Monday, February 18, 2013

Motivational Monday: Obstacles Don't Have to Stop You

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Life isn't always about taking the easy route.  The road is often fraught with challenges and obstacles strewn along our pathway.  Our days are often filled with tests to see how strong we really are and whether we have the wherewithal to push through and move past the bumps that get in our way.  If you are coming up against some of these hurdles while you work towards achieving your goals, don't give up.   Find a different way of getting through the barrier.  Take a different route, grab a ladder and work your way over top it or grab a mallet and clear the route before you.  Just change what needs to be changed and keep going in the right direction.  Don't let defeat be the thing that prevents you from getting what you want. 

So, with that thought in mind here is our quote to focus on this week...

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Challenge I am entering this digital design into:
 In case you'd like to use the quote only I've provided it as well giving you a few different options.  First, I've split it up so 'obstacles' could be put on the front of a card and the rest of the quote inside...

Second, I've provided it as one single image...

Finally, I've put the word obstacles as a watermark in behind the quote.  This way, you could put the single word 'obstacles' on the front of a card and when you put the rest of the quote on the inside, there is some carryover...

All of these quotes are much larger than they appear here.  Take whichever versions you are interested in.

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Crafting Vicky said...

That's really an awesome sentiment!!! So very true. Just hard to remember when we face obstacles...

ike said...

Excellent - thank you for the WordArt and the link... I snagged me a wall :-) xxx