Saturday, September 21, 2013

Saturday Showcase: September 21, 2013

 I hope you are all having a sensational Saturday everyone!

If you are new to my blog, it is time for the Saturday Showcase where I highlight other artists' work (whether it be stamps, cards or otherwise), a blog post offering a great technique, or I might even just pick a whole blog to showcase. The criteria I use is that it has to move me in some way (it makes me laugh or cry; awes, inspires or astounds me; etc). I believe that it is extremely important to support other artists within our creative community and this is one of the ways I am able to.  If you are new and would like to find out more on why I created the showcase, you can go HERE.

If you have been joined me the last two Saturdays, you'll have seen some really great stuff from Create With TLC.  As I mentioned at the beginning of September, the entire month will spotlight this awesome blog simply because it offers so many different features and it is impossible to cover it all in just one post.  At the beginning of September I covered the Vintage Digital Images displayed on this incredible blog.  Then last week I showcased the phenomenal talent of the TLC Design Team.  Today, I am pleased to continue to spotlight the blog stylings of...

My focus for this week is to show you some of my favourite... 

Freebies--Past & Present
The wonderful images displayed below are all created by...
 Her store can be found HERE.

As I am sure most of you can agree, freebies help draw us in to blogs.  While it is true that everyone loves to get their hands on a freebie, for some of us, that is the only way we can build our digital collections.  I, like many of you, do not have the financial capability to purchase images very often.  As much as I would like nothing better than to financially help support many of the amazing digital artists out there by purchasing their work, I just can't afford to spend money on extras like digi stamps more than once or twice a year.  If I end up rotating my purchases among the artists I support, each of them would only see my money every five years or so!  So while I do what I can to support these incredible artists in other ways, it is really great knowing that so many of these artists are willing to share their awesome talent by providing freebies.  One of the most generous artists I know is Paulette who provides oodles and oodles of freebies to her readers. 

Today I am going to highlight some of my favourites.  Although, this was EXTREMELY DIFFICULT to narrow down.  There are just SO MANY that are SO AWESOME!  Don't think I am exaggerating either.  I currently have over 118 folders just in my word art file alone for TLC.  Each folder represents a different category such as birthday, love, thinking of you, etc.  Some of these folders such as my holidays and seasonal ones have even more folders within them to organize things further.  Then of course there is my papers folder that has 34 subcategores, my vintage images with 28, and there is even more.  That is a lot of images to be going through when determining my favourites!  However I did try and find the ones that touch me the most.  Here is what I came up with and the best thing is that some are still available for free...

Holiday Images...

Of course with my love of the Christmas season, there are quite a few from this category alone.

"What child is this?" is one of my favourite Christmas carols and Paulette has created this stunning scene to commemorate it.  I actually used it in a Christmas card I made for one of my sister-in-laws last year but never had the time to post it.  Sadly I can't seem to locate that card.  Too bad, it was one of my favourites.  Thankfully I still have the image so I can at least make some new ones.  (This image is no longer available for free.) 

Speaking of Christmas carols, my absolute favourite carol is The Little Drummer Boy.  Even now I can envision the classic television show with the little claymation character of the tiny drummer boy laying his gift at the feet of Jesus.  Once again, images have the capacity to wrap you in wonderful memories and transport you to your past.  Art truly is amazing.  (This image is no longer available for free.)

"Ho, Ho, Ho".  Aren't those awesome words to hear during the Christmas season?  I love the ornament scene that Paulette put together with those wonderful words.  Santa is sure to love a card with this image on it.  You can still find this image available as a freebie.  Just click on the watermark below and it will take you to the original post it came from.  

There is also this wonderful printable.  Joy is truly what the holiday season should be about and this image definitely brings me some joy.  The swirls and flourishes and the antiqued look are just so cool.  Unfortunately, this image is no longer available as a freebie.  Boy am I lucky I grabbed it when I did!

Speaking of joy, there is also this beautiful creation.  I've always loved music notes mixed in with cards and images.  I've just personally never found a way to do it myself yet.  Maybe one day soon.  These words, "Today I will choose joy" are not only important at Christmas time but important all year around.  (This image is no longer available for free.)

What Christmas collection would not be complete without at least one kitty hitting the favourite list.  This vintage background, that could easily be used as a backdrop for a Christmas card, is so very precious.  There are also two other variations of it and all you kitty cat lovers will be happy to know it is still available for free download.  Click the watermark to check out the original post.

It isn't completely about Christmas.  I do love other holidays too, including Easter.  This sweet bunny paper is definitely on my favourite list as well.  It is just so sweet.  I have to wonder what plan the two of them are hatching out.

I also really like these cool new year's tickets.  I positively love the ticket shape for some reason.  I'm not exactly sure why I am so drawn to it but it rates right up there on my most unique shapes list.  What?  You don't have a list of the most unique shapes you've come across?  Hmmm...I guess maybe it is just me.  Anyways, while the set is from 2009, there are nine that are a part of it and only one that is no longer usable unless of course you are creating a scrapbook page with pics from four years ago, then you could make use of all nine.  The zip folder is still available for download.  Click on the watermark below to check out the originating post.

