Sunday, December 30, 2012

Congratulations Ike's World

At the end of the last Saturday Showcase I had mentioned that a new friend of mine, Ike, was just three people shy of her 200th follower which she wanted to achieve by Christmas.  I'm afraid that because I was away I didn't get the chance to see if she made her goal by the date she wanted but she has indeed made her goal.  So, congratulations Ike on achieving this awesome milestone.  

And a gift to you Ike for your blog...

I've made the badge 200 px wide to fit your sidebar if you want to post it.

I wish you continued success for in the future.  Here's to your next 100 followers!

Until next time,


Sue - aka Olive Reedfilter (fairy name) said...

My dear, dear friend .... I love your angel wings. Don't ever think anything that you do isn't special because it is. The fact that this is your first one says so much. You are willing to take the time to learn something new. That in itself is always an accomplishment. Life is made up of either being afraid to try something new or not to. You are the first type. You have given so much to all of us, since you joined our world. And, I for one ... AM SO GLAD THAT YOU ARE HERE!!! Congrats on all your new paths you are taking and I can't wait to see what you can create this time on Dec 30, 2013. Hugs, Sue

ike said...

Oh Yay - how cool is that ?Q!!! THANK YOU Lisa :-D xxxxxxxxxx