Monday, April 01, 2013

Promotional Post: New Digis at Fresh Brewed Designs & Scribbles Designs

Hey everyone, I just wanted to share with you some of the latest new releases out this week over at Scribbles Designs AND Fresh Brewed Designs.  

First up over at Scribbles Designs, Sandy has three new images to share with us.  I realize Easter has passed but it is never too late to get a jump start on your images for next year.

You all met "B" a couple of weeks ago.  Remember, he had witnessed a savage theft in the carrot patch and was in witness protection.  Well, the trial is set for some time in May so in the interim he has decided that he is not going to stay stuck indoors.  This snapshot is from the town's Easter Pageant.  Unfortunately, I can't share his exact location for reasons of safety.  However, if the media gets a hold of this picture from the local paper, and the bad guys learn where "B" is at, it might just be bye, bye, bunny!
Here is a snapshot of the truck that brought in the eggs for the Easter Pageant. The one "B" is holding came from this wonderful stash of Easter eggs all donated by local townspeople.  Once the trial is finished "B" just might just stick around this little town.  They are a very generous group of people.
Guess who won for best decorated egg in the Easter Pageant?  Yup, you guessed it, that is him, "B" jumping for joy after being chosen.  Now he has even more incentive to stick around and call this place home. 

Well that is it for Sandy's latest release.  I hope you all love these images as much as I do.  You can find them all over at the Scribbles Designs store.  You can also find each item by clicking on the image as it will take you to its place in the store.

Next up, over at Fresh Brewed Designs, Heather has two new images for release.  These are the perfect images to usher in the spring season.

Let me introduce you to April.  She is a lovely young lady, new to the Carolina area.  She enjoys sunshine, stylish clothes and accessories, and walks in the spring rain.  Given that she is new to the area I'm sure she'd love to meet with you and maybe go out for coffee or a bite to eat.

This image is "April Swings".  April swings?  That might just be too much information to learn upon a first time meeting.  The real quesrion is, in which direction? 
(I'm so sorry Heather, but you left yourself wide open with that one).

Well that is it for Heather's two new additions to the line up.  These designs will be great for so many different kinds of cards.  You can find them all over at the Fresh Brewed Designs store.  You can also find each item by clicking on the image as it will take you to its place in the store.

Thanks for popping by and learning about the latest images offered by my dear friends.  I hope you have the chance to go and check them out and maybe even bring one or two back with you on the journey home.

Until next time,


Sandy S said...

Love it Lisa! Thanks for the shout out!

Sandy S

Crafting Vicky said...

You should become an author!!!! I would soooo buy those books of yours. Awesome stories for those new images!!!

Edwina said...

I enjoy reading so much about the new releases. i know i will leave here smiling. Plus i get to see what is new with your friends. Thank you so much for the happy feelings. Edwina Brown

Jennifer said...

Lisa this is really great! You have such a wonderful way with words!

ike said...

Heehee hee - those Bunnies are awesome - the jumping for joy one is sooooo cute. :-) xx

Heather D. ~ Fresh Brewed Designs said...

LOL!! Lisa, you sure know how to make us smile! Great fun and post! I did think of that when I was naming her... but I also couldn't think of anything else to name her :) lol!!!
So happy you like the new digis! Thank you for the compliments and for sharing.
I LOVE all the other featured digis as well!

Sending smiles,

Archana Joshi said...

This is wonderful, Lisa.
You are so perfect in your writing skills. I am always struggling with my day to day blog post writeups :-)