Seasonal Images...

I love collecting digital papers as much as I love making them.  Create With TLC has some really cool ones.  I just wished that printer ink wasn't so expensive or I'd definitely be using more of them.  This one for example is certainly one of my favourites from the winter season.  The snowflakes are just so unique.  You'll be happy to know that it is still available along with two other similar ones within the same post.  Just click on the watermark below and it will take you to the original post it came from. 

Something I've always wanted to create is subway art and Paulette creates some of the finest.  Here is an example of a winter one that is still available for download too.  Just follow the same instructions by clicking on the watermark.
You can find another really cool one HERE (January/winter themed) and HERE (November/Thanksgiving themed) and also HERE (fairy tailed themed)--all still available for free.  There is some really cool word art using various words in a configuration HERE (Christmas themed) and another HERE (Winnie the Pooh).  There is definitely more out there, you just need to look for them.

General Images...

Aren't these flowers just the sweetest things?  There is something so casual about them but so endearing as well.  What is really sweet is that Paulette still has it up on the blog available for download.  Click on the watermark below to find out what you have to do to grab it.

Check out these butterflies!  For any of you who are butterfly lovers these are sure to hit home.  To be honest I just found them last night when I was looking for watermarks for all my favourite images.  So while they are a new favourite, they are still on the list as one of the best general items I've picked up over at Create With TLC.  These are the main colours I have in my home so I have definite plans for them down the road.  It truly is amazing what gems you can still find for free over on the blog.  I know there is still a lot I need to go through and hopefully one of these years I will actually find the time to catch up completely on the incredible goodies Paulette has available.  Click on the watermark if you want to find out how to nab these beauts for yourself.

The final general image I am going to share with you today is this stunning vintage deer image.  What a gorgeous specimen of the animal kingdom.  So majestic!  Think of all the cards you could create using this exquisite creature.  What you don't have it?  Well, we can fix that.  Paulette still has him available but since you never know when he might disappear, I'd recommend getting him and some of the other images I've highlighted, as soon as you've finished this post.  You wouldn't want to miss out on the opportunity to add him to your collection because you procrastinated now would you?  Click on the watermark and follow the link to obtain him.

Inspiration at its finest... 

Of course, some of my favourites have to do with faith, hope and inspiration in general.  

One that I love in particular is the expression 'Faith makes all things possible'.  It is the constant hope that belief alone, that faith that all will be well, and it will be.  This is a wonderful sentiment to use on a card where you need someone to believe that everything will be all right.  While it is no longer a freebie, it is available as part of the "Stand Fast In Faith" set.  I've linked up the set watermark to bring you directly to the store in case you want to look for it. 

Just as important as faith, is the concept of hope.  This sentiment below is another one that is precious to me.  Just like with faith, hope is all a matter of belief.  There have been studies that have proven that people who think positively heal much better and quicker than those who think negatively.  There really is power in believing that the only expectation is a hopeful one.  (This image is no longer available for free.)

Check this next one out.  Do you know someone who needs a kick in the pants?  Someone who is standing by doing nothing while the days of their life rush by?  Well, how about a card with this awesome sentiment.  Paulette has a different take on what this sentiment means to her and you can read it in the originating post.  I love how two people can look at the exact same image and come away from it with two entirely different meanings.  That is another wonderful attribute of images and sentiments.  If you are interested, it is still available for download.  Click on the watermark to go to the original post.

The concept behind this image falls into the same idea of the first two I listed in the inspirational category.  By choosing to do something positive such as prayer, you have a better chance of a successful outcome.  Despair will lead you nowhere except to a very dark place.  Been there, done that, bought the t-shirt, NEVER want to return.  So for me, the choice will always be prayer over despair.  Know anyone going through a rather difficult time?  If so, a card with this sentiment on it might be in order.  If you are interested, it is still available for download.  Click on the watermark to go to the original post.

We are never guaranteed how many days we have in this wonderful world of ours so it is imperative that each of us lives each and every single one of them to the fullest.  Paulette's sentiment below is the perfect reflection of this ideal. (This image is no longer available for free.)

The following expression is very meaningful to me because it is very close to my own personal mantra of 'Never Surrender'.  It has the same meaning and it is an image I should be printing out and posting at my work station.  I've been through many difficulties in my life and these words definitely resonate within my heart. Do you know of anyone who could use these words of encouragement?  If you do, the image is still available for free.  Click on the watermark to learn how to get it.

Looking for a really cool spiritual print out?  Then look no further than HERE for the fabulous sample below.

Love Related Images... 

I am also a sucker when it comes to the concept of love.  I'm of the belief that if there was just more love and tolerance in the world, it would be a much happier place.  So it is apt that a few of my favourites come from this category as well.

