Friday, July 12, 2013

Pssst...Check This Out

If you haven't found Create With TLC yet, you have no idea what you are missing.  Each day brings inspiration, new items to the store and of course freebies.  I'm going to be contacting Paulette very soon to schedule a Saturday Showcase starring this fabulous blog sometime in September when the world is back from vacation because I don't want anyone to miss it.

In the interim, if you love vintage images then you are going to want to pay attention.  

Paulette often takes vintage images within the Public Domain, cleans them up, performs a little magic and then presents them as quality png images to use. Well, now she has created a page on her blog, where she will be offering a wide array of them for free.  Yes, you heard that right, completely FREE!   However, you'll need to check in frequently because she will randomly be switching them in and out; and, if you don't visit regularly, you are certain to miss some real gems!  For example, here are a few of the images she has up on the page right now...

Aren't these vintage images just awesome?  And, this is just a sample of them!    Right now, Paulette has FOURTEEN up for grabs!

So, why not go pay this special new page a visit!  You can find the Vintage Graphics page by clicking HERE.  Don't forget to leave Paulette some love if you download ANY of her freebies, vintage or otherwise.  It is the thanks from people who download, that help motivate creators to keep on creating!

While you are there, check out the main blog by clicking HERE and spend some time shopping in the store by going HERE.

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Desire Fourie said...

Hi Lisa. I have been using TLC's freebie sentiments for a long time now on my creations. They are awesome. Can't believe you have not picked it up on my blog yet lol. Gld you also found them.
{Doing Life – my personal blog}

Edwina said...

Thanks for the reminder to check the graphics. i didn't have 2 of them. Edwina Brown