Monday, February 17, 2014

Motivational Monday: The Expression of Love

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Hello everyone.  Goodness, it has been awhile since I did a Motivational Monday post hasn't it.  Well, I'm here today with one.  The theme this month, over at the Path of Positivity is LOVE.  Thus, I am going to share over here the reflection that I have included as part of the midway post over on my challenge blog.  So, if you are in the habit of checking in over there as well, you'll be able to skip the top half of that post.  

So, on with today's thoughts...

The Expression of Love

How do I love thee?  Let me count the ways.  There are so many different ways for us to express the wellspring of love that sits within our hearts.

Physical expression is of course a very common one.  Kisses, hugs and touch are all important to our survival.  When I was in college there was a sweatshirt sale to raise money for a Deaf organization that our program supported.  Interestingly enough the sweatshirts were about promoting hugs and the fact that when you hug another individual, hemoglobin is released in the blood.  Hemoglobin is important because it carries oxygen to all the areas of the body and causes the body to make itself whole.  Other studies have shown that hugging can reduce pain, help lift depression and tiredness and reduce stress and anxiety.  All this for the low cost of wrapping your arms around another living being and giving a little squeeze.

There are also studies that show how important touch is to babies.  In fact, there are studies that show that touch therapy with babies can help to contribute towards a healthy weight gain, augment growth and social development.  Did you know that an infant can die without physical touch?   If babies do not receive any skin-to-skin contact within the first few days or weeks of being born, they are at a serious risk of developing health problems.  If a baby is completely deprived of any skin-to-skin contact, they will die from a condition know as marasmus.  In essence, marasmus is a grave form of malnutrition. The good news though is that in certain situations, doctors have been able to reverse the condition simply by moving the infant into a more nurturing environment.  Don't forget though that it isn't only babies who need touching.  We all do.  Even if it is a simple pat on the hand or shoulder to let someone know that you are there.

Then of course there are the emotional ways to express love for one another.  Think how it makes you feel to hear the words "I love you" said earnestly by your mate or another loved one.  Additionally, spending time with our mate, whether it is side-by-side doing the dishes, taking a walk, going dancing or simply in each other's company are all ways that increase the feelings of love between individuals.

There are also more subtle ways we can express our affection.  Whether it is doing your own chores before being asked, or better yet, doing a chore normally reserved for your partner; watching the children and allowing your mate a much needed break; or simply sitting next to your loved one while they watch a television show you could care less about.  These are also all ways we can let the people we love most, know how important they are to us.

There are many more ways we can express our love.  These are simply a few.  The most important thing is to ensure that the people we love most in the world know it.  We are not guaranteed a lifetime together so it is imperative to make every single moment count.
I invite you to go and check out, not only, the wonderful creations some members of my Design Team had the opportunity to create over on the Path of Positivity (click HERE for the midway) but also some of the great entries into this month's challenge (click HERE for the challenge).  I also invite you to come over and enter a project yourself, if you haven't already.
To further inspire you, I am offering up a free motivational quote on love for you to download as well.  I'm going to include it here too...
Now, since I am not sure how many of you visit the Path of Positivity and download the sentiments I offer up at the start of the challenge, I am going to include that one here as well...

It is possible that some of you may already have this one because I believe I offered it up as a freebie awhile back on this blog.  I have also created a different version at the request of one of my followers who wanted the word heart in red...

So let a little love shine in your heart, today and everyday.  Now, if all goes well, I still have plans on putting out a special treat for you in honour of Family Day, celebrated today, up here in some of the provinces of Canada.  Fingers crossed, I'll get it done and posted later this evening.

Until then,

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Maryann Laursen said...

So true words spoken here Lisa, thanks sooo much for making us take some time to put some thoughts in our heads today. I think it´s important, that we´re reminded once in a while, as we tend to forget a bit in the everyday, while we actually should spend 5 minutes on it every day.

Edwina said...

Love the sentiments. Thank you so much! Especially for making the hearts red. Edwina Brown

Donna said...

Thank you for sharing these lovely sentiments. They are my favorite thing to collect. You never know when they will be just the right thing to say on a card. You are much appreciated!

Desire Fourie said...

Awesome, these are so versatile. Thanks for the generosity.
{Doing Life – my personal blog}

Crafting Vicky said...

wow just learned a bunch of things from this post!!! And most of all to send you a big virtual hug! Hopefully your hubby can contribute the arms at go with it :D