Friday, July 05, 2013

Flashback Friday: July 5, 2013

While I may not celebrate Independence Day being Canadian and all (I had to add this just in case someone thought I was American which has happened before, and thought I was being unpatriotic), I do make it a yearly tradition to watch Independence Day as it is often on TV during this 4th of July weekend.  I am a sci-fi geek after all. 

It is just a little before one am on Friday morning and I just finished watching one of my favourite scenes of the movie where Vivica A. Fox's character, Jasmine, has dragged her son from the car, runs into the tunnel and is the ONLY smart cookie to know that unless she finds an off-shoot they are  goners.  She kicks in the door while holding on to her son and gigantic purse--pure girl power--takes cover and yells for their dog Boomer who just happens to fly across the tops of the cars into the little room, just as the explosion rips through the remainder of the tunnel <<<dramatic sigh>>>.

Now that that is out of the way, I can leave it on in the background behind me and continue on with my work for the day.

It is time for this month's Flashback Friday.  Yes indeedy, it is that time of the month where we take a little trip down memory lane.  Now, if are new to my blog and would like to see the impetus behind the creation of Flashback Friday please go HERE.

Today, I'm heading back into the '90's.  It seems that I stopped drawing sometime in the early 90's.  I hope that one day, I'll find the time and creative flow to pick up the pencil or paint brush again.  The encouragement I have received from you guys regarding my artwork is incredible.  Please know how much you have touched me with your sweet comments on my drawings.

(not that anyone would want this picture but I still need to include this line...)
Please take note that the images posted in 'Flashback Fridays' are for REFERENCE ONLY.  They are not meant for download they are just to show you another glimpse of my creative self.

Since it is the summer, I figured a trip to the sea shore was in order....well, these shells used to be on a sea shore somewhere I'm sure.  Of course, I probably copied them from some sort of existing picture (note copied--not traced). I've never professed to be any great artist--a half decent copier maybe but certainly not a true artist like many of you guys are.

1992 had a number of stressors for me and drawing was where I was able to spend some of my time trying to release them.  I could easily get lost for hours among my pencils, charcoal and ink.  The feel, the smell, the places they would take me--it all helped the bad stuff to melt away for a little while.

I hope that when YOU are faced with the difficulties that life has to offer you have some place to turn to help you deal.  Whether it is taking a walk, spending a little time alone, chatting with a good friend or locked up in your craft room, we all need a way to deal with our stress in productive ways that are non-threatening to our health and wellness.  If you are in a situation where the stress is too much, before you turn to self-destructive habits, please try and reach out for a little extra help.  The phone book and help-phone hotlines along with your doctor or local Mental Health organizations are all good places to start.

Wishing you all wellness on this beautiful first Friday of the month,


ike said...

FABBO !! Seeing this made me drag out my old school art folder and I stuck one of mine up today for Paint Party Friday :-D Beats yours though by 20 years hahahahahaha LoL !!!

IKE xxxxxxxx

Heather D. ~ Fresh Brewed Designs said...

OH HOW PRETTY!!!! Gorgeous shading and beautiful detail. How dare you say you are not an artist... a half decent copier?!?! I guess Van Gogh was a decent copier too??? :) lol!!!

Thank you for sharing your art and heart always.


Crafting Vicky said...

That is really awesome! You really don't give yourself enough credit ;o) But hey that's what I suppose great artists do... they doubt their work lol

Edwina said...

Hi Lisa, I love your shell drawing. I think you need to return to drawing and painting. So do I except it would mean giving up all my card making. It really does help to reduce stress. Thanks for sharing your story and drawing. Edwina Brown

Desire Fourie said...

A wonderful drawing once again and one can smell the sea in the shells. You are so right, that we all have our own ways of dealing with stress and that nothing in life is so bad, that we need to be self destructive. For me being creative is definitely a sure cure for any stressful times I am going through, which the last year has definitely been for me and my hubby. But fortunately we are both positive souls and try to focus on the positive and count our blessings every day.
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