Sunday, March 10, 2013

Promotional Post: Fresh Brewed Designs New Spring Digis

Heather from Fresh Brewed Designs has been at the drawing board again--literally!  She has nine new releases ready in the store. 
Fuzzy Chick with Bowtie

Fuzzy chick is ready for a night out on the town, now you just need to go and buy him and he'll be the perfect escort to all of your black tie affairs!

Chicks First Flight

Need a lift?  While he is just starting out, Chick's first flight is just what you need to take you to where you are going creatively.

Chirp Up Chick

Know someone who is feeling a little down?  Then just send a card with Chirp Up Chick to the rescue.  He is sure to put a smile on anyone's face.


 Someone needs to break up this hen party or nothing will be done in time for Easter?  Can you help out with that situation?

Curious Chick

Curious chick brings with him a fresh perspective on the world.  We often can become jaded by what we see around us so it is good to bring in a little innocence to our lives once in awhile.  This little guy is perfect for just such an occasion!  

Dancing Chick


What is that expression?  Dance like there is nobody watching.  We all need to take a lesson from this care free young lady.



Someone needs a hug.  Won't you bring this little fellow into your home?  He could really do with some TLC and would be great to send to others who do too.

Happy Hopper

This guy is a little shy and might need a bit of coaxing but I know you've got in you and will be able to charm him right into your checkout cart with no problem at all.  

Honey Bunny

Finally that leaves us with Honey Bunny.  Sweet Bunny's older sister.  Apparently someone has been hitting the chocolate a little hard and a wee bit early.  You could give her the motivation she needs by making her the focal point of one of your cards.  Then she is sure to start putting the time in at the carrot field.

Well that is it for the latest adorable freebies over at Fresh Brewed Designs.  I'm sure that one or more of these digis has already stole your heart and you are headed over there right now to give them a home.

Hello.  My name is Lisa and I am a digi buying enabler!

Until next time,


ike said...

Oh these are really keeeeuuuuut !!! My faves are 1st Flight Chick and Chirp Up Chick just makes me laugh ! :-D

Unknown said...

Queen of promoting is in her element again!!! Spectacular post and so captivating and funny I didn't miss a word, thank you for the laughs. hugs

Crafting Vicky said...

Yes you certainly are a digi buying enabler!!!! YIKES I need to stop looking at your blog lol Those are totally adorable!

Lisa Minckler said...

I thought chick's first flight was my favorite but then I was torn with the bandaged egg, but then the chirp up caught my eye!! LOL..they're ALL so adorable. :)
You ARE a digi buying enabler!!!

Heather D. ~ Fresh Brewed Designs said...

I giggled and giggled and giggled some more. I do treasure and love reading your posts!!! I esp giggled (literally out loud) about honey bunny eating too much chocolate ;)

Thank you so much for sharing!!!