Monday, February 25, 2013

Motivational Monday: Concentrate

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Boy, do I need to adopt this quote as a mantra.  I am soooooo bad for splitting my focus.  I do it continuously.  I can't seem to concentrate on only one assignment at a time, follow it through and then move on to the next.  I am continuously flitting from task to task.  Especially as it relates to card making and blogging.  Of course, that could account for the errors I make and then have to correct.  It could also account for the steps I sometimes miss, propelling me to go back and do things over again thereby wasting even more time. 

The experts say that if we learn how to concentrate and avoid distractions that we'll achieve more goals.  However, what happens when it is our own mind that is the distraction?  Why is it so difficult to just concentrate and focus our thoughts upon the work at hand?  The worse part is I know what to do, I know the steps:
  • make lists
  • prioritize what is important
  • divide your tasks up into achievable bites
  • schedule each task
  • maintain your focus
  • review your goals
  • reach your deadlines
For crying out loud, I used to teach the steps to others!  For some reason though these days, I just can't seem to apply them to my own life.  So, I have no answers for you today, only questions.  The key is I suppose, like it is with everything else, is to never give up trying to stay on track.  Strive to concentrate all your energy on one thing at a time.  Keep working the 'program' and maybe one day it will stick.  Until I get there, I'll keep this week's quote handy.

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All of these quotes are much larger than they appear here.  Take whichever versions you are interested in.

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Crafting Vicky said...

yeah... well... I also have that trouble... It will depend on what I'm doing but if for exemple I'm doing the cleaning... I'll stop to pick up something to bring it to another room then from that room do someother stuff and well you get the idea. I will end up with lots of started things and not much completely finished :( Good thing I can actually do my cards complete in one shot otherwise I would end up with stacks of them lol... oh my... another long message.... sorry to be blabbing on so much. Have a great Monday!

Priscilla said...

Remember you can enter as many times as you like till March 31st. Happy crafting.Thank you so much for playing the CDAC PROGRESSIVE CHALLENGES

ike said...

How true that is !! However... I have a natural "butterfly brain" and I 'flit' from thing to thing as my whim takes me ..... that's why I have so many unfinished paintings/drawings LoL
It makes me happy... tra-la-la .... snort !!!!

Love your digi piece - that magnifying bit is really, REALLY clever. I am so impressed. :-D xxxxxxxxx

Denise Pustelniak said...

Want a perfect motivation! Love the magnifying glass! Thanks for sharing at Digitally Sweet!

Lynnel said...

Time is never wasted when making cards. "Great Quote" Thanks for sharing. Hope to see more of your inspiration at

Karen Wilson said...

Hi Lisa! I love this quote. I tend to veer off my path more than I should as well, but it's like you said .. never give up right? I really like your project this week. Thanks for joining us at Digitally Sweet!

Sarah said...

Love your thoughts, I always need to be challenged to stay on course! I'm someone who flits around, LOL! Love the magnifying glass and quote! Thanks for joining us at Digitally Sweet Challenges!

Dragonlady said...

Hi Lisa

Great work and wish I could concentrate more!! Thanks for playing at Digitally Sweet.

hugs Ali x