Check out the sweet stamps that come in this set of love related words.  Cool flourishes and beautiful script come together to make five awesome stamps.  What is great about them is that they can be used for weddings, anniversaries, Valentine's day or to just express love in general.  Best of all this set is still free.  Click on the watermark to learn how to grab it. 

You might recognize this one from a card I did back in August.  It was for a wedding card and this sentiment was perfect for the card I created.  It is such a beautiful saying and I know I will be using it again and again.  It is also still available free for download. Just click on the watermark and head over to the post it came from to find out how you can get your hands on it.

What a wonderful way to tell someone you love dearly, how truly much they mean to you.  This sentiment is one I'm hoping to use soon on a card to my husband to show him just how important he really is to me.  (This image is no longer available for free.)

The best things in life truly are made with love.  If not, why would we spend all this time coming up with crafty creations to give to the people around us that are so near and dear to our lives?  This sentiment is the perfect accompaniment to a variety of cards.  Best thing is that it is also still free for download.  Click the watermark to go check it out.


I couldn't create this post with at least one fabulous example of a friendship favourite.  This image truly spells out exactly what a friend is.  I know of several new ones I'd love to create a card for using this sentiment.  (This image is no longer available for free.)

Other Occasions....

There are many other types of occasions that Paulette has had freebies for.  Often, the stamps are really versatile and can be used for more than one occasion.  These of course are the stamps I enjoy the most because it is great to have ample opportunities to use them.  This, "Make today your day" is one of them.  I've used it for a birthday card but it would be suitable for other situations too.  (This image is no longer available for free.)

Finally, I leave you with this one.  When you first come into my home, you will find words very similar to this on the wall in our front entrance.  Home truly is where each family's story originates.  We all have such incredibly varied stories to tell.  Wouldn't this be an awesome sentiment for a card you need to send to someone who is beginning their own journey as they start out on their own in life?  Well, if you agree, you can still find this wonderful word art for free on the blog.  Click on the watermark to go to the originating post.

I could go on and on but my fingers are really getting cramped.  There are so many categories I haven't been able to cover but this definitely gives you a glimpse in the amazing world of freebies available over at Create With TLC.  If you are not following this blog you are missing SO VERY MUCH so change that by becoming a follower today.

Now if you do happen to pop over and add any of the images I've showcased today to your collection, please, please, please be sure to leave Paulette a little bit of love.  She offers so much to us for free.  A little kindness and a polite thank you is really not much to ask for in return.

Also, just before I go, I am sorry if the repeating of how to get any of the images available for free is a bit annoying.  It is annoying to me and I wrote it!  It is just that I have learned that many people don't read everything in my posts and usually just skim through to find something that appeals to them so I figured the easiest thing would be to simply include the instructions on each image.  I know that isn't you of course since you are reading this paragraph now, but for those who don't, it is just easier to repeat it.

I am so grateful that Paulette has agreed to let me showcase her blog and store throughout the month of September.  I hope that you have enjoyed your foray into the land of freebies and will join me again next week as we explore another facet of the world that is Create with TLC.  I still have stuff to share with you regarding this amazing site.  

The artists that I showcase work very hard to provide the inspiration that I bring to you.  Please be sure to go and check out some more of the fantastic freebies generously provided by Paulette and while you are there, leave her a little bloggy love if you can.

Until next time,

Note:   *Thanks to Nikki from Limited Runs Stamps for creating my Saturday Showcase badge.



ike said...

Oh YES - she does do some fabulous images and I too have a huge folder of hers :-D I really liked your Crimbo card :-)

IKE xxxxx

Desire Fourie said...

An awesome showcase once again of my favourite site with amongst other free sentiments.
Hugs Desíre {Doing Life}

Donna Ellis said...

very nice images and digi papers, Lisa! TLC has some lovely things! hugs, de

SAMARA said...

Wow Lisa you can really pick 'em! This company has some of the most powerful images I've seen! The ones on the kraft-ish background are so handsome! "life is calling your name" and the HOPE image are immensely powerful...but all of them are! You have done the most amazing job of giving TLC the credit they deserve. I am so excited to go over and see their images. I have not heard of them before and now, because of you, I want so much to look at ALL their images if this is a spattering of what they produce!!!! Thanks for picking such a powerhouse! Love Samara

KT Fit Kitty said...

Great showcase! Thanks for the heads up about the kitty Xmas paper - LOVE it! It was before I started blogging so I'm glad I got it today. I like a lot of the other images you show and I'm going to snag those too. Thanks, Lisa, and thanks, Paulette, for all your fabulous freebies!

Tlc Creations said...

Wow....don't know how to quite thank you. I appreciate all the time and energy you have put into showcasing TlcCreations. You are amazing~!

Crafting Vicky said...

she really does have the most amazing sentiments doesn't she!!! Totally awesome showcase! So very happy that you have showered her with all that love.