Sunday, May 04, 2014

Promotional Post--Scribbles Designs: May the 4th Be With You!

 A long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away...

Did you know that May 4th has been designated as Star Wars Day?  It was created by fans to honour the Star Wars franchise originally created by George Lucas.  The first organized celebration occurred in 2011 at the Toronto Underground Cinema in Toronto, Ontario (Canada).  Festivities included a costume contest, a trivia game show and the web's best tribute films, mash-ups, parodies, and remixes on the big screen.

Fans, big and small and from all walks of life, even including a government official who made reference in an acceptance speech, celebrate this unofficial holiday in a variety of manners; although, social media and television seem to be the largest.  Even Disney Theme Parks have gotten in on the festivities starting last year with several planned events since they purchased Lucasfilm which incuded the rights to the massive Star Wars franchise.   There have also been a couple Minor League baseball teams that have worn special uniforms as part of "Star Wars Day" promotions.

Events are planned in Canada, the US, the UK and probably other countries around the world.  I'm sure somewhere this weekend there are also television reruns showcasing the movies.  Other festivities will include Star Wars-loving friends getting together and having viewing parties of their own. While others may engage in Lightsaber fights.  I'm sure there will also be some gaming marathons as well.

As it turns out Brr, Brrnice and Carl, are also avid Star Wars fans.  This year they are having a small viewing party of their own.  Brrnice has even whipped up a batch of Chewwie cookies for the event.  If you recall, she recently graduated from a food prep course and while her speciality is in sushi, she is an excellent cook and baker overall.

Brrnice decided to dress up as Leila.  She looks wonderful doesn't she?!  Leila is such a strong female character and Brrnice is a strong female herself; so, it was a fitting choice for her costume.

Carl thought it would be fun to experience fur for a change so he decided that he would dress up as Chewbacca.  He even tried to talk like Chewwie and everything!  Of course where is Han Solo when you need him to interpret because no one can understand Carl-bacca at the moment.

Now Brr was of two different mindsets.  He just loves Star Wars so much that he couldn't decide on just one costume.  So, for the earlier part of the day, Brr dressed up as Darth Vader.  Given that Brr has a lot of black in his natural colouring, dressing as Vader was a no-brainer.
However, all that heavy breathing in a mask made him a bit light headed so he switched to a Yoda costume.  Boy that penguin has a lot of energy, as he has been engaging in Lightsaber fights with Baby Brr for a while now.  He has also been sharing Yodaisms with everyone such as, "Ahh, hard to see, the Dark Side is", "Truly wonderful the mind of a child is" and "Always in motion is the future". Of course if he keeps it up, Brrnice will have a few choice words of her own to share.

So whether you celebrate Star Wars day or not...

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So many digitals, so many possibilities!
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Well guys, that is it for this one.  I hope you all have a fabulous day!

Until next time!

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Maryann Laursen said...

Ha ha ha ha I just love, how you always make a story out of these new images Lisa, it´s sooo cute and fun, and my girls loves them, and they also seems to love these images a lot here. great job on those.
And thanks sooo much for your visit to my blog and all the sweet comments there too. I love to hear from my friends there.
Have a great week ahead now and lots of great fun too.

Lisa M said...

LOLOL...loved reading your post! This holiday is always acknowledged in our home as well as Talk Like a Pirate Day. :)
I loved seeing these images...what a riot!! So happy to see others taking in the joyous occasion of the 4th. :)
hugs to you Original,
The other one :)

Nikki C said...

Cute digis and didn't know I had it on no reply have too look around to fix that :) silly google+ lol have a wonderful day hugs Nikki

Desire Fourie said...

Great characters.
Hugs Desíre {Doing Life}