Thursday, November 26, 2015

Oopsies! Bonus Date Stamp for November Error Now Fixed

Ummmm.  Oopsies!  It has been pointed out to me (and thank you so much Suze for doing so) that I made a boo boo with the date stamp offered up in yesterday's Wonderful Wednesdays--Offering for November (which you can scroll down one post to find).

When I was working on the date stamp, I remembered to change all the colours, but I forgot to change the word from October to November (I use the previous month as a template).  Well, I guess it was bound to happen sooner or later.  

I've updated the original post and am adding it here to in case someone downloaded it and didn't catch the mistake.

Sorry about that folks!  I always proof my posts a minimum of two to three times and still couldn't catch it.  Although, to be honest, the way my brain has been functioning lately, I'm actually surprised I am not making more ridiculous mistakes.

Remember, left click on this one to bring it up in the lightbox and then right click to save it in its original size.

I'm working on another freebie in honour of the American Thanksgiving and hope to post it in a little while.  I'll explain why it is coming out so late in the day in that post.

Until then,

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