Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Wonderful Wednesdays: Lovely Lettering

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Hello, my friends!  It is time to start presenting items for the August kit and since I missed last week, I need to pull double duty today. However, it is now 6:30 am and as much as I wanted to finish getting the papers ready before heading off to bed so that I could just put the one post out, that is not going to happen.  I should have been in bed hours ago but I just get so lost in my designs when I am creating (of course I'll be paying for it later today).   Thus I will publish the Lovely Lettering portion of today now, and create another post this afternoon for the Paper Play portion of Wonderful Wednesdays.  So, let's get started with the August kit shall we? The theme for this month's kit is:


While the temperature this last week and a half has been quite comfortable thankfully, today was so chilly that I'm sitting wrapped in a housecoat as I type this. However, I'm sure it is warm somewhere in the world and we are expecting another heat wave next week so there is still time to get some fun in the sun.

For this month's word (August), I'm doing something a little bit different.  I'm using a number of various photographs that are in the public domain and creating text masks.  Now, I spent a significant amount of time trying to figure this out in Photoshop Essentials only to find out that the version I have doesn't support creating mask layers.  However, Inkscape does.  So I took the same principles and applied them there.  Now the funny thing is that even if PE5 had a masking feature, there are still several steps to go through.  In Inkscape there are two.  Guess I know where I'll be doing all my masking from now on.  Here is what I came up with...

Neat eh?!  These images are all pngs and are quite large to accommodate scrapbooking pages; so, if you need to make them smaller, you can do so easily without distorting them.  The pictures I used to create the word art are all available over at Public Domain Images.

I'll be back in roughly 10 to 12 hours with the papers for this month's kit.  Still have a few finishing touches to put on them but I should be able to get them out by tomorrow evening--fingers crossed.

As always, I'd love to see what you come up with if you use anything I create on any of your projects. 

Until this afternoon,

p.s.  I apologize for any spelling or grammar errors, I only did one read through because I'm going to face plant into the keyboard soon.

Credit Notes For This Creation:
© 2013, Lisa L. Décosse.  PUO.  However, you are allowed to use the words on handmade projects that you intend to sell on a small scale basis provided credit is given.  Just be sure to familiarize yourself with my full terms of use found in the copyright tab at the top of this page.  I have included a quick summary below.  These words have been created using images in the public domain. 
If you are not sure how to copy the image, check out the download instructions page.  
Please be sure to read the Angel policy found under the copyright info tab above for the full terms.  Below is a q
uick summary of those Terms of Use:    

Along with the Credit Note above... 
  • Do not claim the image as your own.
  • Credit 'Decosse's Dynamite Doodles' or 'Lisa L. Décosse' somewhere on your creation.
  • Do not share my images with family, friends, etc.  Additionally, do not post any images to file sharing services like Box®, 4-Shared®, etc.  Instead, please direct people to my blog so they can grab the image for themselves.  If you would like to post a watermarked version of the image, please contact me to obtain one.
  • If I have signed an image, do not delete my signature.
  • Leave a comment on my blog.  It is currently the only way for me to know if any of my freebies are being nabbed.  Additionally, it will help to inspire me to continue to create and offer future freebies.


Naomi Edwards said...

Wow, beautiful masking!!!!! You can't beat 2 steps... I have extra patience today and where I have missed your blog terribly and can't ever get on Michael's computer (the hog) I sat and waited 3 min for this page to load, LOL Talk to hubby and get skype so I can show you and maybe you can help me fix it!!!! hey hey?? Thanks for sharing your images and amazing skills, Lots of love

Donna Ellis said...

These are beautiful, Lisa! thanks for sharing. hugs, de

Anonymous said...

Lisa~These "August" titles are so kewl. I love them. Thank you so very much. :) Hugs~Patti

Crafting Vicky said...

wow those are fabulous!!! And you have made me want to go on vacation

Edwina said...

Wow! These words look great with the beach look. I wish I was at the beach right now. Thank you. Have a good day. Edwina Brown

Jennifer said...

These are absolutely great Lisa, need to think of where I could use them. Thanks for sharing. Hugs, Jen
Krafty Keepsakes

ike said...

WoW - super cool - Thank you so much Lisa xxxxxxxxxxx