Monday, October 29, 2012

Thanks for the Love & Follower Freebie #2


When I logged on today to check out my stats I was completely overwhelmed.  At the time of writing this post I've had 250 visitors. 250!  Yesterday I had one.  I must have shouted OMG at least 10 times.  I was so loud even my husband who was downstairs wondered what was going on.  

Not only that, but I now have six followers!  I was so excited after just my very first one.  Then, yesterday afternoon, I got a second and was overjoyed.  Today after four more of you wonderful people out there deciding to become followers, my heart is doing a little jig! 

Yesterday afternoon, I decided to offer a new freebie every time someone became a follower (don't worry I'll be offering freebies at other times too)
.  I started working on it but life interfered.  Then, last night I had to get my 'grateful' card ready and linked up to all the challenges I wanted to enter it into.  That alone took five hours so I didn't get a chance to continue to work on my new freebie.  I don't know how all of you do it.  There just isn't enough time in the day to take care of household duties, catch up on all the blogs I follow, work on my own blog and then create on top of that!  Sheesh, I'm exhausted even thinking about it.  I've figured out that I need at least five full time versions of me around the house to accomplish everything I have to do each day.  I'm obviously going to have to develop better time management skills which is a little ironic considering I used to teach others how to manage their time.  If anyone has any tips on how to keep on top of everything in the blogging/ creating world I'd sure appreciate it.  

Anyways, for now in honour of my second follower, nevrotik, I offer you a freebie that I posted a couple of weeks ago on my website.  This sentiment was created for a Thanksgiving card.  I'm offering two versions of it:  one in the colours I used for the actual card; the other in black and white. In the meantime I'll continue working on the freebie I already started. However, I better get moving since I now have three more on top of that to get created!

JPG versions:

PNG versions:
These sentiments are created using Trebuchet MS and Scriptina ProHope you enjoy and can get some use out of one of these.

Once again thank you so much taking the time to come and see me and check out my work.  I am very honoured that you have done so.

Until next time,

P.S.  Don't forget that if you use an image PLEASE:  
  • Do not claim the image as your own.
  • Credit 'Decosse's Dynamite Doodles' somewhere on your creation
  • Do not share my images with family, friends, etc.  Additionally, do not post any images to file sharing services like Pinterest®, 4-Shared®, etc.  Instead, please direct people to my blog so they can grab the image for themselves.
  • If I have signed an image, do not delete my signature.
  • Leave a comment on my blog.  It is currently the only way for me to know if any of my freebies are being nabbed.  Additionally, it will help to inspire me to continue to create and offer future freebies.


Anonymous said...

my first time visiting (came from free digital stamp blog)
Thank you so much for the sentiment and the cute halloween images. I love it, it is so cute.
and I so appreciate your kindness in sharing with us. it is such a blessing
Bless you, your time, hard work and your amazing talent.
Keep up the fabulous work.
¸.•´¸.•*¨) ¸.•*¨)
(¸.•´ (¸.•´ .•´ ¸¸.•¨¯`• .·:*¨·••·¨*:· Thanks.·:*¨·••·¨*:·
have a nice week..hugs across the miles

Anonymous said...

Welcome in blogland
ღ˚ •。* ♥ ˚ ˚✰˚ ˛★* 。 ღ˛° 。* °♥ ˚ • ★ *˚ .ღ 。*˛˚
just sprinkling a little celebration on your blog.
I wish you many more creative years of inspiration!!
Greetings and Stamps to you,on this embossing powder Day!May you always think of ink pads and dream of punches.Have a colored pencil week and paper blessings to you.
take care of yourself.sending hugs across the miles

Emily Thubbron said...

Lisa, congrats on the followers. I know you must be thrilled. I have had my blog for a year now and have 35 followers. It's thrilling to know that 35 people out in cyberland like my projects. Keep up the good work.

Suze said...

Thank you Lisa for these freebies. Thank you also for the lovely comments on my blog. To answer your question - I'm happy for you to post my card in your gallery with a link back to my blog. No probs with the accent - computer was capable of doing that.

Sunshine HoneyBee said...

I'm your 13th follower and I'm not superstitious even on Halloween Day.
"Sunshine HoneyBee"

Anonymous said...

