Thursday, December 20, 2012

Bragging Boots Firmly Ensconced: Another Challenge Win

I'm putting on my bragging boots for a moment to let you all know that I've won another card challenge.  Yeah me!  I entered a card challenge over at Word Art Wednesday last week using my get well card for Sebastian, and Karen just sent me an email message to let me know I had won.  Actually it was kind of funny because at first I had thought Karen had made a mistake.  The message began with "Hi Jennifer, we're so glad..." so my first thought was that Karen had just mixed up my email address with the actual winner's.  However, another message quickly followed from Karen apologizing for using the wrong name.  Jennifer, whoever she is, must have been on Karen's mind but that was okay, everything turned out just fine. 

So I went from         


  in a matter of moments.  

Now you need to know why this is so exciting for me.  Yes, I understand that these challenges are random draws but in my life I rarely win anything.  So, the fact that I've managed to win two card challenges in just the last three weeks is next to phenomenal for me.

So thanks to 'Mr. Random Generator', Linda and the gang--oops, no that should be Karen and the gang from Word Art Wednesday (sorry Karen, I couldn't resist).  I have won two Stampin' Up Stamp Sets from Cynthia Millan from Stampin' Up . The sets I won are The Come to Bethlehem set and the Crosses of Hope set.  I can't wait to make some beautiful creations with these sets.  I don't have any crosses so this is A*W*E*S*O*M*E!

I just wanted to share my good news with all my new friends.  Now, I'm off to add my winner's badge to my side bar.
Thanks for stopping by.  Don't forget to come back tomorrow because the holiday handouts are not done yet.  I'm up to number eleven in the list.  Have you missed any?

Until next time,

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Smookiedo Crafts said...

Congratulations!!! May you win many more!!!

Patty said... happy for you! I too seldom win even in the random picks, but I have won a couple, and like you...I get super's so much fun!!!