Saturday, February 16, 2013

Card Design: LAPC Challenge #1--Card Two

If you missed the post for Card One and want to catch up on the preamble, go HERE.

With less than 13 minutes to spare here is card two.

General Notes:
  • Again not my best work.
  • As I mentioned in my previous post, other than image details, there will be no card details for obvious reasons.  I'm now down to ten minutes to get them both uploaded.  Everyone cross their fingers that I don't lose the internet.

Image Details:

Challenges I hope to enter:
I hope to be able to add to this list within the week and or month.

Gotta go!  If there is anything you want to know about the card just drop me an e-mail.

Until next time,


ike said...

Great card - it seems real weird seeing Chrimbo cards at this time of year :-D You did fabulously well given the short amount of time you had !!! Well done you xxxx

p.s. (whispering) I think you need to change the description of the digi image on this one.
See - you can't say I don't read the deets LoL xx

Crafting Vicky said...

Awesome that you did a second card!!! WOW impressed!!!