Saturday, December 01, 2012

Saturday Showcase: December 1, 2012

Can you believe it is already the first of December?  I only have one Christmas card ready!  That leaves at least 28 or so to go.  Heck who am I kidding.  There is no way on God's green earth that I am going to get all these cards done.  I guess for this year anyways, I'll have to resort to sending the store bought ones for the majority of the people I'm sending cards to and only be able to make them for our closest family and friends.  Since none of these people even know I have a blog, I don't have to worry about people getting in a snit over not receiving a homemade card--hopefully.

However, I'm not the reason you are all here today--you're here to check out who is in the latest showcase.   For those of you new to my little slice of bloggyland, each week I come across a lot of truly unique blogs featuring incredible freebies, remarkable card designs and great tips and techniques.  Consequently, I created a special Saturday post designed to showcase other artists' work (whether it be stamps, cards or otherwise), a blog post offering a great technique, or I might even just pick a whole blog to showcase.  The criteria I use is that it has to move me in some way (it makes me laugh or cry; awes, inspires or astounds me; etc). I believe that it is extremely important to support other artists within our creative community and this is my way of doing so.

My top picks for this week include...

Card Choice 

 This wonderful card was designed by
Her blog is called

You've seen Nikki's work before on my blog.  Her digi stamp, 'Ed the Turkey' starred in the first showcase.  He can be found at her store Limited Runs Stamps.  This time I'm showcasing her blog.  While I've been visiting Limited Runs since the beginning of April, I just recently came across her blog, Graphix and Designs. I can't believe I somehow had missed it!  Today I'm showing off a card that tugs on my heart strings.  This little bear is so adorable I just want to cuddle him up and give him a big squeeze.  He reminds me of my treasured stuffed bear from childhood that I sleep , mean slept with, as child.  Actually, nowadays I sleep with a stuffed bunny.  Teddy was so worn I had to create clothing for him to keep the stuffing in; so, now he has a special place where he won't see any further deterioration.  These days my buddy 'Valentine', a gift from my husband on our first Valentine's day as a married couple, has the honour of snuggling up with me on those nights that are difficult to get through.  I'm going to trust that you are not giving the screen one of those, "is she nuts?" looks.  I know, I'm putting a LOT of trust in you because truthfully, I am a little nuts.  Don't all 45 year olds still sleep with a stuffed animal?  Anyways, I am off topic again, as usual.  Getting back to the card, I love how the rich red works so well with the cream.  I also really like the bold stripes in the paper and the bling on the top of the ornaments.  Additionally, I like the inside of the card just as much as the outside of it.  Apparently, there isn't anything about this card I don't like.  If you haven't found Nikki yet, please check out her work (clicking on the blog name will take you straight to her blog).  

  Free Digital Stamp Artist Choice
 This awesome stamp was designed by
Her blog is called

While this image is no longer available for free, it was two weeks ago when I first saw it. I found Ike's blog around the end of June.  I've been visiting her weekly since then.  She lured me in with her Freebie Fridays but has made me a true fan.  While most of her work is tame, Ike tends to have a bit of a darker side which I also love.  We all have those dark corners in our personalities.  Ike is just brave enough to share hers with the world.  Her designs are sold at her store Ike's Art  and also at Stitchy Bear.  She has also just become an exclusive artist at Smeared Ink (way to go Ike!).  I'll caution you that images available through Smeared Ink tend to sway more to the Dark Gothic crowd and may not be for the faint of heart.  While the work featured at this site may be darker, it is still very unique.  All of Ike's art is.  You abslolutely need to visit the fine art animal portraits section of her store.  OMG!  Words can't describe how very incredibly talented this woman is.   

