Tuesday, April 02, 2013

Bit By the Bug Tuesday: Bouquet and Wine Bottle

Welcome to another Bit By the Bug Tuesday where I introduce you all to the newest freebie over at Creative Bug on the Loose. Apparently I can no longer call myself Naomi's one woman promotional team anymore since Vicky from Crafting Vicky and Ike from Ike's World have been promoting Naomi's images for the last few weeks now as well.  They have been doing a fabulous job at it too.  I will however still refer to myself as Naomi's lead DT member. I was the original and my ego will be happy that this will not change. Unless of course, Naomi gets fed up with me and fires me. So, I better do a good job this week in telling you all about her latest freebie.

The bunnies are taking a bit of a break for now and today you will all be able to get your hands on a lovely vintage of wine along with a gorgeous bouquet of flowers.  The wonderful thing is that these flowers will never wilt and die and that wine will never sour.  

I love the versatility of this image.  It can be used for so many different types of cards:  a thank you card after a night out for supper at a friends home; a congratulations card; thinking of you or just because kind of card too.  It is also a perfect image for any Mother's Day cards you are thinking of doing up.  I know that our friends over in Europe just celebrated Mother's Day recently but since it is so versatile it doesn't have to go into a stash until next year.  Of course, for those of us in North America, Mother's Day will soon be here.  Just a little over a month away so it is the perfect time to get started on your cards.

So what are you waiting for?  Head on over to Creative Bug on the Loose and follow Naomi's instructions on how to grab it.  While you are over there, don't forget to check out all the great digis she has available in the store for purchase and don't forget to leave her a little love too.

I've caught the bug,
have you?

Until next time,

Note: I apologize if there are any formatting issues.  This is a scheduled post and we all know Blogger has a mind of it's own.  If it turns out that something looks wonky, i.e.--part of the sentence a different size or font than the rest, I'll fix it as soon as I'm able to.


Unknown said...

LOL... I could never get fed up with you, you are the best DT leader out there with your amazing organizational skills .. no one gets to see what you do in the background and it simply blows my mind, I honestly could never do it, I will be happy being your side kick , be sure to tell your ego..LOL
Thank you once again for promoting my images and having such faith in me Lisa, you inspire me and encourage me like no other, I don't know if you even know the effect you have on people, you are beautiful and I am so proud to call you my bestie!! Big Hugs

Crafting Vicky said...

You are the worlds best promoter! No one could take your place even if we wanted to try which we don't (I'm speaking on behalf of Ike as well... because I'm sure she would feel like I do lol). Keep on doing what you do so wonderfully well. Just watch it that you don't totally exhaust yourself in the process!!! Hugs Vicky