Saturday, October 25, 2014

Promotional Post: The Scribbles Designs Masquerade

Many people, both big and small, are out there getting into the spirit of Hallowe'en.  A great many of them are spending time and money to come up with ideas for their costumes.  Well, the beloved characters of Scribbles Designs are no different.  Check out what each of them is planning to wear to tonight's Scribbles Designs Masquerade--a party specifically for all the Scribbles Designs characters.

#402 Catman
First up, meet Porthos.  You've seen him as Nimble Puss and tonight he is pretending to be Catman.  He can't wait for the party to get started.  He has been practicing superhero moves all week.  He tends to run a bit to the fluffy side but I think he looks rather svelte in that outfit, don't you?  In fact, he looks paw-sitively purr-fect to me.
#130 Lori Halloween Diva
Next up is Lori.  She has decided to don a pumpkin costume.  While she thought it was a good idea to begin with--she thought it would a good way for showing off those great legs of hers--it isn't exactly easy to manoeuvre around in.  She keeps hitting one side of the pumpkin in particular as she goes through doorways.  If she keeps this up, she is going to require a pumpkin patch to repair her poor jack-'o-lantern!

#411 Scaredy Cat
Next up it is time to take a look at what Athos is planning on wearing.  Athos is Scribbles Designs resident Alley Cat and if he looks fur-miliar that is because you've met him on a few occasion before.  Athos tends to think of himself as a bit of a ladies' cat so he has decided to dress up as a ghost.  He figures that if he can scare the ladies attending the party bad enough, they'll just fall faint into his arms.  I'm afraid he is going to be a bit disappointed at the results.  That outfit isn't exactly scare-worthy but we won't tell him and burst his bubble. He might get a bit hiss-terical.
#133 Jane Witch Diva
Jane has decided that she will be going as a sexy witch.  I'd say she has a good chance of pulling it off.  Let's hope that nobody annoys her too much at the party this evening.  It won't be a pretty sight if she gets angry and flies off the handle--the broom handle that is.

#222 Grim Reap-Brrr
Brrr has decided that he is going to dress up as the Grim Reaper.  Since black is his colour, this outfit suits him perfectly.  Brrnice will be going out with him but she hasn't settled on a costume yet.  Brrr and Brrrnice have been arguing about what she should wear.  Brrr doesn't want her to wear anything too revealing or there might just be some grim reaper-cussions for anyone caught staring at her during the night.

#309 Count DraCarl
Carl is going as the Count.  He is well aware of the incredible appeal of vampires these days.  He figures by going as one, it will give him an edge with all the single ladies at the party.  Hopefully, he doesn't become too much of a pain in the neck for everyone.  However, who knows, he might just find the right lady and it will be love at first bite!

#230 Halloween Hedgie
Hedgie is going as a masked crusader.  Not THE Masked Crusader of course, just a generic one.  He's looking pretty sharp don't you think?  Hedgie is really hoping that they will have his favourite snack at the party tonight--Prickled Onions.  He is also hoping that they'll play one of his favourite games--Hide and Squeak.  Regardless of what happens, you know this hedgehog is going to have fun!

#719 Woolley Pumpkin
Finally, that leaves Mr. Wool.  Mr. Wool has also decided to dress up as pumpkin.  However he didn't really think the logistics of this costume out very well.  Once he gets to the party he won't be able to do much moving around.  It is too baaaaaad really, he is quite the dancer.  Hopefully no one will ram into him throughout the night and tip him over.  Oh and if he is really lucky, someone will be kind and bring him over some Baaaa-khlava as a snack later in the evening!

Well there you go.  That is everyone who had their costume picked out already this morning in time for this post to go out.  I'm sure they are all going to have a fabulous time tonight.  Unfortunately, I won't be able to get any pictures from the bash as it is invite only and you have to be two dimensional to attend--just kidding, but you do have to be a Scribbles Designs character.  Hmmm....maybe Sandy can make me into a drawing so I can sneak into one of their parties down the line.  I'll put it on my Christmas wish list...

Clicking on any of the images should bring you to their location in the Scribbles Designs store.

So many digitals, so many possibilities!
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There is lots going on over at the Scribbles Designs Challenge blog so if you are not yet a follower, now is the perfect time to become one.  

Well guys, that is it for today unless I manage to get a progressive post done this afternoon. If I don't see you later today, then hopefully, I will again tomorrow.  Enjoy your Saturday!

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Sandy Sommerfeld said...

Fab - u - lous post! Love the SD characters!


Vicky F. AKA Crafting Vicky said...

I SOOOOO love your way of writing about those characters!!! They are totally hilarious :)