Friday, January 05, 2018

The 12 Days of Christmas Quest: Day Twelve

Well folks, the final day of Christmas is here! I really hope that you have enjoyed the quest during these last 12 days. Thanks to those of you who decided to play along! I plan to start sending out the papers to the handful of people who played this year, some time in the next week. Your patience, as always, is appreciated. And of course you still have a full week to get your Wish Lists completed and added so there is still lots of time to play.

So, how about we get on with the twelfth day of Christmas and our final day of the quest. If you missed day one click HERE to start from the beginning and read all the details.

Day two: click HERE
Day three: click HERE
Day four: clck HERE
Day five: click HERE
Day six: click HERE
Day seven: click HERE
Day eight: click HERE 
Day nine: click HERE
Day ten: click HERE
Day eleven: click HERE

As a quick refresher, each day during the 12 Days of Christmas (Dec. 25th to Jan. 5th), you're going to be given a task to follow. I'll be sending you on a quest to visit the stores or blogs of designers that I love in order to create specific Wish Lists that I want you to share with me. You will be able to leave your daily Wish List in a comment on the post for each respective day. If you follow the instructions for each day, you'll earn a free digital paper.

Since this is a busy time of year for most people, you will have plenty of time to complete the quest. AS LONG AS ALL your Wish Lists are submitted, no later than January 12th, 2018, then you will qualify to receive the paper(s) for whichever day(s) you participate.

To make it fair for everyone, I will have comment moderation on and won't be publishing any comments for The 12 Days of Christmas until Jan. 12, the week after the end of the quest.

Here is the paper up for grabs today...

This paper is 3600 x 3600 pixels, in jpg format and published at 300 dpi. Credits include: Marisa Lerin (Pixel Scrapper). In the zip folder that will be emailed should you successfully complete the quest, you will find a copy of the paper, its preview sheet, the credit information and my terms of use which are standard to all my folders.

Play along each of the 12 days and you'll earn yourself the full set! So, how about we get started with today's clue!!!

On the twelfth day of Christmas,
it is time to earn your very last one.
I hope that the quest was worth it,
and if nothing else, you've had a little fun!!!

Today's task is a bit different. Today I want you to tell me the name of your favourite digital paper from those presented during the quest. You can click the links above to see each of the different papers offered if you need to refresh yourself as to what they look like. PLUS I would also like you to give me an idea or two for possible future 12 Days of Christmas papers that you might like to see.

When you come up with a response, send an email to decossesdynamitedoodles {at} yahoo {dot} ca (be sure to replace 'at' and 'dot' with the appropriate symbols) or by clicking HERE to bring up my address in your email program, with the subject heading, "12 Days of Christmas: Day Twelve". That way I can keep the lists for future reference.

Thank you again to those who joined in the quest these past twelve days. Please be sure to follow me so you don't miss any future freebies! You never know when the next one will be offered!

Cheers and best wishes for the year ahead!


Suze said...

Hey Lisa. Just letting you know that the links on this post go to last year's papers (with the exception of Day 10).

Julie Odil said...

Thanks for all the wonderful papers I'll receive, Lisa! They'll all so great! My favorite was the European robins from day 3 -- just charming!

Possible themes for other years -- different animals and birds each day. You could call it the eclectic Christmas animal collection.

Another idea, but perhaps you've actually done it -- use the 12 Days of Christmas song and make a paper from each days theme: partridge in a pear tree, 8 ladies dancing, lords a leaping, etc.

You could also come up with 3 or 4 different papers, then change the color of those 3 or 4 papers multiple times throughout the 12 days.

My brain has been picked! I'm out of ideas. Thanks again!

Edwina said...

Hi Lisa, Saw lots of digis along the way that I wanted. Love your papers. I have a love of plaids maybe because they look great except on me. This blue plaid (Winter Blues) for day 12 is my favorite. My next two favorites is "Christmas Colored Bekoh, and Snowy Trees." As for ideas. I think you need to have a paper with snowflakes on a ombre background. Like blues, teals, purples. Plus I would like to see a candy cane design on cream background or mint green background. Edwina Brown

Decosse's Dynamite Doodles said...

Thanks for the feedback Julie and Edwina!

Suze--Thanks for letting me know. Man, I tried so hard to make sure that the links were copied properly but of course, I had to blow it on the most important day! Actually, Day 11 was last year's links as well so I really appreciate you mentioning it. I do believe I have them all fixed up now.


Donna said...

I am a bit behind in getting these in as I had the twins and then caught whatever it is they so happily shared with Grammy. Feeling a little better today but still have a nasty cough and runny nose. So far my fever is gone. I am also partial to plaids and I'd love to see a plaid Christmas. 12 days of different color combinations and maybe some gingham thrown in. I also like Edwina's ideas. I had a tough time picking which was my favorite. It came down to Day 4 (the squirrels) and Day 6 (candy canes). I am a sucker for little critters and lots of color. Those squirrels are so cute and the candy canes have great Christmas colors. So it's a toss up for me. LOL! Thanks, Lisa, for all your hard work on this. It's so generous of you to take out such a lot of time from your schedule to spread kindness and holiday cheer to us all. You are appreciated! Happy New Year!

Tiggerscraps said...

Thank you again for doing this, I really enjoy looking at all the fun images and you know I always love your papers.
The Reindeer paper is my favorite this time.

Pat said...

I can't believe I missed the 12 days of Christmas papers this year! Ugh! All I can say is, I'll be on the lookout next year...