Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Bit By the Bug Tuesday: Anna

Welcome to another Bit By the Bug Tuesday where I introduce you all to the newest freebie over at Creative Bug on the Loose. 

Meet Anna, the newest member of the Creative Bug Digitals family.  Anna is a sweet young girl from an upstanding family who still has a genuine innocence about her.  A wonderful quality that is getting rarer and rarer these days in girls Anna's age.  She also has an insatiable curiosity.  Currently she is out picking flowers for the supper table but now that the butterfly has her interest peeked, what adventures will she embark on in her pursuit of one of nature's most beautiful bugs?  Will the table ever be set in time?  I guess we'll just have to wait and see.

So, what are you waiting for?  Head on over to Creative Bug on the Loose and follow Naomi's instructions on how to bring Anna home with you.  While you are over there, don't forget to check out all the great digis she has available in the store for purchase and don't forget to leave her a little love too.

I've caught the bug,
have you?

Until next time,

Note: I apologize if there are any formatting issues.  This is a scheduled post and we all know Blogger has a mind of it's own.  If it turns out that something looks wonky, i.e.--part of the sentence a different size or font than the rest, I'll fix it as soon as I'm able to.


K8 said...

What a cutie!! Thank´s for charing...

Crafting Vicky said...

ohhh now this is a suspense... will she make it in time.... you leave us with a cliffhanger! That's not nice... I want to know will she be punished because she was late or being a good girl that she is she will concentrate on the task... ;) Have a fabulous day and looking forward to reading the conclusion!