Monday, December 10, 2012

Holiday Handout: Day 1

We are soooooo close to Christmas, I can almost hear the sound of reindeer hoofs on the rooftop and smell the wonderful fragrances of Christmas time.  It may still be 15 days away but those days are going to fly by much too fast for my liking.  So today I present you with a holiday handout.  I don't know exactly how many there will be so come back often to find new goodies posted as we lead up to that magical day.

Today's goody should come out roughly 3.5 in. by 3.5 in. if brought up in Photoshop or in Microsoft Publisher.  For some reason in Inkscape (the program I use to create my digital designs until I learn how to use Photoshop Essentials) it comes out as being almost 12 in. by 12 in.  Actually, when I import it into the blog and choose original size it also shows up super huge.  I honestly don't understand why the pixels of the image enlarge so much when I save it as 300 dpi.  The original design stays small but the exported png breeds exponentially.   However, that is what happens when you don't have a background in digital design and fly by the seat of your pants hoping that what you create will turn out all right somehow by the grace of God and a little luck thrown in.  Sorry, bit of a run-on sentence going on there.  Just out of curiosity, when you import the images that you download from this blog into the programs you use, are they super big too?  If anyone knows of some great sites where they have easy to understand tutorials for Photoshop Elements, I'd love to know.  Just drop me a comment or an email.  I'd be ever so thankful.

So, now for your goody:

Hope someone out there can put it to use.

The Christmas countdown continues...

Until next time,


Unknown said...

Hi Lisa, first of all great work done on your image! I downloaded it and opened it in Windows Photo Gallery and it is the perfect size..I was wondering how you save the file... do you "Save as png.?? Another way is to save for Web Devices which has worked better for me, I also had this problem but mostly when sent in email.. the fix there is to send it by inserting the pictures insteading of adding an attachment... but only when someone has a problem with it of course! I searched my email and I didn't get the birthday card and beleive it or not there is only 15 emails!! lol.. I worked hard on it and committed to not letting it build up so much! Have a great day!

Connemara_Crafter said...

Thank you

Linda W. said...

Hi Lisa - I love the vibrant rich colors on the tree! You do lovely work! And yes time is flying by - but I'm trying to slow down the pace and just enjoy it all....even the busy ness at the stores!

Suze said...

Thank you very much for this Lisa. Sorry I haven't been to visit for a few days - I have had a slow connection speed on the internet since December 5th and relying on visiting the public library to check e-mails etc. Hopefully should be back to normal tomorrow afternoon - yay! It was an easy choice to RACK you - you have done so much recently to lift my spirit. I really appreciate it. I am happy that you like the images that Paulette sent to you - such a wonderful thing for her to do.

Anonymous said...

Hi Lisa
i work with paint shop pro8 an photoimpact,
these is the webpage for photoshop tutoriale for beginner,i dit safe years ago
just in case i got the money to buy photoshop
may these webside can help you to learn abaut photoshop
have a great day
take care and stay warm,hugs across the miles

Michele Smith said...

Hey Lisaaaa ~ I noticed you were a winner on grands9creations blog today ~ congratulations! The word art she created for you is so sweet! Thanks for the beautiful tree image! I don't have much experience with programs. I usually open them up in Word and resize them. Hope you have a very Merry and Blessed Christmas!! I too will be listening for the sounds of bells and hoofs!

Silverbutterfly said...

Thanks for your lovely digi..


Lynne said...

This is beautiful. Thankyou so very much. Lynne from OZ