Sunday, September 20, 2015

Arrrggg! I Missed Talk Like a Pirate Day!


Avast me hearties, will ye drop anchor and visit wit' me a bit?  Sadly, I be a day late 'tis year but it doesn't mean we still can't celebrate, right?!  Th' yearly celebration where ye flap yer jaws like a buccaneer, Talk Like a Pirate Day, was celebrated yesterday all over th' world.  Thar were parrrrties, fund-raisers, pub crawls, and other special events takin' place.  In fact, I wouldn't be surprrrrized at all if thar weren't still a few drunkin' scallywags out thar still parrrtyin' today!

Fer thems o' ye who be unawares o'
'tis unique occasion, it starrrrted out as a fun concept in 1995, encourrrragin' people t' talk like a pirate.  It be created by John Baur (Ol' Chumbucket) and Mark Summers (Cap'n Slappy), hailin' from th' state o' Oregon in th' U.S.  Accorrrrdin' t' Summers, th' day be invented as th' result o' a sports injury. While th' two mateys be playin' racquetball, one o' thems reacted t' th' pain wit' an outburst o' "Aaarrr!", and th' idea be born.  Thems two scallywags sent a letter about thar invented holiday t' th' American syndicated humor columnist Dave Barry in 2002.  'Tis chap be likin' th' idea so much he promoted it.  Th' media grabbed hold o' th' holiday after Barry's column and it now be an international event followed by many each year on September 19th.

Just like last year, t' help celebrate
'tis glorrrious day wit' a bit 'o swag, I be givin' ye fer free some treasure (and t' be sure, 'tis actually treasure 'tis year!)...

T' be grabbin' 'tis treasure, click on th' button above t' be taken t' a download location.  In th' zip folder ye will find a copy of th' treasure, its preview sheet, th' credit information and me terms o' use which are standard t' all me folders. This treasure be 3600 x 3600 pixels, in jpg format and published at 300 dpi.
Now o' course I can't be sendn' ye along yer way
wit'out a pirate joke or two:

Q:   Why does it take pirates so long to learn the alphabet?
       A:   Because they can spend years at C!  

Q:  What did the pirate say when his wooden leg got stuck in the freezer?
       A:   Shiver me timbers!

Oh, and if ye be interested in findin' yer own inner pirate, be sure t' take th' Official Talk Like a Pirate Personality Inventory (TOTLAPPI) over on th' official Talk Like a Pirate website available by clickn' HERE.  T' find out more fun facts about 'tis fun day, be sure t' check out th' official Talk Like a Pirate website available HERE.

Until I be sailin' these fair seas again,

Note about me pirate name...
Passion be a big part of me life, which makes sense fer a pirate. Even though I not always be th' traditional swaggerin' gallant, me steadiness and plannin' make me a fine, reliable pirate.   Arrr! 

If ye be wantn' yer own pirate name, be cerrrrtain t' click HERE.

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susan said...

Thank you very much!

Lisa Lynn said...

Great paper, thanks. I didn't participate either. I had birthday parties to attend to and family gatherings which I really needed.

Edwina said...

Lisa, Thank you for the treasure chest paper. This was a great one for you to invent. Edwina Brown