Howdy all!  It is time to share my latest creation using images from Nicecrane Designs and best of all, if you are interested, you get the benefit of today's design for FREE!

With summer quickly slipping away, I thought it would be fun to make a paper using the fabulous images found in the Bringing Life Vintage Bathing set available from Nicecrane Designs.  I wanted to do something fun and vintage and of course with so many sets that can be used for commercial purposes, Nicecrane Designs was the perfect place to start.

I thought that the images showcased in the Bringing Life Vintage Bathing set (preview above) would work perfectly for what I had intended (if you'd like to purchase the set yourself, just click on the preview to find it in the store).  So I brought them into Photoshop Elements 12, did some magic and voilà, a new digital paper was born.  Check it out...

While it is difficult to see in the preview, I added some texture in a couple different ways to give it even more of a vintage feel.  This paper will be featured in a future kit I've got in mind called Seaside Memories of OldThis paper is 3600 x 3600 pixels (i.e. 12 inches), in jpg format and published at 300 dpi.  In the zip folder you will find a copy of the paper, its preview sheet, the credit information and my terms of use which are standard to all my folders.   Credits include:  Nicecrane Designs of course and Marisa Lerin, Pixel Scrapper.  Full credit info is in the file.

If you like this digital paper for free, simply leave me a comment with the following info: 
  • Let me know the name of your favourite set from any of those offered in the Vintage Fashion section of the Nicecrane Designs store. Click HERE for the direct link to that specific section.
  • Of course if I don't already have your email address, you'll need to provide me with some way to contact you.
That is it, that is all.  Pretty easy eh?  

I look forward to seeing what your favourite vintage fashion sets are.

Until next time,


Suze said...

The Vintage Fashion 1860's would be my favourite with the Bringing Life Vintage Bathing a close second. Although, all the sets are great.

Four11Lady said...

I really like the Vintage Women's Fashion 2 set. The ladies faces are lovely and there are pictures that can be used for a few of the seasons. I love your paper and would love to have it! Your work is exquisite!

Edwina said...

Hi Lisa, I hope it is not too late to get this paper. It is so beautiful. I must tell you that I love all those vintage sets. I have 4 that are favorites and I would love to have them.
All Season Hats
Vintage Womens Fashion I
Vintage Womens Fashion II
Oh París,, París
Okay, I know only one but it was impossible. Edwina Brown