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Saturday Showcase: April 13, 2013

It is time for the Saturday Showcase where I highlight other artists' work (whether it be stamps, cards or otherwise), a blog post offering a great technique, or I might even just pick a whole blog to showcase. If you are new to my blog you can find out why I created the showcase HERE.

This week I'm sharing tips on how to create a really neat project with you all, courtesy of this week's showcase pick. 

My top pick for this week is a... 

Unique Project
This cool project was created by
Her blog is called  

I have a real treat for you this week courtesy of Lisa Minkler.  Just make sure you don't try to eat it.

Currently, Lisa is in the midst of creating these unique treats as part of a fundraising project for an organization called Cupcake Camp.  According to the information I received from Lisa, Cupcake Camp originated in San Francisco and has been a way for people to gather together in support of their chosen cause, eat cupcakes and raise money for charity.  Each camp deems their own fundraiser and it just so happens that Cupcake Camp Kansas City, Kansas, USA, has chosen to spread awareness for childhood cancer.  Local bakeries comes together and have bake offs, there are cupcake testings, face painting, tons of activities for kids and even a professional motor cycle team, Rides For Kids--who help raise money for The Pediatric Brain Tumor Foundation--will be there performing as well.

Cupcake Camp KC has chosen to bring attention to and raise funds for Childhood Cancer Awareness for the following reasons:
  • Because childhood cancer is the #1 disease killer among children under age 15--more than asthma, cystic fibrosis, diabetes and pediatric aids combined.
  • The National Cancer Institutes budget was $5 billion...of that $625 million went to breast cancer research, $296 million went to lung cancer research and only $197 million went to pediatrics cancer research only 4% of all cancer research was dedicated to childhood cancer. 
  • Because childhood cancer affects children differently than adults.

This is a 100% Volunteer operation and all the proceeds from the event will go to benefit The University of Kansas, Cancer Center's Pediatric Research as well as The Kansas University Kids Healing Place.  

If any of you are located in or near Kansas City and would be interested in attending this fundraiser, the event is taking place at The Johnson County Community College and the link above directs you to the events taking place, the entry price, the local bakeries participating and all the fun events for kids and adults alike to take part in. 

Lisa was asked by the Director of Cupcake Camp, Samantha Ekwuru, if she would be interested in providing a booth that offered up crafty elements that focused on a cupcake theme and she jumped at the opportunity.  Lisa's mother is the Program Director of Heath and Human Services at the college and of course being one of Lisa's biggest supporters, she put a bug in Samantha's ear about Lisa. After Samantha saw Lisa's blog, she asked her to be part of this wonderful event and of course Lisa was thrilled.  The only downside to Lisa's offerings is that people won't be able to eat any of her goodies!! However, don't fear all you sweet tooths in the area, there will be PLENTY of sweet treats surrounding her.

The Cupcake Camp link above takes you to the website that gives all the events, prices, times, donation button, etc.  The date for this wonderful fundraising event is set for April 28th from 2-5 pm.  So, if you do live in the vicinity, I know that Lisa would love to meet you. 

Now for those of you who can't make it to purchase one of these incredible goodies for yourself, Lisa has graciously allowed me to share the "ingredients' and "baking instructions" with all you wonderful readers for how to create these delicious looking centrepieces.
Lisa used spray foam--you know, the kind you spray into the gaps and cracks around the house--into the cupcake holders just like you would if you were making the real deal. Using a wooden stick,  she leveled out the tops before they dried completely.
Apparently, Lisa's attempts to aid in the levelling went a bit wonky (actually willy nilly was the term she used) because the foam sort of did its own thing anyways.  She painted them with acrylic paints to look like variations of cupcake recipes. 

At this stage, right before the icing, is the time when you have to make your decorative items. Lisa rolled Sculpey clay out to look like little cherries and then used the leaf cutter from a fondant cake baking kit as well to make accompanying leaves. She then added little wire stems with a curly Q into the top of them.

Bake them  at 270 degrees for 20 minutes, let them cool, paint them with acrylics and then apply clear coat for shine...they're ready when the icing is.

