Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Nail Design: Have A Heart

I realize it has been awhile since I posted a nail design but there is a good reason.

Just when I thought it was time to create a new design to honour the season of love, I lost the same comrade as the last time in a housekeeping accident.  I knew I hated housework for a reason.  While she wasn't lopped off at the head like she was previously, she has suffered a moderate concussion.  Once the comrades fall, it's like they all become that much more accident prone.  If you'd like a reference to what the heck I'm talking about, please refer to the post, "A Comrade Has Fallen" (click HERE to go to it--but please come back).  I can't believe it has taken almost three months for my 'comrades' to grow back to design length and then I lose one again.  Ah, the nail tragedy continues...

So, for now I'll post a design from my gallery over at Cool Nails Art that I created last year almost a year to the day.

 And for a closer look at the design...

This design is based on a 'You Tube' design that I can't seem to locate to give proper credit.  
  • Apply a base coat to protect the nails.
  • Add a red base. Apply minimum two coats for solid coverage.
  • Create a white French tip. 
  • Add a white heart on the red just below the white tip. 
  • Add white dots down the outer side of the nail and red dots across the top.
  • Finish off with a good top coat to protect your design.
There you go, a nice simple design to celebrate the season of love.

Until next time,


Unknown said...

Wow Lisa, such beautiful nails, you did a terrific job with them!!! I do have to wonder how you type and make cards for mine are always getting chipped and broken. You will have to get out on Valentine's day to show them off!!!! They are gorgeous!!! hugs

ike said...

Oh NO... not another fallen comrade ?!!!! How sad. It's just typical isn't it.... as you say - just when you get them all ready......... snap !!! I am hoping mine with stay as they are to do something for Carnival !!!
Last time I painted them with red paint as a base and my friend (who does manicures) went absolutely crazy and nearly knocked my block off :-D I gathered it gave her a hard time to get it off me !!! hee hee hee :-D
Anyways - fabbo nail job Lisa xxxxxxxxxxx

Crafting Vicky said...

Yup I'm with you... totally horrified when I use to lose some nails in the process of doing housework or other type of work... but I've given up on having the beautiful manicure hands and all that in honor of doing cards lol My hands get to messy to be able to keep proper manicure. ;) Awesome picture!!!

NickScrapShack said...

My dd would love those nails. She is painting hers in 10 different colours at the moment.

Unknown said...

Adorable nails! I owned a salon and did only nails myself for about 11 years. I kinda miss it when I see stuff like this. :)