I am so glad you found the time to post these great sentiments. They'll be lovely with the images of the leaves. Thanks so much.
Sherry T

Unknown said...

Hi, first time visiting, became a follower (hope you will do so also) Thank you for the sweet sentiment.. I appreciate your generosity

Sandy S said...

Thanks for the sentiments! And congrats on your followers! I'm following you too! :)

Sandy S
scribblesbysandy (dot) blogspot (dot) com

Suzanne said...

Thanks for sharing this beautiful senti!!!!

craftymom205 said...

Thanks for the freebie.

craftymom205 at yahoo dot com

Cathy -Mercieschild said...

These are so awesome, I love them and I love that some are png so I can place them any where on my card. the way you
added the orange to the sentiment is so perfect, thank you for sharing it with us. Hugs, Cathy k

Bonnie Elliott said...

Thanks for being so generous - really appreciate your Fall sentiment!

Kathleen said...

Thank you so much for such a great sentiment. It is lovely, and congrats on this new endeavor. Good Luck

Silverbutterfly said...

Thanks for your lovely word art..


Decosse's Dynamite Doodles said...

Thanks for the encouragement and thank you for becoming a follower. It is an amazing feeling knowing that one's work is appreciated as you yourself can attest too. Looking forward to visiting your site soon!

Decosse's Dynamite Doodles said...

Good thing, I wouldn't want you scared away!

Decosse's Dynamite Doodles said...

Glad you like them. I find that pngs are just so much more versatile than jpgs. The downside of course is the size difference. Hope the size issue won't make a difference here on Blogger.

Lisa D.

Charlene said...

Congratulations on all of your followers....I'm now number 22 for you. Thank you so much for the wonderful sentiments.

Vicky Gould said...

Beautiful sentiment. TFS!

Anonymous said...

Great wordart.


Decosse's Dynamite Doodles said...

Thanks for becoming a follower. I really appreciate your interest in my blog. I hope you continue to enjoy my future posts. It is my intention to come see you when I get a chance.

Lisa D.

Decosse's Dynamite Doodles said...

Thanks for becoming a follower Sandy. I really appreciate your interest in my blog. I hope you continue to enjoy my future posts.

Lisa D.

Catnip and Kitty Whiskers said...

Thank you! These are so pretty! :)

Decosse's Dynamite Doodles said...

You are so welcome. Thank you for becoming a follower. I really appreciate your interest in my blog. I hope you continue to enjoy my future posts.

Lisa D.

Patty said...

Thanks for the sentiments..very pretty! Welcome to the crazy world of blogging! I read your bio and had to laugh...I did the same thing..was scrapbooking & cardmaking and my husband said...hey you should make a blog. That was one of my New Year's Eve goals last year..starting a blog and entering challenges! So I did..and it's crazy...I enjoy it...but it's very hard to keep up with! My children are all grown, so we're empty nesters, but I do work full time still, and have seven grandchildren! I wish I could quit the job & create full time! Good luck with your blog!!

Decosse's Dynamite Doodles said...

Thanks so much for the best wishes. I too am having a hard time trying to keep up with all my obligations; however, I have no regrets starting this blog. Now that I'm finally getting some visitors and reading the comments that people like yourself have left, I believe it is all worth it.

Lisa D.

Decosse's Dynamite Doodles said...

Thank you so much for such a sweet comment.

Lisa D.

txexperiment said...

Very nice sentiment. Thanks so much!

Sue - aka Olive Reedfilter (fairy name) said...

Just love your new site. I just can't say enough .... every single day I can't wait to see what you are creating. And yes, the comments do make it all worth while. Most important advice though, I want to give ..... HAVE THE BEST TIME EVER, YOU ARE THE NEWEST STAR!!!!!! Hugs, Sue

Anonymous said...

Thank you for sharing this beautiful sentiment!

Decosse's Dynamite Doodles said...

That's funny I feel the same way. You are in my calendar scheduled as a daily appt. And thanks for the advice. I am having a great time. I feel like I have purpose again (long story) and I can't wait to work on something everyday. Unfortunately, everything else is put on the back burner (i.e. housework, nutritious meals, my husband ;-)); so, it is a good thing he is very patient with me and supporting this new endeavour.


again all your comments are going to spam and I don't know why...

Anonymous said...