Monday, April 15, 2013

Motivational Monday: Picture Inspiration & Update on the Path of Positivity Challenge

If you are new to my blog and would like to know why I started Motivational Mondays, please go HERE.

Before we get to today's Picutre Inspiration I have a few updates to share with you on the Path of Positivity Challenge.  First off for those of you who haven't had the chance to familiarize yourself with this new challenge aspect to my blog, please go HERE for all the details you will need.  The updates I am providing below have now been added to that original post.

Now for those of you who are familiar with this new feature, I just want to update you on a couple additions.  Throughout the week there were a couple of questions and so for clarification, here is what I said...

Desire asked:
Just one question, can we enter a card with an inspirational sentiment but where the post itself in which it appears is not necessarily inspirational?
  • Sorry if I wasn't clear the first time around.  It can EITHER be a post that has an inspirational vibe or just a card that is inspirational in some way.  You don't have to have an inspirational card AND an inspirational post.  One or the other is fine.
Deb asked:
Can I share someone else's website? 
  • I'd prefer that people link up there own blogs but am willing to talk about individual situations.  Just send me an email to discuss it.
Thanks for the questions ladies.  I hope this clears it up for anyone else who may have been wondering the same things.  

In case you haven't noticed it yet, I have created a special badge for this new challenge.  You can find it at the top of my right sidebar.  If any of you would like to take it and share it with your readers to help spread the word of this unique challenge, please feel free to.  To help your readers find the information they need, please link the badge to the original page where the information and linkup is:

We have had a new sponsor jump in!  YAY!!!!!!!  So, not only will there be a prize for a random draw and 10 digital images (courtesy Creative Bug Digitals) for the person who receives the most votes, there will now also be a prize of three images of the winner's choice from Ike's World.  I've still to figure out the criteria for that prize yet.  Maybe for the person who receives the second highest number of votes?  What do you think?  I am open to input.  Now, in case you have forgotten anything remember that you can always check the original post for all the details you need to know in order to participate (click HERE).

Right now there are four wonderful entries.  I truly hope that more of you will join up over the next couple weeks.  Remember it can be something as simple as card that tells someone you love them.  That is certainly positive in nature!

Now for this week's motivation.  Once again I have a picture to inspire you.   If you are unfamiliar with Picture Inspiration, I have decided to explore different forms of motivation and inspiration.  So at least once a month during a Motivational Monday post, I will offer up a photo that will hopefully inspire you in some creative fashion.  Many challenges use pictures to help motivate their participants to create something new and unique.  I myself am often in awe of the pictures I see on my daily journey; so I've decided to share some of them with you. Maybe you will be inspired simply from the interesting colour combinations that work together or you might zone in on a specific texture. Others may see shapes and some of you may see something that no-one else does. 

Now both Naomi and Ike have both created projects, having been inspired by pictures I posted.  Naomi based hers on the photo I put up for February and Ike did one based on March's choice.  If you are ever inspired to create something using a picture I display, make sure you link it up to the Path of Positivity Challenge.  In fact, Naomi and Ike if you are reading this, I expect to see both your projects linked up to the challenge!  If any of you do choose to create something after having been inspired by this month's photo and you do link it up, just write based on DDDoodles picture inspiration when you leave your comment so that others visiting you understand why it was linked up.

In honour of my husband's upcoming birthday next Monday, I'm displaying this reflected image of a tree frog. He adores frogs and I thought this picture could inspire you in so many different ways.  This photo taken by John Starkey is from Photobotos and may be displayed for viewing on websites.  If you would like to keep a copy of this particular picture, I've linked it so that it goes back to the originating site.  If you grab a copy of it to display on your own blog please just link back to the page that hosts the image and the photographer’s credits (i.e. the page you go to when you click the image).  

So what do you see when you gaze into the depths of this picture?  What elements speak to you?  Does this picture inspire you to create something new and unique?  Let me know, I'd love to hear all about it.

Just a reminder that other than quick updates on the Path of Positivity Challenge, the regular Motivational Monday post will be on hiatus until May 6th.  As I mentioned at the end of the Saturday Showcase, with my birthday coming up at the end of this week, my husband's on the 22nd and our wedding anniversary on the 29th, I need to take some time and spend it with the dear man who puts up with me and all the hours I spend with you guys.  It's only fair I throw him a few extra hours, as we celebrate these special occasions.  Additionally, my parents are coming up today for a couple days and I haven't seen them since Christmas, so I'll definitely be spending some time with them too.  So, I will be taking some time off from approximately April 18th to May 2nd.  I will still be around though, I have DT obligations to fulfill and other stuff that needs taking care off.  I'm just going to be taking some time off from some of my regular posts.  If you need to reach me, just send me an email.

Until next time,

Note: I apologize if there are any formatting issues.  This is a scheduled post and we all know Blogger has a mind of it's own.  If it turns out that something looks wonky, i.e.--part of the sentence a different size or font than the rest, I'll fix it as soon as I'm able to.


Crafting Vicky said...

LOL good thing you mention that this is just a small post and that you are on hiatus... because... well I would never had guessed it from this elaborate post lol just had to say it... in case others are to polite to say so! :))) Love your posts!!!! And would totally miss the Lisa I've gotten to know if it was a one liner ROFL ;)) Have a fabulous day! I'm off to see your other fabulous posts!

Desire Fourie said...

Oh wow you sure have a great deal of celebrating coming up the next few weeks. Congrats on your birthday in advance. Make every celebratory moment count. Life is short.
Hugs Desíre {Doing Life}

Lisa Minckler said...

Oh, well...I guess you don't need to answer my questions from the previous post..LOL.
Have a WONDERFUL time off together and enjoy the relaxation.
My entry is almost here in the mail. I'm taking your challenge to a new level..LOL. GROUP contribution :)
I'll be entering it as soon as it arrives in the mail from another talented blogger. :)