Saturday, February 16, 2013

Saturday Showcase: February 16, 2013

In case any of you were following the Christmas Card saga, I got them in with eight minutes to spare.  Woo hoo!  If you missed it and want to read all about the Crazy Christmas Card Capers go HERE for post one and HERE for post two.

If you are here for the showcase, no need to look any further.  It is that time of week where I showcase other artists' work (whether it be stamps, cards or otherwise), a blog post offering a great technique, or I might even just pick a whole blog to showcase. If you are new to my blog you can find out why I created the showcase HERE.

My top picks for this week include... 

Card Choice

This incredible card was designed by
Her blog is called

One word. P-H-E-N-O-M-E-N-A-L.  I came across this card when scanning through the list of entries in one of Digi Dala's Challenges.  It looked so incredible that I just had to follow Mr. Linky and check it out up close.  It is from the post, "Winter Tilda with Trousers On".  This is one of the most ambitious cards I've ever come across.  This card must have taken forever to produce.  Well, actually, if I were to attempt to do it it would take forever and a day.  There is so much detail going on.  Can you believe that Rina is not all that fond of this particular one?  But then we are all our own worst critics.  I myself can't see why she wouldn't be pleased as punch.  First off, I love the black and white nature.  It gives it sort of a vintage feel to the whole piece.  Next, there is that cute image of Tilda that is coloured so well.  But what I really think is neat is the use of all the embellishments.  The details are outstanding.  First, there is the way that Rina used the lace.  Next, the tree cut out on the left hand side is just so unique.  Finally, the use of the snowflakes and the flowers put this card over the top taking it from just a card to a work of art.  Please pay a visit to Rina's blog to see other incredible instances of eye candy. 

Unique Project Choice

This incredible project was created by
Her blog is called

I don't know about you, but this is one of the coolest things I've ever seen.  This was Calypso's entry for the midway point of our first challenge over at Scribbles Designs Challenges.   I fell head over heels when I first laid eyes on this stunning project.  Unbelievably, the base is made out of paper.  From that point on, it is one blinged out creation.  From the studs on the heel and the gems surrounding the lace down to the smaller stones on Sandy's "Act Your Shoe Size sentiment",  this baby screams "SHINE, SHINE, SHINE".  There is even glitter all over the rose and although you can't see it here, Calypso has glitter glue along the seams inside as well!  Such a truly impressive piece of work.  Calypso plans on putting some earrings and a necklace inside the shoe before she gives it away.  That is going to be one lucky lady who receives this outstanding gift!  You can find more incredible pictures showcasing this design on Calypso's blog post "Happy Birthday 3D Creation".   While you are there, check out her other fantastic creations.

 Finally, that brings me to the...

This is a special category highlighting 
 a stamp for sale by another artist.

This week that honour goes to... 
 LYN Y. a.k.a. SPYDER
Her store is called
Magic Tree is available for purchase HERE
The Tall Toadstool is available for purchase HERE

I could spend hours in Lyn's store just taking my time to carefully look over each and every digi she has available.  Uh...actually, I have spent hours doing exactly this and on more than one occasion!  Each of the characters that Lyn creates seem to all have their own unique personalities that just shine through.  Each image is just so expressive that one can imagine little fantasy scenes playing out before one's eyes.  You guys do that too right?  I can't be the only one out there who does this???!!!!

Anyways, that is just what happened when I came across the two drawings that I've highlighted this week from LynOnce again I couldn't decide on just one.  The nice thing about these two images is that there is a similarity in the concepts behind the designs.

As much as I'd like to believe that there really are little mushroom and tree houses out there, both images are fantasy based.  However, since I have a rich imagination I can sense so much more going on behind the shuttered windows and closed curtains.  In both cases I can see little families of wee folk or forest critters taking up residence in each of these abodesIf you move in closer and peer into the windows you can see the poppa putting the finishing touches on the meal while the wee babes help to set the table getting everything ready for momma's return.  She has spent a long day out with the other women in the village creating floral decorations to sell at the local crafting fair.  It is a progressive fantasy community of course!  These floral decorations then make their way into the bigger communty at large and eventually to the fronts of all our cards.  I did say rich imagination.  There is no need to be calling any doctors up on my behalf

Back in the real world...there is so much going on within the design of these digi stamps.  Lyn has provided us with ample elements to practice our colouring skills on.  The variety of items within each picture, the intricacies involved and her attention to detail make each of these images a colouring paradise.  I encourage all of you to take the time and go through Lyn's store making note of the variety and complexity of her designs.  It will definitely be time well spent.  Clicking on any of the links provided or on each of the images will take you to their respective locations.   Also if you have the opportunity, be sure to visit Lyn's blog as well.  She showcases amazing cards that are sure to inspire you and she offers a freebie every Wednesday!

I hope that you have enjoyed your visit and will take some time to go see each of the respective artists listed above.  They work very hard to provide us with images for our viewing pleasure so it is important that we don't take them for granted.

Thanks to all these wonderful artists for agreeing to allow me to showcase their work on my blog.  I'm sure I'll be coming back to them time and again.  Though you never know, I may be contacting YOU next to showcase something incredible you've created.

Until next time,
*Thanks to Nikki from Limited Runs Stamps for creating my Saturday Showcase badge.


ike said...

OMG - FABULOUS Showcase Lisa !!! Rina's card is stunning and the shoe from Calypso really rocks. :-)
As for Spyder.... I just LUV this woman. I have got loads of her digis and we often converse :-D She is also writing an awesome Sci-Fi book which can be accessed from her Blog. Fan-blooming-tastic. !! Such brilliance !!!
Hope you have a great weekend.
IKE xxxxxx

Spyder said...

Aw Lisa this is lovely of you and I always feel they look better on some one else's blog! I'm glad I'm not the only one who imagines little people living either in the tree or in the Mushroom! I now feel a need to make another Magical Fantasy! My last one, I gave away as a freebie, mainly because there was a big mistake...and even in the fantasy world, things have to be true to nature. My big mistake was??? I put the sun, even though it had a face, in front of a cloud... The updated version of that will be in the store later in the week, I hope it doesn't disappoint! Thank you again for all your hard work on doing these show cases!!!


PS Nikki makes great blog badges!

Crafting Vicky said...

Awesome showcase again ;) I really love the awesome creations you have shown. I'm always in awe of these awesome artist. It would take me forever and a day as well lol

I'm a huge fan of Spyder corner!!! Such fabulous digis ;))) And she's so nice as well, shared a bunch of tips with me when I started out :)))

Unknown said...

What a showcase Lisa!!!!!!!!!!!!! Wow you outdid yourself here... that card is amazing!!!! I have to scraplift the the ribbon in a c shape.. that shoe, holy lovin what can one say other than stunning and loving the stamp approval...beautifully done!! hugs

Chrissy said...

Gorgeous card from Rina and love shoe from Calypso, very talented ladies...and Spyders images are the best, had so much fun colouring the treehouse and always sneak over there to see what is up next...fantastic drawings.