Friday, December 28, 2012

Holiday Handout: Day 19

I don't know where you are in the world, but it is definitely a winter wonderland up here in northern Ontario.  We had a serious snow storm last Thursday and Friday that ensured we had a white Christmas where I live.  How about you?  Is it cold and blustery where you are from or warm and balmy?  If there is a few feet of snow on the ground, then this holiday handout is for you.  I've offered it in three wintery blue colours and one in black.  The snow mounds have individually been coloured in with white so that if you print them out on coloured paper, your snow won't take on the colour of the paper.

The countdown to the new year continues...

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Suze said...

We definitely don't have snow here at christmas - it is the middle of summer. Mind you, we don't get snow in winter either. Hail or sleet maybe but not snow. Still I love this word art and it will be great to use on next year's cards. We seem to have very wintery themes on most of our christmas cards with very few having Santa and his BBQ. We also sit through a hot meal even though it is often scorching hot!

Miriam said...

Thanks for making these available. I found your site through my friend Edwina who credited you with the winter wonderland sentiment. I went and downloaded the font. Thanks again :)