Ike has done several cat digi stamps which I absolutely adore. While they have all been great, the one above really grabbed my attention in particular.  Ike's 'Cat Tree' brings to the surface so many memories of Christmas time during my childhood.  We had three cats when I was growing up.  All unique in their own ways, as cats will most definitely be.  Until we had to close off the room with the Christmas tree, we wouldn't know how we were going to find the poor tree from hour to hour.  Muffin, the eldest, decided that she rightfully deserved her place on the top of the tree, forget any angels on top she was determined to be the true star of the tree.  So the tree would often be found completely on it's side.  Cactus, the middle child, thought that each ornament was his own personal play toy, and the youngest Marmalade was just happy posing as presents.  There are probably still holes in the wall of that old house where we had to screw in fishing wire to keep the tree in an upright position.  So, I definitely got caught up in the memories I associated with this image.  If you want it for yourself, it can be found in her store.  She does offer freebies almost every Friday so please stop by soon. Here is a sneak peak of her latest one:

If you want to see the whole thing you will need to visit her blog.  Her images don't stay free for long but are always available in the store once they've left Ike's World (clicking on the blog name will take you straight to her blog).  

Finally, that  brings me to the...
 This is a special category highlighting 
a stamp for sale by another artist.
  This week that honour goes to...
This neat paper pack was created by
Her blog is called
Her store is
The link to purchase this paper pack can be found HERE

 I'm relatively new to Amanda's blog.  One day while I was over there collecting one of her freebies that she offers every Friday, I decided to browse through her store.  When I came across this neat paper pack, I added it to my wish list.  I have to tell you, after visiting all these incredible artists that I showcase, my wish list is getting pretty long.  Anyways, after seeing this paper, the gingerbread men had visions of Christmas all dancing around in my head.  I was eager to start thinking about creating some Christmas cards.  

Amanda offers other items besides paper packs.  She also has several categories of digi stamps, including quite a few freebies, and a new section offering ornaments based on some of her most popular digis.  What is really cool is that when you buy one of her ornaments, 50% of the proceeds are donated to charity. Yet another reason I am impressed with AJ's Digi Shoppe.  Please pay Amanda a visit and see her awesome images for yourself (clicking on the blog name will take you straight to her blog). 

Now I have just one more thing to mention before I go.  Yesterday, when I went over to the Avadares Challenge Blog to see my name in lights for winning their November card challenge (sorry I can't seem to stop bragging),  I also picked up the latest freebie.  I couldn't believe my eyes.  The freebie being offered for the month of December is 'Crumbs'!  For those of you who have been keeping up on the Saturday showcases, you may remember 'Crumbs' winning the stamp of approval in the November 17th Showcase.  If this is your first time you can check out the post HERE.  I just loved this little guy.  So, when I saw that he was the December freebie, I just had to let you know.   If you fell in love with him like I did, head on over and grab him but remember he is only available for the month.  Don't forget to leave some love for Teresa and Sara while you are there.

Well, that is it for this week's edition of the Saturday Showcase.  Thanks to all the wonderful artists listed above for agreeing to allow me to showcase their work on my blog.  Don't be surprised to see their work listed here again in the future.  Though you never know, I may be contacting YOU next to showcase something incredible you've created.
Until next time,
Note:  *Thanks to Nikki from Limited Runs Stamps for creating my Saturday Showcase badge.



ike said...

COZZZMIC !! Thank you very much for Showcasing me this week and for your kind words about my schtuff !! :-)
My kitties are also tree obsessed, so I have to tie mine up too LoL
Many congrats on your win too :-) I went over and snagged 'Crumbs' :-D
A beautiful card by Nikki and I'm now off to Amanda's Blog for a looksee :-)
Thanks Lisa xxxxxx

Jacki Daniels said...

Hi Lisa just found your blog through Ike she posted about being showcased on here and was saying how different your blog was well she wasn't wrong I have only had a quick look through but a refreshing way to view people love your idea and your posts are are brilliant oh and congrats on your win too
Jacki xx(new follower)

Crafting Vicky said...

Another wonderful showcase! Looking forward every time to see who you will showcase because they are always awesome.

ajsdigishoppe said...

Thank you for the Stamp of Approval :)