Wednesday, October 09, 2013

Wonderful Wednesdays...Deferred a Day

Hey Peeps.  My hope was that I was going to get some papers done in time and get them out to you all while it was still Wednesday.  Problem is, it is ten minutes to nine, I've only finished one of them and I still have to go downstairs and get supper ready!  Being away from the computer yesterday and the majority of Monday has put me sorely behind for getting my work done.

So, Wonderful Wednesdays will not make a Wednesday appearance this week.  I am planning on finishing the other papers I want to give you when I come back online after midnight.  As long as nothing pops up to interfere with my plans, the papers and post should be ready and out within the next six to eight hours.  Fingers crossed that everything goes smoothly!

Until then,


Suze said...

Look forward to it Lisa. The world isn't about to fall apart because you are a day late!!! Hope you had an enjoyable supper. Wonderful Wednesday is Wonderful Wursday this week! ha Ha

Jennifer said...

Hi Lisa, I think you need to have a well earned rest from everything that you do. We will not leave you, we will all wait with baited breath on you coming back if you decide to have a well earned rest. Hugs, Jen xx
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Desire Fourie said...

Glad you got them out in the end. It was worth the wait. They do say rather late than never.
Hugs Desíre {Doing Life}