Wednesday, September 04, 2013

Promotional Post: New Images Over at Scribbles Designs

Today, I have a bunch of new images to share with all of you.  

There is something magical happening this week all over North America and abroad for moms and dads everywhere (although for some it may have happened already)--kids are headed back to school!  All joking aside, Sandy has all the images you need to give your kids the perfect card to help them celebrate the possibilities that a new school year brings with it.

The great thing about these images is that they are versatile enough that they can be used for a variety of situations.

 #922 School Bus 2

#921 School Bus
The school bus images are perfect for a 'have a happy and safe year' or a 'thank you' card for your child's school bus driver.

#810 School Books
Any of the other images would be great for any card you need to create for your child's teacher. Especially this pack of books with an apple on top.  Do you know why apples became associated with teachers?  Apples have long been considered a symbol of knowledge mainly due to the belief that Eve bit into the apple to gain the knowledge of the garden of Eden.  Additionally, since there are so many varieties of apples, they promote the concepts of diversity, change and progress as teachers do.  Finally, back in the early days of the frontier, a teacher's paltry income was supplemented with food and board by their students' farming families.  According to an article in the on-line edition of the Smithsonian, "An apple could show appreciation for a teacher sometimes in charge of more than 50 students."  

Additionally, many of these images can be used for other people or purposes too.

#811 Crayons

Colour someone's world with love using the crayons or markers.

#816 Markers

Furthermore, these markers, that look an awful lot like the markers that many of us use to colour our images with, would be perfect for a card to send to a crafting buddy.

#815 Fountain Pen
Send a note to someone you care about letting them know you've thinking of them, using the fountain pen as the basis for your design.

#813 Pencils


'Pencil someone in' using the pencils image on invitations you need to send out for the latest spectacular event you are hosting.

  #814 Book Bag

Do you know of anyone going through a particularly difficult time right now?  Show someone you care about that you'll help carry their burdens tucked in alongside your own, with the backpack.

#817 Artsy

Do you know any budding little artists?  If you do, then this image is perfect for them.  If one of your kids is showing artistic talent, why not nurture it with some art supplies.  You could use this artsy image on the accompanying card or gift tag.

(Clicking on the above watermarks should take you to their location within the Scribbles Designs Store.)

 So many digitals, so many possibilities!
Now that the kids are back in school, why not take this opportunity to get in some extra crafting time.  You know you want to!  Your first stop should be the Scribbles Designs store so that you can load up on all the digital supplies you will need to help get you through the crafting season. see those crayons up there roughly in the middle of the post?  Well, they are currently a freebie.  However, they will only be free until the new challenge starts so if you haven't already, make sure to stop by the current challenge post to grab this awesome image before it is gone.  Talking about the challenge post, we'd love to see you enter our current challenge.  The theme is Clean and Simple. You can find out all the details you need for participating and for grabbing the freebie, by clicking HERE.

Until next time!

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Crafting Vicky said...

well the back to school in my case means a big hole in my bank account lol. Man the school supplies kill you and the new clothes... as well as all the homework :( Nope I'm not one of those moms that are happy and cheering when school starts again... it means a whole lot more work rofl

Donna Ellis said...

My favorite is the huge smile on the school bus driver's face! Super cute! hugs, de