Monday, June 17, 2013

Promotional Post: Fresh Brewed Designs June Digi Release Continues

Happy Monday everyone.  First up today, I am here to share the latest digi stamp that Heather has created for the special month long digi release taking place every Monday in June.  

Last week we met Sun Fun Kim and this week it is time to meet Ken.

Up for some beach volley ball anyone?  I'm sure that Ken won't mind having you on his team at all.  He does have an eye for the ladies.  In fact I think that Sun Fun Kim will be joining his team rather shortly.  She has been watching him for awhile from her spot on the beach.  In fact, those stunning abs have been calling out to her for awhile; however, she didn't want to seem too eager by jumping in too soon!  Maybe if you decide to play as well it will help give her the courage she needs to join in.  Of course, you may not want her to join and just keep Ken all to yourself.  I'm sure Ken is going to love all this attention.  Play your credit cards right and you'll be headed home with him later today!

Fresh Brewed has some exciting things going during the month of June!! So, make sure to stop by FRESH BREWED DESIGNS or the FRESH BREWED DESIGNS BLOG to check out all the happenings!

Stay tuned next Monday when we meet up with Kim one more time.  Something tells me she has found her confidence and it will be time for all the boys to watch her.

You can find 'Sun Fun Kim', 'Ken' and all the other wonderful images Heather has created over at the Fresh Brewed Designs store.  While you are there, make sure you check out the home page and nab the latest free sentiment while you can.

At Fresh Brewed Designs we always have a fresh pot of creativity brewing. So stop by and join us for a cuppa whenever you want!

Until next time,

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Heather D. ~ Fresh Brewed Designs said...

LOL!!! You always make me laugh! :)
I woke up this morning and can not move my head. I slept on my neck wrong... what a way to start my week off right? My husband is off, my kids want to go to the beach and my mom wants to till my garden. And I can barely move my crazy head! HAHAHA!!! Well, better go do SOMETHING... Sending you many smiles today,

Edwina said...

So funny. i love it. I can't wait to see what you write for the next one. I did a card using it. Thanks for sharing. Edwina Brown