Friday, October 04, 2013

Flashback Friday: Oct 4, 2013

If you would like to see the impetus behind creating Flashback Friday please go HERE.

Since I wasn't able to bring you Flashback Friday at the beginning of last month, I figured I better get one done for this month.  Once again we dip into those times of my earlier pieces from a sketchbook that I had as a teenager.  Well actually, the page ripped out, it is so worn, but it definitely came from that same book.

Goodness gracious, look at how worn that poor image is!  It has obviously taken a beating over the years.  This picture was drawn on Christmas Day, 1983.  No I didn't remember the date on my own.  Thankfully it was written on the back.  I do remember that this was the first page that I drew on in my sketchbook and that is why it got so worn out and ended ripping out of the book.  

That makes me 16 years old at the time I sketched this orchid. My guess would be that, I had received this sketchbook and some pencils as a Christmas present and just had to get busy drawing, later that Christmas afternoon.

So what do you have lurking in your drawers, tubs or storage boxes? I know that by showing my old art I inspired one fellow blogger, Ike, to dig through her old stuff. How about you? Is there something of yours (it doesn't have to be a drawing, it could simply be pictures of your first card creations) that you are inspired to look back on while you traipse down memory lane? It really is a therapeutic endeavour to see where you once stood compared to where you are in your art now.

In fact I am thinking of creating a link up in the new year to celebrate this idea of Flashback Fridays and have people delve into their past to share something they created and reflect on their growth from that point.  What do you think?  Is this a concept you could get behind?  I'd love to hear your feedback as it will help me to plan out the link up.

Okay peeps, that is it for today.  Please be sure to join me tomorrow as we card makers celebrate World Card Making Day!

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Pia S said...

You were a talented young lady (and you're still very talented!). How great you kept all those sketch books and that you wrote the date on the back!

Edwina said...

Oh, my. I can only smile as I think of my earliest art. I don't have photos of that I did as a teen or child. I do have photos of most of my scrapbook layouts and cards since I got into blogging. I know my technique has changed as I learn more and more. I love seeing your paintings and drawings and hearing about them. Thank you for sharing. Edwina Brown

Crafting Vicky said...

look at how talented you were already at that young age. Fabulous!