Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Freebie Follower #4: Happy Halloween

Don't you just love Halloween?  The thing I love most about Halloween is that for one day of the year you can be someone else. There is something about dressing up and becoming a different person that is extremely liberating especially for someone, like myself, who is an introvert. It's an opportunity to try on both a different face and a different personality at the same time and not be judged for it. To everyone who celebrates this unique occasion, Happy Halloween!

Now, on to my next 'Follower Freebie'.  This one is in honour of Deanne Clarke-Saunders who became a follower on Oct. 29th.

I've created three different colour versions of the same design:  one in black and white; one in black and orange; and one in black and yellow.  I couldn't decide which one I liked the best so this way you can choose the colour preference of your choice or all three.  It's up to you!

The font used in this design is called Waking the Witch.  Now this font is classified as personal use which can mean a lot of different things depending on what the originator feels falls in the domain of personal use.  According to the font usage terms on the website where I got the font, they classify personal use as "usage that does not generate financial income in a business manner".  They break it down into more detail but the gist is you can't make money from what you create.  So, I believe that I am safe in using it here in this design and offering it to all of my wonderful readers.

Hope you like it!

Until next time,

 P.S.  Don't forget that if you use an image PLEASE:   
  • Do not claim the image as your own.
  • Credit 'Decosse's Dynamite Doodles' somewhere on your creation
  • Do not share my images with family, friends, etc.  Additionally, do not post any images to file sharing services like Pinterest®, 4-Shared®, etc.  Instead, please direct people to my blog so they can grab the image for themselves.
  • If I have signed an image, do not delete my signature.
  • Leave a comment on my blog.  It is currently the only way for me to know if any of my freebies are being nabbed.  Additionally, it will help to inspire me to continue to create and offer future freebies.


Suzanne said...

You are so talented...thanks for sharing!!!

Spyder said...

Love 'walking the witch', I've linked it before, these are real neat!! Thanks for your visit!

Deanne Saunders said...

Cute! Thanks!!!!!

Deanne Saunders said...

Oh, btw, I have a FREEBIEs blog ,where I post daily lins to freebies!!

Charlene Mitchell said...

Thanks so much - these are fabulous!

Decosse's Dynamite Doodles said...

Thanks so much for the compliment!

Lisa D.

Decosse's Dynamite Doodles said...

Thanks Lyn, coming from you that means a lot!

Lisa D.

Vicky Gould said...

Soooo cute, thanks for your blog!

Decosse's Dynamite Doodles said...

Thanks for the free advertising and thanks for becoming a follower. I really appreciate your interest in my blog. I hope you continue to enjoy my future posts.

Lisa D.