Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Wonderful Wednesday? Not Exactly.

Do you ever have those days where you want to crawl back under the covers?

Well, I'm experiencing one of those days today.  All I seem to be doing, is apologizing to your guys lately, and today will be no exception.

You see I got a new bigger hard drive for my birthday, that had yet to be installed.  Currently I have the main drive that stores all my programs, an external hard drive that serves as back up and my old hard drive that serves as my data drive to store all my stuff.  Well, that drive is basically full up so it was finally time to install the new hard drive.

Last night the MAN and I discussed what I needed to do.  Easy peasy it was going to be. The MAN just needed to get in there and install the hard drive.  No need to worry about any of my data the MAN said.  It wouldn't be affected at all, the MAN told me.  Well, I'm never listening to the MAN again.  It is now 9:00 p.m. as I sit and type this.  

Apparently, things were not quite as easy as the MAN had implied.  Somehow, when he was fiddling around, a file on the C drive became corrupted which meant that everything had to be reinstalled.  At first, and I tell you for a few hours today my heart lay shattered in pieces at my feet, we thought that all the files that I had created in the last two weeks (which had not been backed up, since I only do a major back up at the beginning of each month) were gone.  Everything that I have been painstakingly working on until the wee, wee hours of the morning, everything I have been creating to get the Path of Positivity up and running and all the stuff I was working on in my new role as Promotional Coordinator over at Creative Bug Digitals was gone--or at least that is what we thought.

As I was painstakingly starting the process of reinstalling the million programs I use, I had to do a search for something and had realized that a file that had previously been on the C drive was appearing in the search.  We had checked under 'my documents', we had checked under 'all users', 'shared users' and under 'Lisa L. Decosse' but none of my files had appeared.  Well apparently there was one more spot that was simply 'user' and thank the Lord above, the information was still there.

I honestly think I'd have cried for a week had we not found it.  However, now I still have to go in and reinstall everything.  All the new patterns and brushes I had downloaded for Photoshop have to be added.  Every other program I use consistently, all my virus and firewall protection, and the list goes on.  Oh and then there are about three thousand fonts or so that are all saved in individual files that need to be reinstalled on my system.  

As a result now having to spend all this time getting things back on track there is no time today to get the Wonderful Wednesday offerings up on the blog.  I was actually up until after 6:00 this morning in an effort to get the offerings made and sent out in a post but as I started uploading all the images it dawned on me that they were way too small.  I normally do my word art in Inkscape and when I export to 300 dpi, the document increases in size but last night I worked in Photoshop Essentials because I couldn't access one of the fonts.  PE doesn't increase the size of the image when saved so they all ended up too small and now I don't have any of the fonts installed so I can't just go in and resize everything.  ARRRGGGHHH!  That to me should have been a sign as to the kind of day this was going to be.

So, needless to say, you won't be getting anything for the kit until next week now, there is also no way I am going to have time to put together any of the usual weekend fare either.

Oh and at the end of all of this, I still don't have my new hard drive installed because the MAN couldn't get it to format.  So, it is possible that I may be going through this all over again TOMORROW!  At least I know I'll be doing some extra back ups tonight first.

So, I'm always expounded on the idea that you need to find the positive even amongst the negative.  So, what has been positive about today?  Well, let's see:
  • For the three hours that the MAN was working on and reinstalling some of the basic systems and programs, I got all my lace and ribbon organized into a new location, along with all my loose flowers.
  • By the mercy of God, the things I created this week are not actually gone,  it is now just a matter of putting everything back in its place.  Time consuming though it will be, everything still exists for me to be able to put back.
  • Finally, I've not been arrested on assault with a deadly punch!  So, that in itself is a good thing.  However, I'll no longer be listening to anything the MAN has to say. 

Until next time,


Chriss America Real said...

Awww poor hunny bunny! Hope your days get better!


Desire Fourie said...

ooooh I can definitely relate to this tragic state of affairs, I have been through this exact situation countless times via when I use to work full time for a boss and now working for myself. As my MAN also makes the same noises when even just an update has to be done on my system which can take a few hours lol.
Good luck with reorganising the data, as you say thats a massive positive outcome. So too the fact that you have not been arrested on a punch yielding assault lol.
{I would love you to take part in my 600 Follower Give-away. Thank you so much if you have already entered and good luck.} Hugs Desíre {Doing Life}

Unknown said...

Oh MY Gosh, that would be my biggest nightmare , I just may have to start doing backups... How you can make me laugh even when you are on your worst day I'll never know, you certainly never loose your humor..
So sorry you had such an aweful day sweetie, I sure hope you don't have a similar experience the second time around and I don't envy the many hours you will spend getting everything back into it's proper place...
I will send thoughts of protection around the MAN, he just might need it....and send you lots of extra strength for your heart.. hopefully you won't need it! Big extra super duper hugs.

Crafting Vicky said...

ohhhh my you were not kidding when you mentionned the computer day from hell! I'm very proud that you were not arrested! Not sure that I would have been as calm and composed as you seem to have been! Good luck with all that crap, I will be thinking of you. I'm always scared with computers... it's so hard to have to recopy and reinstall everything! That's one of the reasons that I'm not even considering changing computers! lol

Edwina said...

Oh, man I can't believe we are both dealing with computer issues. My computer will be replaced soon too. I am waiting on the monitor to arrive then my brother will try putting it all together for me as he can.I hope yours is working right now. You did get something positive done so that is good. Have a good day. Edwina Brown

Lisa Minckler said...

Oh darn...and here I was kinda looking forward to bashing something in. Ah well, I suppose I'm happy that the computer is now working again for you and you haven't lost it all...LOL...(I was sort of pertaining to your mind there) and you won't need my assistance to help "re-organize" anything. ;)
hugs to you Original.