Monday, August 26, 2013

Congratulatory Considerations for July

A thousand mea culpa's sent your way. Before I begin, I must apologize for a)getting this post out so late; and b) for it being incomplete.  I have come to the conclusion, I am not Wonder Woman and as such I am not going to get everything done that I would like.  As much as I want to celebrate all your successes, keeping up with them is taking a significant amount of time that I seem to keep losing through one reason or another.  So, to continue future editions of this post, I am going to have to come up with a better system.  I may have to resort to a simple congratulations list but not get into the actual details of the wins.  Possibly something like, "Congrats to A for her 7 wins this month and her six top three placements."  Listing the individual wins and then linking up to those blogs is just taking too much time.  I'd love to continue with the system I have, noting each individual success but that no longer seems realistic.  I also have to apologize because I have made the executive decision that there will not be a Congratulatory Considerations post for August.  It is now the 26th and I have only three things on my list.  Therefore, I will try and start fresh in September once again but with the changes mentioned above.  Also, as mentioned above, this month will be incomplete as I was only able to track to the end of the third week in July.  I apologize if I have missed something really important.

All that being said, it is time to celebrate all of your accomplishments for the majority of July--well as many of you as I can and whose achievements I have come across anyways!  If you are new to my blog, this post is based on an idea I had in order to celebrate the successes of all the new people in my life.  On the last day of each month (or close to it), I will create a post congratulating all my bloggy friends and acquaintances on their successes, anniversaries, milestones, achievements, etc.  Of course, these will be strictly the items that I have come across during the month in my travels to the challenge blogs I have personally entered or are a team member of, or on my visits to personal blogs.  There will be many things I'll miss so please don't take offense if you have achieved a success and you don't find your name listed here.  I wish I had the time to check everyone and everywhere but I'd need a cloning machine to pull it off and I believe human cloning is still illegal.  So for now, if you or someone you know has an achievement and you would like to have it included here, contact me by email before the end of the month or just include the information in the comment section of each 'Congratulatory Considerations' post. 

I am aware of the following reasons for sending out congratulations to members within our community.   So ladies, bask in the glow of the congratulatory candle.  You all deserve the successes you have achieved!  These are listed strictly in the order of when I came across them, not necessarily in any chronological order.

PIA--Pia's Papir og Perler   
JULIE--Truly Julie
NICK (HELENE)--Nick's Scrap Shack
DEANNE--Little Bit 'O Paper
DENISE--Thru the Looking Glass
NANA CONNIE--My Grammy's Attic
CALYPSO--Calypso's Cards and Creations
LYN--Spyder's Corner
ANNIE a.k.a. Aussie Annie--Memories to Keep
LARELYN--Handmade from the Heart Designs
IKE--Ike's World
EDWINA--Edwina's Creations
CHRISS--Scrappin' with Chriss and Lou 
SHEA--Glitter and Bonbons
DESIRE--Doing Life
  • Vicky won challenges at:
    • CYASL Challenge Blog
    • Sketch Saturday
    • Another win at a blog challenge I couldn't identify
  • She placed in the top tier for the following challenges:
  • To top it off, she also was a pre-hop and blog hop winner over Sassy Studio Designs.
  • Finally, Suze was spotlighted on ClearlyiStamps Blog as she used one of their images in a challenge that they were sponsoring.
SANDY--Scribbles By Sandy
  • Recently, my good friend Sandy hit the 200 followers mark and you know what that means, it is time to celebrate.  So, first off...
  • I've also made a badge for your sidebar.  It is 250 px wide to fit most sidebars.  You can always shrink if if necessary.  Anyone who'd like to congratulate Sandy is also welcome to take a copy of this badge.

As far as my accomplishments for this month...
  • I actually managed to win over at Lady Anne's Progressive Christmas Challenge.  Some of the sponsors are now offering additional prizes for people who enter both cards and I managed to get chosen.  It has been so long since I won anything, I forgot what it felt like.

So the candle burns brightly for all these wonderful ladies along with those of you who have had accomplishments I'm unfamiliar with.  Don't forget, if you'd like to see an achievement celebrated here next month, contact me before the 30th of September or just include the details in the comment section of the next 'Congratulatory Considerations' post when it comes out.  

Until next time,

P.S.  It is possible that I have made mistakes as I gather these throughout the month and unfortunately, I just don't have the time to go back and verify.  If you noticed a specific mistake, let me know and I'll fix it up as soon as I can. 

Image Information:
The background image of the candle is a picture in the public domain.  The artist is Anna Langova and you can find this particular photo HERE at


Crafting Vicky said...

Congrats on your win my friend!!! And to all the fabulous winners. Now even if it's super fun for us to see this... I would much prefer to give you some extra time! So how about you only do congratulations for the followers...?!? 'Cause I figure if I just say stop it all together you will not listen at all at me... but I'm worried that you are taking on too much and would prefer seeing you crafting or blogging about awesome facts that only you can find! So who's with me on this?!? Can we convince Lisa to actually take care of herself since obviously you don't!!!!

Deanne Saunders said...

Wow, so many wonderful accomplishment in the scrapping/carding world!!! Aren't we all just so awesome, ladies!!!!! Everyone is, if you've made a card for a loved one, then you're totally awesome!!

Nikki said...

Awe Lisa I think this is a much better way to have it all grouped together and may it be so much easier for you to do and more time to enjoy your free time to have fun :) hugs Nikki

Tlc Creations said...

Wow~! Congratulations to all the winners....That's quite a list.
And Wow~! for Lisa keeping track of all of this....quite a task.

ike said...

Woot Woot - CONGRATS to all :-)

Lisa - you gotta' slow down a bit GF or you are going to go into Meltdown :-(
We really appreciate ALL you do but you have to ease off a bit somewhere !!!

Mega Hugz
IKE xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

KT Fit Kitty said...

Oh my goodness - I was reading along and imagine my surprise when I saw my name in your congratulatory list! I can't imagine how you ever kept track of all that - and for all those people - ***WOW*** is all I can say! You are AMAZING!!! YOU deserve CONGRATULATIONS!!!

Congratulations to everyone listed - and everyone else who has something to celebrate! Lisa, I am in AWE of you! Have a wonderful day! You really gave me a lift this morning!


Lisa Minckler said...

Now wait...did I get this right? You're NOT superwoman???? Say what?? So you can only do 1000 things, not 1000 and 1? Hmmph...and here I had such high regards for you. LOL!!
You deserve a big hug for all you do to make others shine. So here you go.... ( you )
Congratulations to everyone posted on your incredible achievements and to you Lisa for always being the most thoughtful person. ;)
Big hugs to you Original,
The other one

Anonymous said...

Congratulations Ladies. That is quite a list of accomplishments! Congrats Lisa too! I know you were struggling b/c you have felt so awful. Hugs~Patti

Donna Ellis said...

How wonderful! Congratulations, everyone! Your hard work and beautiful talent are an inspiration to us all! hugs, de

NickScrapShack said...

Lisa - you are truly amazing! Thank you so much for doing this post the candle do burn brighter with you being here in the blog land!

A big congratulations to all the fantastic creaters around blog land!

Hugs Nick

Sandy S said...

Oh wow! It is fab that you keep track of all this wins accomplishments.... it is great to see all the incredible talents of everyone... And CONGRATS on yours too...
I'm thinking you still need an assistant or buck the system and start the cloning bit! LOL
And thanks for the 200 follower badge - way too cool! Thank you Thank you Thank you....
You are so thoughtful...
Sandy S
(Scribbles Designs aka Scribbles by Sandy)