Now if you want to learn how to make the icing and how to finish these cupcakes up, you are just going to have to go over to Lisa's blog and find out for yourself.  You'll find these instructions in the post, "Fake Baked Cupcakes".  Here is what they look like all decorated and on their own fancy plate.

Are these not some of the neatest things you have ever seen?  If I was closer to where Lisa lives, I know I'd be ordering a few. I hope that you have the time in your schedule to go over and say hi to her and congratulate her on an incredible concept for raising funds for a very worthwhile charity.  I wish her the absolute best in her attempts to sell these scrumptious looking centrepieces at the charity event on April 28th.

Oh and if you do go over today, take a moment to wish her a Happy Anniversary as her and her husband got married on this day some years ago.  Both of us were married in April.  Just one more thing Lisa and I have in common beside our first names and love of crafting! 
Now, before you go there is some unfinished business from last week to take care of.  Last Saturday, Melin from My, generously offered up two free digis for one lucky person.  It is unfortunate that only five people participated in this draw, but that certainly made better odds for the lucky winner who turned out to be:
All names were placed on pieces of paper, put into a pencil case, shaken up several times and then, a name was pulled.  Congratulations Mandy.  Please contact me to learn how to claim your prize!

I hope that you have enjoyed your visit and will take some time to go see the artist listed above.  Lisa works very hard to provide us with images for inspiration and our viewing pleasure so it is important that we don't take her for granted.  I am so grateful that Lisa allowed me to share her "recipe" with all of you along with the charity information on this fabulous fundraising organization.

The next Saturday Showcase will take place on May 4th, 2013.  If you have been reading my posts regularly, you will know that this is an extremely busy month for me.  With a birthday coming up at the end of this week, my husband's on the 22nd and our wedding anniversary on the 29th, I need to take some time and spend it with the dear man who puts up with me and all the hours I spend with you guys.  It's only fair I throw him a few extra hours, as we celebrate these special occasions.  Additionally, my parents are coming up on Monday for a couple days and I haven't seen them since Christmas, so I'll definitely be spending some time with them too.  So, I will be taking some time off from approximately April 18th to May 2nd.  I will still be around though, I have DT obligations to fulfill and other stuff that needs taking care off.  I'm just going to be taking some time off from some of my regular posts.  If you need to reach me, just send me an email.

Until next time,

Note:   *Thanks to Nikki from Limited Runs Stamps for creating my Saturday Showcase badge.


Desire Fourie said...

What a wonderful project for such a great cause. Thanks so much for sharing.
{Doing Life – my personal blog}

Crafting Vicky said...

That is totally awesome!!! What a fabulous project. I need to check it out closer. And such good causes!!!

ike said...

Fabulous little cuppy cakes - isn't that so clever ?!!!! :-D I hope nobody tries to eat one though !! LoL
I hope you have a fabulous time in your upcoming celebrations :-D
IKE xxxxxxxxxx

Chriss America Real said...

Wow! Thank you so much for this showcase. This would be a cute fat free "bake sale" item to sell to gals that would like to have a permanent cupcake.



bumblebee creations said...

oh my goodness--these are awwwmazing!! I love this idea--sounds like a lot of work--but they look worth it! Thanks for sharing the recipe!

Nikki said...

You know some poor kid is going to bite into one of those cupcakes and get a mouthful of yuck lol they look fantastic :) sweet of you to share this hugs Nikki

Unknown said...

Cute idea! thanks for sharing the info Lisa! Congrat's Mandy ;)
CDAC DT Member
A Look Through My Eyes

Made by Mandy said...

Oh wow, these look so amazingly real! How clever is that and what a great idea to use expanding foam. I'm not surprised it 'did it's own thing' though, it always does when you use it in DIY projects too.....

Thankyou for my fab prize, such a shame you didn't have more entries but good news for me :)

Love Mandy xxx

Heather D. ~ Fresh Brewed Designs said...

Oh My Goodness - HOW ADORABLY SWEET ARE THESE!!! This was a great showcase. I haven't seen anything like this before. What a great thing she does for such worthy causes. God bless her!!!
Thank you for sharing!