Monday, April 20, 2015

Motivational Monday & PoP Midway Reminder: GROWTH

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Hello and a warm welcome to those of you stopping by this Monday.  I appreciate you taking the time to come over and read what I have to say.  I also appreciate the birthday wishes that you left me.  Thanks so much for helping to make my day yesterday, a special one.
This evening, I'll be sharing a reflection on growth along with a couple freebies at the bottom of the post.  The reflection, and one of the freebies can also be found over on my Path of Positivity challenge blog as part of the midway post where the theme this month is GROWTH.  
On with today's thoughts...

Keep on Growing

It doesn't matter whether you are 25, 50 or even 75!  You are never too old to grow and develop.  We may get stuck and mired down at times during our life that makes us think we'll never reach our objectives but it doesn't matter.  We can always pick up and start again.

My husband is one example of this.  He had a difficult time as a child in school and was told by many that he would never amount to anything.  His own mother and many of his siblings would often call him 'stupid' and 'a retard'.  Both terms that shouldn't be part of anyone's vocabulary!  He dropped out of high school but later went on to complete his GED (which is a general equivalence of a high school diploma), and then put himself through night school to become a Bookkeeper all while working at the same time.  Years later, not satisfied with where he was at, he decided to go back to school--at the age of 36.  Again, amidst ridicule such as, "you're too old" and "what are you thinking".  He ended up graduating from a two year program and went on to have a very satisfying career in that field for over 10 years.

He knew what he wanted and he never gave up.  He didn't stay complacent with where his life was at.  He didn't give up and get stuck on what someone else's ideas of success meant.  Even when he struggled with reading and writing, he never gave up wanting to learn and grow.   Of course, today we know that he has both learning disabilities (visual, auditory AND kinaesthetic) and Attention Deficit Disorder having undergone testing.  Had he been properly diagnosed as a child, he may not have had as many educational struggles as he did.  However, even facing those difficulties he never gave up and continued wanting to learn and grow.

Even today, after having retired from his career at the local college, he has gone on to learn a new career as a tax professional.  This is his fifth year with the organization and each year he must learn more in order to improve his skills.  At the age of 65 (well, he will be on Wednesday),  he show no signs of ever wanting to stop the process of learning.

This is just one example.  There are many places in our lives for us to grow and develop.  It doesn't matter whether it is growth related to our career or business, our personal life or our spiritual one.  It is important that each of us continues to develop and grow throughout life.  It can be the little things we work on or it can be the bigger ones too.  The key is that you keep trying to improve yourself and work towards the person you were always meant to be!
Here are the promised freebies.  The first was offered up at the challenge start and the second was just offered up today for the midway...

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I invite you to go and check out, not only, the fabulous creations some members of my Design Team had the opportunity to create over on the Path of Positivity (click HERE for the midway) but also some of the great entries into this month's challenge (click HERE for the challenge).  I also invite you to come over and enter a project yourself, if you haven't already.  

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With spring here for many of us, this is the perfect month to be exploring the concept of growth.  
Well, that is it for today!  Have a great week ahead everyone!

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Edwina said...

I hope to post my card tonight using this sentiment. No, it does not have a bunch of chairs on it, it only has one chair. I'll give away the rest of it. :) Edwina Brown

Desire Fourie said...

Lisa, the story of your hubby is so super special and amazing one at that. His story is such an inspiration and thank you for the wonderful message inspiring us to never stop growing towards who we intended to be xxx Thank you also for the beautiful sentiments.
{Doing Life – my personal blog}