Friday, March 08, 2013

DT Post: Scribbles Designs New Releases

Hey peeps!  I thought I'd share some of Sandy's latest images.  They are a hoot and perfect for the two occasions that are on our doorstep--St. Patrick's Day and Easter. 

Meet Carl O'Brian, close cousin to Carl.  He is over visiting from Ireland, spending St. Patrick's with Carl and the fam.

Next up we have Lep-Brrr-chaun.  Brrr is finished with all of his Valentine's jobs for this year so now he is moonlighting for St. Patrick's Day to bring in a little extra cash.  He does have a Mrs. and a Baby Brr to take care of you know.

This leprechaun hat is perfect for all your St. Patrick's cards either alone or atop the head of your favourite characters.

What is a leprechaun without his pot of gold?  Now if only it were real gold we could use it to buy all the digis we want!


 Mr. Wool, another beloved Scribbles Designs Character, is all set to celebrate St. Partrick's Day.  He's brought his own clover and everything.

Looks like someone has been into all the Easter goodlies ahead of time and has developed a little spread.  This bunny is having problems getting back down his rabbit hole!

Leave it to these two, to make another appearance.  They just can't help but bask in the limelight.  Don't tell them but they are a little egocentric and just don't know when to go home but that is okay because we love them so much.  If you have either Brrr or Mr. Wool, these close up stamps are the perfect accompaniment.  They'd be great to use on the inside of the card coloured up or simply as line-art.

Well that is it for Sandy's latest release.  I hope you all love these images as much as I do.  You can find them all over at the Scribbles Designs store.

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Unknown said...

Amazing Post Lisa!!!!!!!!!!!! You put it together so brilliantly!!!! It was very enjoyable and funny... I am really liking the hat and thanks for the idea of using it alone OR putting it on a favorite character... love it!

Unknown said...

I just popped over and got the hat, love it!!!