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Motivational Monday & PoP Midway Reminder: Wisdom

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Hello and happy Monday to you all.  It is time to share this month's Motivational Monday passage.  I have also included this reflection as part of the midway post over on my Path of Positivity challenge blog where the theme this month is WISDOM.  So, if you are in the habit of checking in over there as well, you'll be able to skip the top half of that post.  On with today's thoughts...  


Knowledge, Intelligence, Wisdom.  While these words are often used interchangeably, they really mean different things.  Knowledge is the body of facts that we look to obtain through study or experience.  Intelligence is the capacity for being able to learn, reason and understand the body of facts before us.  Wisdom is the ability to make good judgements based on what you have learned from the knowledge you have gained.  

There are some important distinctions to note.  Just because someone is intelligent, does not necessarily mean that the person will be wise, and on the flip side, just because someone is wise, does not necessarily mean that the person will be intelligent.  I have often been baffled by the fact that with many of the people I have met, it seems that the higher a person's IQ, the less wisdom they seem to display.   While their minds may be filled with knowledge, they often don't seem to have the ability to discern that information in order to make wise choices and decisions.  On the other hand, I have met people who never finished grade school, that happen to be among the wisest individuals I know.  Maybe it is because the person with the higher level of intelligence has only studied the possibilities whereas the wiser person has learned through their experiences and is thus better equipped to put their knowledge to use.  Being able to process through a large storehouse of facts, analyze that information and then utilize it effectively is definitely a skill that needs to be developed through time and experience.

Now to be fair.  There are people out there who display both a modicum of  intelligence and wisdom at the same time.  This certainly would be the ideal to strive for.  However, what if you could only choose to be one or the other.  The debate has raged on through the years as to whether it is more important to be intelligent or more important to be wise.  I don't think it will be settled any time soon.  Personally, I think that wisdom is more important than intelligence. Just having knowledge is not enough, one must be able to know what to do with it.  Of course, I've just covered the surface of this vast topic.  It would take years to fully research and delve into the roots of the subject.  Maybe if I ever get the opportunity to continue my degree in psychology, it is a subject I can further explore.  In the interim, I'd be interested to know your thoughts on the subject.  Intelligence or wisdom--which would you choose?

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