Sunday, March 03, 2013

Sunday Spotlight: March 3, 2013

If you are just visiting for the first time, it is that time of week when I say a particular thank you to one of my readers acknowledging them for something thoughtful, inspiring, or mindful that they have said in one of their comments.  It is not just about flattery, although that is nice sometimes too.  It is about walking away from the comment and wanting to touch on and explore an idea they have presented.  Sometimes it might just be one or two words that they have said that reaches out and elicits a response in me.

As a way of saying thanks, I will present this person with an advanced copy of a freebie that I promise, no one else will be able to get their hand on for at least three months and possibly longer.  

So without further ado, the comment I'm highlighting and reflecting on this week belongs to...

CATHY (Mercieschild)

who said this:
I love coming here, you have such a wonderful blog and so much variety. I love the sites you recommend and always end up going there :) and the cards you showcase start my creative juices going. The sentiments are wonderful. You just plain have a great blog. Thank you for sharing everything. hugs, Cathy K on Saturday Showcase: February 23, 2013

Okay, so today it is apparently all about ego.  I always get the warm fuzzies when someone tells me that they enjoy coming over and reading my blog.  I have a number of dedicated followers (you know who you are) who comment on almost every single post and always tell me how much they appreciate me and what I do.  I am very thankful for these people and I truly hope they know just how much their support means to me.  However, it is also a great feeling to hear it from other people once in awhile too.  I love that Cathy enjoys the variety I provide.  I am thrilled that she finds inspiration from the cards I present from other designers and I am stoked that she visits the blogs that I recommend in my Saturday Showcase each week.  As far as I am concerned, one of the most important things for me to do, is to help promote other digital artists and card makers in whatever way I can.  I feel deep in my heart that this has become part of my calling.  Again, I know of several people who take the time out of their busy schedules to not only read what I have to say but then to go and visit the people I showcase.  You have no idea what it means to me when I find out that someone has become a follower or purchased something from the artists I talk about.  So, when I hear from someone like Cathy whom I didn't know was following the links, it really bolsters the idea that I am on the right path.  Finally, and of course this is purely ego, it always makes me feel good to know that people are liking some of my digital creations.  Don't forget that I'd love to see anything you create using one of my designs, so be sure to drop me a line when you do.

Honourable mentions include: 
  • Oh my gosh, Lisa. What an incredibly sweet post. I've been so caught up in our "other" discussion that I had no idea you do this as well. I remember when I first began blogging (has it been 2.5 years!!?) how there were always a few comments that encouraged me and reminded me of the wonderful support we find in this fabulous world of crafting. I'm most impressed by the friendships we make around this crafty world. I feel such a connection to the blogs and comments and like to call each of you my friend. You will touch so many lives doing this and you'll bring a smile and a joyful heart to those you reach out to. You are a true crafter with heart and I appreciate YOU so much. Hugs, Larelyn on Sunday Spotlight: February 17, 2013
  • Ohhhhhh Lisa!!!!!!!! I am crossing all my fingers and toes for you, I even crossed Michael's and Troy's, Troy balked a little but I just told him to hold still... lol You would make an exceptional addition to San's Design for you are the QUEEN of promoter's!!!!! I am going to be anxious until you get an answer... GOOD LUCK BESTIE!!!!! Big Fat Super Duper hugs Naomi on Card Design: DT Application for San's Designs
  • Ohhhh this would really really be awesome. Good for you to finally apply! You would make a wonderful addition to the team. Your devotion to making the best cards is such a great quality. You really do promote artist amazingly well. Crossing my fingers for you ;) Vicky on Card Design: DT Application for San's Designs
  • Hi Lisa! I love this quote. I tend to veer off my path more than I should as well, but it's like you said .. never give up right? I really like your project this week. Thanks for joining us at Digitally Sweet! Karen on Motivational Monday: Concentrate
  • Love your thoughts, I always need to be challenged to stay on course! I'm someone who flits around, LOL! Love the magnifying glass and quote! Thanks for joining us at Digitally Sweet Challenges! Sarah on Motivational Monday: Concentrate
  • Lisa it is so kind of you to give recognition and take the time to honour some achievements by our fellow crafty bloggers out there. It is greatly appreciated - blush blush. Congrats also on your well deserved wonderful wins. Hugs Desíre {Doing Life – my personal blog} on Congratulatory Considerations for February 
  • Oh, Fabulous Showcase about Heather - I have some of her designs. I am now a Follower of her Blog and of course, I have been 'stalking' you for a while now !!!LoL I simply adore that Chick with Bunny Ears... as you say - he's got a bit of an identity crisis going on there. He made me chuckle out loud - it's awesome :-) Thank you for doing your amazing Showcases - I know how much time that must take you - they are always so interesting and it's great to see stuff about other Peeps :-) Hugz IKE xxxxxxxxxxxxx p.s. Oh, - I snagged me an Owl too :-) Thanks for the heads-up xoxoxox Ike on Saturday Showcase: March 2, 2013
  • Thank you so much for this fantastic feature post! I am blushing!!! Thank YOU for your generosity and for doing so much for your followers, fans and for supporting companies such as mine. I can not begin to tell you how humbled, blessed and thankful I feel right now. Big smiles, Heather Dennis on Saturday Showcase: March 2, 2013

I know I keep saying this every week but that does not diminish its truthfulness.  It is so difficult for me to choose comments to highlight each week.  There are just too many wonderful ones to choose from.  Additionally, as much as I would like to, it is getting more difficult to respond to each individual comment coming in.  As my responsibilities increase with new DT and GDT obligations and with my effort to ensure that I keep up with all my weekly posts, the time I have available decreases.   I so, so appreciate the time and energy you put into visiting my blog and leaving me a note to reflect on throughout the week.  I ALWAYS read EACH AND EVERY ONE and don't take a single one of them for granted. I hope that you all have a wonderful week!

Until next time,


ike said...

YaY - ALL too true..... we can never thank you enough for doing this Blog and pointing at 'other people' instead of your own fabulous creations !! It is wonderful to see that your 'customer' Gallery is getting a few more pikkies in it. Awesome :-)
Happy Sunday
IKE xxx

Crafting Vicky said...

So great to see that you are touching so many with this blog!!! How awesome ;) Have a wonderful Sunday!