Monday, October 21, 2013

Scribbles Designs Winner Announcement for Challenge #9 + New Image Storylines

Howdy everyone.  Hope this Monday morning finds you all happy and well.  Hopefully this post is going out as scheduled because today I plan on being on the computer as little as I possibly can.  As I mentioned earlier in my Digi Darla post, it is an important anniversary of sorts for the hubs and me so it is important that I spend as much of the day as I can with him.

In case you have missed it, the winners for Challenge #9:  Pens, Pencils, Paper have been picked and posted over on the challenge blog.  If you entered this challenge and haven't checked already, make sure you head on over and see if you are our Top Scribbler, are part of our Top Three or whether you may have won any other goodies.
  To check out the latest Winner's post, click HERE.

The Top Scribbler, chosen by, will receive 3 digital images.  Each of the Top 3, chosen by the Scribbles Designs Design Team, will receive 1 digital image each.  Then we also have a winner for our sponsored prize from Bugaboo and another project receiving a special gold star.  Lots of treats to go around.  You only have one week to claim your prize so make sure you go and check out the post if you entered.

Today, I have some other images from the store to share with all of you.  October is a popular time for commencement.  Do you know any grads who'll be receiving their diplomas this fall?  I know of three in particular.

This past year, three of Scribbles Designs' beloved characters went to night school to upgrade their skills.  Work in this economy is extremely difficult to find and one must continually upgrade their skills to remain competitive in today's market.  It is no different for frogs and penguins.  Let's see what Carl, Brr and Brrnice have been up to, shall we?

Brr decided that the best course of action was to enroll in an Air Conditioning and Refrigeration course.  Since his natural climate is cold, he figured that this would be the best fit for him.  While he did struggle a bit with the theory, considering how difficult it is for a penguin to take notes using a pen or keyboard even, it is a good thing that his memory skills are quite advanced.  In the end he did reasonably well too, receiving a B+ as his final grade.

Carl, our favourite Casanova, figured the industry he'd be best suited for would be translation, serving as a translator in his local consulate.  So, Carl decided to spend his time learning French.  You see, it is a fallacy that all frogs are French.  While he did know a few phrases such as, "Mon petit coeur", "Je t'aime", "tu est jolie c'est soir", and "voulez vous coucher avec moi ce soir", (oops this is supposed to be a G-rated blog), he needed to expand his vocabulary.  Carl manged to get an A+.  Of course, his professor was a woman.  I guess we'll never know if he earned his grade the honest way.  One look from Carl and most woman are putty in his little webbed hands.

Brrnice, Brr's darling wife, also felt it important to upgrade her skills too.  With the baby a little older now, and before any more baby Brr's come onto the scene, it was the absolute best time for her to go back to school.  She decided to go into the food industry with a specialty in making sushi.  Brrnice is a phenomenal cook to begin with and has a way with fish so this was the perfect placement for her.  Brrnice also did quite well, managing to get an A overall.  Oh and we're all invited to a celebration in honour of the grads and Brrnice has promised some vegetarian sushi for me and any other veggieheads out there!

Brrnice managed to remember the camera and here are some of the snapshots she got:

 This one is of course their graduation cap...

This pic is of Brr, all dressed up for the occasion with his cap on...

Brrnice managed to snag a fellow graduate to take a snapshot of all three of them...
Now our fearless leader Sandy is so talented, that she has converted all three of these images into digital designs, just so that you can have a chance to buy a commemorative picture from this special occasion.  If you click on each of the images above, they will take you to their locations in the store.

So many digitals, so many possibilities!
So if you know of any students receiving their diplomas this year or even in the spring, why not pop over and purchase one or more of these awesome images.  A portion of the proceeds will be put into trust for Brr, Brrnice and Carl, just in case they don't find work quickly.  This way there will be a little extra money for them to draw on during the difficult times.

Psst...interested in a new freebie?  Well, come and check out the new challenge, Shades of Orange, and you can find a cute little pumpkin up for grabs.  If you do, know that we'd love to see what you do with it by entering our latest challenge.  Now once again, since you guys are such great followers, I'll let you know that there are currently SEVEN, yes your eyes are not deceiving you, seven free images over at the store.  Three new ones, a cute bat, some jujubes and a mustache, have just been added this week.  That is in addition to the awareness ribbon and three other ones already in the store.  You are missing a lot if you aren't popping over to check what is new in the STORE.   If you do grab any of these freebies, please leave Sandy some love. You have until 9:00 p.m. PST on November 14th to enter the current challenge, so that gives you lots of time to get your creation ready.  You can find out all the details you need for participating and for grabbing the pumpkin freebie, by clicking HERE

Well guys, that is it for this one.  I plan on spending a great deal of time today with the person I love most in this world.  I hope you get to do the same.

Until next time!

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Crafting Vicky said...

I soooo love how you make a story about the characters. They seem so very real... and I could totally imagine Carl speaking French! Maybe that's why he's one of my favorite character after Mr Wool