Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Wonderful Wednesdays: Lovely Lettering & Paper Play for November

It was rather busy last week and I'm afraid I didn't get a chance to get the Lovely Lettering portion of the November kit done so I'm here today pulling double duty and also offering up some Paper Play.

Before we start, how about I unveil the new kit title.  I had an really tough time figuring out which direction to go with for the November kit.  There is Thanksgiving for those living in the US but for those of us in Canada it has already passed.  Then there is the change in weather and also Remembrance day thrown into the mix.  While it was difficult deciding on a theme that I can carry through from year to year, I think I have found one that will work.  So, your kit for November is...

As Time Goes By

I can throw in some gratitude stuff down the road, do a little with the idea of remembering and just cover the idea of time in general.  I've gone with some rich darker tones for the colour palette and hope that someone will be able to make use of at least a portion of what I'll be offering up this month and in future Novembers to come.  Remember the monthly kits are a multi year event--for at least another two years anyways.

It also took me forever to find the right mix of colours I was looking for but I think I have finally settled on these for the most part.  Although I'm still not completely happy with it.  However, after tweaking with it for over 2 hours, I needed to move on or I would never have finished this post while it was still Wednesday.

As always, how about we start off with the name of the month...



These images are quite large.  If you are a card maker you can always resize them smaller without distorting the quality. 

I have this really cool font that uses fall harvest veggies and I REALLY wanted to have it ready for you.  However, it took me almost an hour just to colour in one of the letters in the word November and there was no way I would have had it done in time for today along with the other goodies I wanted to offer soooooooooooooo maybe I'll manage to get it ready for next year's kit.  So, you'll just have to settle for the ones above.  

I have found a great new place to get Photoshop resources that I can use to make commercial use products.  The blog is called Star Sunflower Studio.  Oh my goodness, I could get lost over there for hours.  Well, actually I did.  I spent almost three hours there yesterday and another two organizing and installing all my downloads.  The terms according to this site are that you must link to the source post where the item came from.  So instead of just creating a file and installing all the layer styles into one folder, I needed to install them in separate folders so I would know which set they came from.  Then I had to create a note for each set indicating the exact webpage it came from.  It was a lot of work and I only installed 13 folders BUT in the long run it will definitely be worth it to be able to offer you guys even more options.  Besides, if Star Sunflower Studio is willing to offer these for free and allow us designers to make money from what we create, then this is the absolute least we can do to ensure they receive proper credit.  I've included all the proper links below in the credit info paragraph.

Okay, it is time to move on to some Paper Play...

I've created four papers using the same colours as the words.  I'm also giving you two extra bonus papers, just because you guys are so wonderful.  Here are a couple watch papers I created in two of the colour mixes.

I must admit I think that these rank up there with my favourites.  I also plan on creating them in the other two colours for when I get the whole kit together for sale.

Each of these papers is 3600 x 3600 pixels (i.e. 12 inches) and is published at 300 dpi. Credit information for the templates used to create these papers can be found in the credit note below.

Stay tuned for another Wonderful Wednesday offering real soon as there is still more to come for this month's kit.

Until next time,

Credit Notes For This Creation:© 2013, Lisa L. Décosse.  PUO.  However, you are allowed to use these words and papers on handmade projects that you intend to sell on a small scale basis provided credit is given.  You also need to include a credit note and a link to this blog should you use any of my images in your creations and post them on your blog.  If you would ever like to post a copy of these words or papers on your own blog or another location you MUST USE A WATERMARKED VERSION that I would be happy to supply you with.  Just drop me an email using the link in the right sidebar to request one.  Please be sure to familiarize yourself with my full terms of use found in the copyright tab at the top of this page.  I have included a quick summary below.   

Additional Credits:

The font used in the creation of the words is:

This font is free for commercial use.  Clicking on the name will bring you to a download location.

Layer Styles
The words above were created using layer styles from Star Sunflower Studio.   You can find the distressed vintage retro layer styles I used by clicking HERE.

The templates I used to create the plaid papers and the textured overlay used in all the papers, along with the pocket watch element that I used to create the other two papers are from Marisa Lerin, a designer with  These templates were purchased with a commercial use license.  Under this commercial use license, It is my understanding, that I am within my rights to give away and or sell any elements I personally create using said template, according to the terms of use I have set forth (please see full terms of use for what you can and can't do with this digital creation).

If you are not sure how to copy the image, check out the download instructions page. Please be sure to read the Angel policy found under the copyright info tab above for the full terms.  Below is a quick summary of those Terms of Use. Along with the Credit Note above... 
  • Do not claim the image as your own.
  • Credit 'Decosse's Dynamite Doodles' or 'Lisa L. Décosse' somewhere on your creation
  • Credit and provide a link if you post a creation on your blog using any of my work in your creations.
  • Do not share my images with family, friends, etc.  Additionally, do not post any images to file sharing services like Box®, 4-Shared®, etc.  Instead, please direct people to my blog so they can grab the image for themselves.  If you would like to post a watermarked version of the image, please contact me to obtain one.
  • If I have signed an image, do not delete my signature.
  • Leave a comment on my blog.  It is currently the only way for me to know if any of my freebies are being nabbed.  Additionally, it will help to inspire me to continue to create and offer future freebies.


Desire Fourie said...

Awesome Lisa. I will have to create a card some time with these wonderful designs of yours. I am so pkeased you went for a more general theme as we dont celebrate any of those events you mentioned, here in South Africa. We also do not have a white Christmas but a super hot summery one. These designs are perfect for masculine creations. Thanks so much for sharing.
Hugs Desíre {Doing Life}

ike said...

FABULOUS Lisa and I love the colour palette for this one :-) I went over to Star and had a quick browse.... gosh, I could be in there all day :-D Fabulous stuff :-D
THANK YOU for these :-)

IKE xxxxxxxxxxxx

Edwina said...

Lisa, I think this is a great theme to use. You can mix in a lot with it. I love these papers! They are great. I love the colors and the designs. Great font choices. I sure would love to see the other one when you finish it. It must be really terrific. Thank you so much. Edwina Brown

Anonymous said...

Thank you Lisa. How did you know that I had been wanting papers with clocks on them? I think for birthday cards the sentiment, "Time Flies!" is great & that this paper will be perfect! Hugs~Patti

KT Fit Kitty said...

Oooh, these papers are beautiful!!! Thank you!

Charlene Mitchell said...

Fabulous papers Lisa! I love your colour choices and love the pocketwatches - it's hard to find anything nice with watches or time represented! Fabulous! Thank you!

Crafting Vicky said...

wow these are totally fabulous!!! I'm going to have to go and check out this new link of yours. That paper with the watch will be just perfect for steampunk!!!! Love it!

Charlene said...

These are wonderful...thank you.