Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Promotional Post: New Digis Over at Fresh Brewed Designs

Inspiration has hit our wonderful leader over at Fresh Brewed Designs and she has a cool new line of stamps.  It is mostly about girl power today.  Check out what is hitting the 'shelves' over at the store...

Do you know someone always on the go?  Someone who looks like they can effortlessly do it all?  You know the type, they take care of their family at home, are both teacher and mother, ensure their kids get to wherever they need to go, volunteer in the community, do a hundred other things each day and still get supper on the table?  Well I know of a few of these super woman and the creator of these stamps is one of them.  Yep, Heather Dennis is really Super Girl.  Sorry to unmask you Heather but the world needs to know how super you really are.  Does anyone come to your mind when you think of someone like this?  Well, if someone does then you should really go to the store and pick up this wonderful  "Girl on the Go" digi and create a card to send to her and the other amazing woman that you know who are able to juggle 50 things at once and still have a smile on their face!

Oh and if that woman happens to have shorter hair, then Heather has that taken care of too!

Now how about we add soccer to the mix because Heather has thought of all the super soccer mom's out there as well!

And we can't forget about all the dance moms out there too!  Check out that tutu and those ballet slippers!

...and if that dance mom has shorter hair too, well once again, Heather has that covered as well!

I'm finishing off with this adorable Shepherd, an image that came out just a couple days ago.  As people are spending more time making Christmas cards this image is perfect to start you on your way!!!  

It doesn't matter what kind of image you are looking for. With over 30 categories to choose from and several new additions to the store monthly you are sure to find just what you need.  So, why not take some time now and check out all the 'shelves' in the FBD store.  You'll want to shop before the store closes to ensure it doesn't run out of what you are looking for!!! Oh, wait, it doesn't matter when you shop does it?  It could be one in the afternoon or three o'oclock in the morning.  Just another awesome thing about digital stamps--the stores stay open almost all year round AND you never have to worry about them running out of what you are looking for or spending time in lines. 

Thanks so much for stopping by and checking out the latest digital images over at Fresh Brewed Designs.  I hope you have the chance to go and check out these new images and maybe even bring one or two back with you on the journey home.  Don't forget while you are at the store to check out the homepage to find three bonus freebie sentiments but hurry they won't be there long.

At Fresh Brewed Designs we always have a fresh pot of creativity brewing. So stop by and join us for a cuppa whenever you want!

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SAMARA said...

Dear Lisa: Yes Ma'am! I sure know someone like that...and it is YOU! You are the one that came to mind as soon as you started to mention someone who does it all, someone who gives 1000 percent, someone who juggles the world and doesn't complain about it, someone who makes sure everyone else has what they need and someone who is acknowledging of everyone else's accomplishments and endeavours before her own. Someone who is understanding, someone who supports other people and their dreams, someone who will allow people the space to do what they have to, even if it short changes you in anyway, someone who is "present" for the need at hand. Yes Lisa, I sure do know someone like you describe. It is the most positive and wonderful person that has reached out to help others become that way as well through a wonderful Challenge site. And let me not be remiss in mentioning someone who "always" does her absolute best at promoting businesses without any reimbursement, expectation of a pat on the shoulder or exchange - simply because this is who she is. "YOU" are a wonderful and bless-ed gift to this World Lisa. xox Samara

Crafting Vicky said...

Loving the great homage that you have done to Heather. She really is totally fabulous. And so are you!