Monday, September 02, 2013

Motivational Monday: Honesty

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What is it about the concept of honesty that trips up so many people?  Doesn't it take so much more effort to keep lies straight in one's head than to simply tell the truth?
Honesty is one of those attributes that seems to be a double edged sword.  Not being truthful brings a whole host of problems with it--maybe not at first but there is an expression that "your lies will eventually catch up with you".  So, it is always better to be forthcoming from the start.  However, is there such a thing as too much honesty?  Sometimes, telling the whole truth and nothing but the truth can also hurt the people you care about.  So where should one draw the line?  It's a difficult question and each person must come by the answer to it in their own way.  
Presently, I do my utmost to be as honest as possible without crossing the fine line of hurting someone else just for the sake of being truthful.  Although, in keeping with that thought, I don't believe that I could ever keep something truly importnat from someone just because I didn't want for them to hurt.  While I realize that being the bearer of difficult news can ruin some friendships, I fear I'd risk that over not sharing something tht could truly affect a person's life.  Obviously, I'm not referring to something as simple as "Does this colour suit me" but more to something life altering.  I've always thought that if it was me, I'd want to know.  I'd rather hurt for awhile than be made a fool of for a lifetime.  Thankfully, I've never been put into this kind of ethical struggle before and can only hope that I never will.  My wish is that I would have the courage and discernment to know how and when to broach such a subject, should it ever arise.

Thus, I pose the question to you.  What degree of honesty do you adhere to in your life?  Is there such a thing as too much honesty as far as you are concerned or are you a complete straight shooter?
This month over on the Path of Positivity, the theme is Honesty.  This is certainly not going to be an easy challenge by any means.  I do believe though that as we journey down this unique path it is important to tackle the difficult concepts along with the easier ones.
I have a great sentiment available over on the challenge blog for you.  You can find out all the details of the challenge along with the quote by clicking HERE.

Have a wonderful week everyone.  I hope that it is filled with health, hope and of course honesty.
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Edwina said...

Lisa, I try to be honest in all I say and do. I think you can lie in actions as well as words. If I feel the truth will hurt someone I don't say anything. I don't like giving offense either. It takes a lifetime to heal a person from Offense. Edwina Brown

Unknown said...

Howdy Hi Lisa, I just found this new challenge Path of Positivity and love it, will be entering this as it looks pretty honest...xx

Crafting Vicky said...

Yup not necessarily easy... but I think that being truthful is much better in the long run than the opposite ;o)! Hugs Vicky

Denise Pustelniak said...

Hi Lisa, when the conversation starts with 'Don't say but... I would rather they did not tell me because I can always say ' I don't know' and I would not be lying! LOL!