Monday, August 18, 2014

Motivational Monday & PoP Midway Reminder: Possibilities

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Hello and a happy Monday to you all.  Thanks for popping over and sharing your precious time with me.  This evening, I'll be sharing this month's Motivational Monday passage along with a couple freebies at the bottom of the post.  The reflection, and one of the freebies can also be found over on my Path of Positivity challenge blog as part of the midway post where the theme this month is POSSIBILITIESOn with today's thoughts... 

The possibility of it all

Life is all about possibility.  Every single decision we make stems from an array of possibilities.  This or that?  These or those?  We are presented with endless possibilities each day.  Some are very simple in nature and others are more involved.  It is up to us to make a decision and choose a pathway.  Sometimes though, we may have difficulties getting our bearings.  Is there something stopping you from taking off in a new direction?  Whatever it is, if you want it badly enough, you can find a way.  I've included three steps to help get you started.

Eliminate Fear
One of the things that gets in the way of us opening up to new possibilities is fear.  We're afraid we'll fail, embarrass ourselves, make a wrong decision.  Fear robs us off so many things.  It is limiting and keeps us stagnated.  If it helps, know that you aren't the only one afraid.  Many of us are but we need to make a concentrated effort to shrug off those fears and allow ourselves the opportunity to grow.

Eliminate Negative Self Talk
Along with getting rid of fear we also need to extinguish the negative self talk that goes on in our mind:  "I won't be good enough"; "It's too expensive"; "It will take too much time"; "I never make the right choice".   Keep saying you "won't" or "can't" enough and that will become your reality.  Words have extreme power and we need to turn any negative self talk into positive talk.  If you find yourself going back into old habits and let a negative statement slip from between your lips, then be sure to counteract it right away with an opposite statement.  Turn, "I can't" into "I can".  Say it until you believe it!

  Try, Try and Try Again
Whatever you decide, starts with a first step.  You'll never make it outside if you don't first open the door.  In order to grow and turn a possibility into a reality, you are going to have to try new things.  The only thing holding you back is yourself.  You'll come up with a whole bunch of excuses to not try something if you allow yourself, so just don't go there in the first place.  Remember the old expression, 'where there is a will, there is a way'?  Well if you truly want to expand your mind and your world, you will find a way.  Want it enough and well...anything is possible!

So, where will your road lead you?  Do you have the strength to seek a new direction?  If you do, I wish you luck as you open up your world to the infinite realm of possibilities! 
Here are the promised freebies.  The first was offered up at the challenge start and the second was just offered up today for the midway...

© 2014 
Font Information:
The next one is a two part sentiment to use on the front and inside of a card:

© 2014
 *Note:  While the writing appears to be different sizes it was all made with the same size font and published at 300 dpi.

Font Information:
Please be sure to click on the images to bring them up into the lightbox in their proper size before saving them.  Click on the font name to take you to a download location.  All these fonts were listed as free for commercial use at the time each of these project were made, and as such, it is my understanding, that I am within my rights to use these fonts in my creations and offer them to others.  Please refer to my full terms of service for what you can and cannot do with these digital creations.
You will notice that the sentiments may appear huge depending on what software program you download them into.  You can always reduce the size without distorting the overall look.

Credit Notes For These Creations:
©2014. Lisa L. Décosse. PUO. However, you are allowed to use the sentiments on handmade projects that you intend to sell on a small scale basis provided credit is given. You also need to include a credit note and a link to this blog should you use any of my images in your creations and post them on your blog. Please be sure to familiarize yourself with my full terms of use found in the 'Download Instructions & T.O.U.' tab at the top of this page. Of important note:  Please do not share my images with family, friends, etc. Additionally, do not post any images to file sharing services like Box®, 4-Shared®, etc. Instead, please direct people to my blog(s) so they can grab the image for themselves. If you would like to post a watermarked version of the image, please contact me to obtain one.

I invite you to go and check out, not only, the wonderful creations some members of my Design Team had the opportunity to create over on the Path of Positivity (click HERE for the midway) but also some of the great entries into this month's challenge (click HERE for the challenge).  I also invite you to come over and enter a project yourself, if you haven't already.  We could all use a little inspiration to keep possibilities alive in our lives.  Why not create a card that helps to deliver some positivity to someone special in your life.

Well, that is it for today!  Have a great week ahead everyone!

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Edwina said...

Lisa, Thank you for the sentiments. I enjoyed your post today. Edwina Brown

Donna Ellis said...

Hi, Lisa! Thank you for the sentiments, and for sharing your thoughtful reminders that possibilities don't just magically happen, but require some "work" on our end as well! hugs, de