Saturday, June 08, 2013

Card Design: Fresh Brewed Designs Digi Team Post for June


Hello everyone!  I'm here today with my monthly Fresh Brewed Designs project.  Today we enter the world of fantasy once again by using the fabulous Butterfly Fairy which you can find in the Fresh Brewed Designs (FBD) store under the section, Girly Things and then Fairies and Mermaids Click on the watermark below to head straight to the page she is on in the store.  She is located at the top on left hand side.

Here are my project details, I hope I haven't forgotten anything...

General Information:
    • Have you ever had a card that took on a life of its own?  A card that you had no control over; it had control over you?  Well, I just experienced my very first one.  Bit by bit, this card evolved completely leading me a direction that I didn't think I would go in.
    • I present my very first contemplation card and I'll share with you the process as we go through each part.  When I reflect on it I guess I wanted to create something to make someone challenge their imagination.  It is important to flex our imaginative muscles as much as it is our mental or physical ones.  It isn't important so much what possibilities you believe in, only that you do.
    • I also managed to take five digital images from three separate artists and make them work together to create this card.  Actually six if you include the sentiment from me.
    • Let's have a look shall we...


    Digital Image 1:
    • Butterfly fairy digi:  As mentioned above, the image on the front of the card is available in the store.  You can find it by clicking on the watermark above.
    • This fairy was the impetous that lead me in the direction I took. 
    • I coloured it in using Copic Markers.  Flower:  V12, V15, V17 (petals); Y21, Y23, E25 (centre); G00, G02, G05 (stem).  Fairy: E21, E23, E25 (hair); E000, E00, E02, R20 (skin); B91, B93, B95, E70, E74, E79 (bodice and wings).  I used chalk to achieve grounding around the image.  
    • Finally I added Glitter to the wings.  No fairy is complete without glitter.  Here is a close up of that fabulous image... 
    •  Now I have a feeling that the shading on my flower is wrong but of course hindsight is 20/20.
    Digital Sentiment:
    • I believe in fairies Now when I chose the image I was going to work with this month, the Butterfly Fairy, I knew I wanted to go with the concept of imagination and the idea that I believe in fairies because...well...I do!  So of course, my first stop in my digi sentiment collection was to check out on the items I have from Create with TLC.  I was just sure that there would be something appropriate to use and of course I wasn't disappointed.   
      • I changed the colour to mauve to match before printing it out.
    Digital Image 2:
    • fairy border:  I had sort of figured out the layout I was going to go with, and decided that I didn't want just any paper to serve as my strip along the bottom.  So, I decided I was going to create my own digital paper border and went looking for an image in my digi stamp collection that would serve the purpose.  I am not surprised that it came from Create With TLC as well.  It is a freebie that I acquired somehow, whether one of the bonus ones Paulette put out or it may have been a follower freebie.  I got it back in October so you can understand why I don't remember the basis for acquirement.  Anyways, while I was unable to find it in the store, I can tell you that the original image is a black and white version of the a group of four little fairies dancing on toadstools.  One group wasn't enough for me so I created four of them to go across the bottom and act as a border.
      • I brought the image into Photoshop Essentials 5 (PE5) and coloured it up digitally.
      • I added my trusted sky and cloud pattern from Webtreats and created the border you see below.
      • I then added some glitter to each set of wings although it is kind of difficult to see it in the pictures.

    • Ribbon is Celebrate It brand purple label from Michael's.
    • Little floral gemstones are Craft brand from Dollarama.


     Digital Image:
    •  This fabulous fairy silhouette is from the talented Jessica of Floppy Latté Designs.  I purchased this image back in December when I put out the call to help out a fellow blogger in need.  Jessica was trying to raise money for legal bills related to the death of her son's father and while I couldn't do too much, I was able to purchase a few digis to help out the cause.  The one above is one of my very favourites.  If you like it as much as I do just click on the watermark to head to Jessica's store.

    Digital Sentiment:
    • Top Quote (in green):  The sentiment is of course from none other than Create with TLC. Who else would have a sentiment like that?
    • Bottom Quote (in pink):  One I created to match with the theme of my project. 


    Paper Products:
    • Card base:  Michael's Recollection's Cardstock, cream.
    • Designer Papers:   Floral paper (front & inside) plus green paper used as a shadow (front and inside)--K & C Company Designer Paper--Best of...florals collection.
    Challenges I hope to enter include:
    It is possible that I'll be adding to this list as the week or month goes on. 

    Well that is it for my monthly FBD post.  I'll be back each 2nd Saturday of the month with another creation to show you.  Of course, I'm sure I'll be showing off other images and/or creations using Fresh Brewed Designs images during other times of the month as well, so you'll want to keep checking to make sure you don't miss any of Heather's superb images.  

    Thanks for stopping by and taking a look.  I hope you have the chance to go and check out all the images I've showcased today and maybe even bring one or two back with you on the journey home.  Psst...don't forget to check out the store home page and pick up the latest free sentiment if you haven't had the chance to already.

    At Fresh Brewed Designs we always have a fresh pot of creativity brewing. So stop by and join us for a cuppa whenever you want!

     Until next time,

    Note: I apologize if there are any formatting issues.  This is a scheduled post and we all know Blogger has a mind of it's own.  If it turns out that something looks wonky, i.e.--part of the sentence is a different size, font, or colour than the rest, I'll fix it as soon as I'm able to.


    Heather D. ~ Fresh Brewed Designs said...

    Once again, you have created a very informative and fun post! I LOVE this card! It IS so magical, sweet and fun. I love the direction you took in creating this. I remember being young and wishing fairies were real; laying in the grass or walking through the woods hoping to spot one. Sigh. Your card captured all of that and just left me smiling.
    Wonderful feature.
    Have a happy and blessed weekend!

    Crafting Vicky said...

    ohhhhh WOW looooove it! Just adore how you have colored this fabulous image. The sentiments are just fabulous and love how you have added your own at the bottom it's just awesome!!!! I also love how you have added the great floppy latte image insight.

    Unknown said...

    Hi Lisa, awesome my friend...sorry not been around much, been with my dad everyday at the 'home' hoping for him to what you do on your blog..xx

    Peanut said...

    Absolutely gorgeous, Lisa - both inside and out. Love your treatment of the fairy. Perhaps she was whispering in your which case I'd say: Excellent teamwork!


    Sassy Raggedy said...

    Hi Lisa,
    I love this wonderful card. The image is lovely and the inside is as nice as the outside...Hugz, joann

    Edwina said...

    Hi Lisa, I am running behind again. I love your card. The fairy is so pretty. I must have missed that TLC digi. I love it. i was admiring the border on your card when I saw the FBD post. Thanks for sharing. Edwina Brown